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As a psychiatrist, Dr Martinez was always faced with the darkness of others whether it be his patients or friends unnoticed traumas. However place in psychiatric ward and faced with certain strange obstacles he cannot comprehend. He has to not only overcome his darkness but continue to also defeat the deity has decided to consume him in this mind. Will he win over his enemy or will the enemy be able to take what is dear to his heart, his sanity?

Horror / Thriller
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“No one explained the risk of the job. They never said that being exposed to everyone darkness could lead to your own. Nor did they ever tell me the countless patient breakdowns can lead to my own triggered trauma so explain to me why am I here?”

“Well Dr. Martinez, I am unsure if you are aware of this, but you have been admitted to a psychiatric facility because you are danger to yourself and others.”

“How, I did nothing wrong?” Said Dr. Martinez.

“Well I wouldn’t count this as nothing, “replied psychiatrist. He gives Dr. Martinez a file of his previous patient who filed criminal charges of battery and physical assault.

Dr. Martinez surprised by the report. “When did I do this? Are you sure it’s me”? He throws the file back on the table to the psychiatrist.

“Yes, we are definitely sure you are the culprit. There are cameras showing the altercation with you bludgeon your patient with a bat. Thankfully someone was able to grab you before you gave your last strike to his head or he would of died” said psychiatrist so, why did you do it? Can you remember that event?”

The psychiatrist takes out his pen and pad, in anticipation to write his patient’s response.

“No I don’t remember that event. Shit, nor do I remember the patient you accuse me of hitting.”

“Interesting”, said psychiatrist then he writes down information.

“No what’s interesting is that I am being questioned about something that I don’t know anything about and placed a psychotic facility when I mentally stable. When will I be able to go home?”

”Well I can’t say, Dr. Martinez.”

“What do you mean”, questioned Dr. Martinez, as he gets closer to the psychiatrist. ” You can’t say. Tell your so called minions to let me out. I want GO HOME NOW!!!”

“Dr. Martinez !”

“I said that I want out of here. ARE YOU DEAF! “Then Dr. Martinez voice changes to dark sinister British tone and his eyes become very intense. He lunges towards the psychiatrist eventually getting his pen to aim at his throat, but before he could knife the man’s larynx, two men in white uniform suit grab him and give him a sedative.

“Woah! “The psychiatrist grabs his neck. “That was a close one. Would you like us to leave him here, “said one of the men.

“God, No, I don’t want to end up like his other psychiatrist that had him. Take him to his unit. We will resume our session next week. I have an engagement.”

“Oh”, said one of men. “Mind if I ask what it is.”

“Well,” said the psychiatrist, “it is my wife anniversary. I still haven’t given her anything so I want my head straight before I see her. You know how woman are on special occasions. ”

“Yes, they want all the attention”, laughed uniform man. “Well I hope you enjoyed your day and give her a flower. That always work.”

“hmmm not a bad idea “said psychiatrist as he heads towards the door.

“Hey”, said the man dragging Dr. Martinez to his room. “I heard from intercom that he has a visitor, should we allow them access.”

“Hmmm “said the psychiatrist. “Not this week.”

“Understood” said the man. The two men take Dr. Martinez down a corridor to his unit. After gaining entry into his unit, both stare in amusement on how it is set up. Then they place him in his bed.

“Here you go Dr. in your sweet unit.”

“Who gave him this getup of a unit.”

“Call that a gift from a relative, I suppose. Whoever they are, seems like they know people in high places.”

“I see. It looks like a damn one bedroom studio apartment,” said the guy,” not accounting the restraints. I wish I was that lucky.”

Laughs the another uniform man, “don’t we all. Okay let’s go. We got other work to do.”

“Got cha”


“Dr. Martinez” whispers a voice.

“DR MARTINEZ! It is time to see your hell.” It chuckles.

Dr Martinez wakes up to a dark room with no light. He shakes his hands and attempt to move his feet but they are shackled to the floor and wall. “Where in the hell am I now?”

“Hello” says a dark figure. “Did you enjoy your nap? While you was out, I made sure you could view the devastation you caused yesterday.”

“What do you mean? “Then his head throbs and he gets a mental picture of what has occurred.

“No” he sobs. ” He didn’t deserve to-”

“What, to die? Sorry my friend but everyone will die one day. I would say you are doing him a service by ending him life quickly.”

“However it will only be a manner of time before they find him in his own blood near your bed. Hmmm, I wonder where you got a weapon like that. Oh I forgot, you made it.”

“what you mean, I did none of this” said Dr. Martinez

“okay, still in denial” says the dark figure. “Well it’s time to nap again. Sadly you will not remember none of this.”


Then Dr. Martinez starts to hear faint whisper as he enters subconscious.

He looks around and he is in a strait jacket and feet are bounded to the wall. He attempts to scream but his face is covered and muzzled by a face covering.

He hears the noises outside his small unit.

“How long has he been confided?”

“Hmmm I will say over a week. He is eventually going to be tried for murder. He already killed two guards.”


“Keep your voice down. These lunatics in here might start a raucous.”

“Understood. But I don’t understand. He seemed very calm when I talk to him last week. At least until he tried to kill me.”

“Yeah the main doctor is unsure if he will be able to stay here too long cause some people-”

“Well tell him not to worry. I will get to the bottom of this I promise. I think I can get him calm before his trial so we can get some understanding on what’s going on.”

“I don’t think you have long. They plan on transporting him to another prison psychiatric facility.

“what and When”

“I don’t know but I saw them attempting to send the documents today if possible. I am sorry, you kind of came too late to really help him. In total, he has already killed four people including his psychiatrist that was keep hush by some important people so it might be out of your hands.”

“Well damn it”

“I know. His darkness might not be able to be saved”.

After hearing their conversation, Dr. Martinez slips back into unconscious state.


SLAM! He is back inside the dark cell where he is surrounded by darkness with no glimmer of light this time. The noise that once jolted him into what he thought was conscious is now a small fragment of how strange his mind has become.

"Hello again" whispers the dark figure. " It seems like your hope is gone. That is good. It makes my job more fun."

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