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Reality or Dream

"What are you exactly" muffled Dr. Martinez. " A fragmented image of my subconscious or just a random portion of a previous show I have watched."

"Hmmm, good job Doctor. You are finally asking the right questions" says the dark figure. "However, I have no time for an interview. At least not today but I do have time for torture."


The dark figure then drags Dr. Martinez deeper into the darkness where his head throbs with devastating images of his past memories of being abused.

"Today" says the dark figure who altered into a Grimness figure with large sharp claws and pointed teeth. We will finally get to see if psychiatry really works."

Then he laughs, and place Martinez in the center of his darkened nightmarish room filled with images of his fragmented childhood past where his chains are widened so his body is stretched and he continues to slash at his body with his claws.

WHOOSH! WHOOSH! In this fast motion the beast claws penetrate the skin leaving Martinez yelling in agony and pain as he relive these horrid nightmares.

"Now this here is the best part" says the dark figure. "He brings out a lighter. Time to see how you enjoy being burned to a crisp like that boy in foster care."

"No" says Dr. Martinez "Don't". He continues to plead but the beast doesn't listen. He brings out a burned misshapen child. The child looks at Martinez with a sinister grin as he places the flame of the lighter on Dr. Martinez leg. Dr. Martinez lights up like a Christmas tree, screaming in pain and horror of his body being ablaze.

"How does it fill to be burned" says the child and dark figure in unison.

Dr. Martinez then pleads, "Please make it stop. Let this be a dream and not reality. I need to wake up. Please let me wake up."

"Woah" says dark figure. "I almost done patching you up from that fire.
Now the scenery has changed into a infirmary and Dr. Martinez is on the table under the knife.
"why" ask Dr. Martinez in a muffled voice in pain.

"Hmmm, I am not quite understanding champ" says dark figure. "what did you say?"

"Why was I burned" said Dr. Martinez.

"Oh," says the dark figure. "Just for laughs and giggles. You are not the only one who likes to play with your victims."

"I have never hurt".

"Oh hush and get up already" says the dark figure. "My fun is not quite over".

Dr. Martinez then starts to move his limbs and is perfectly healed. However he noticed his arms and legs have a string that is latched to this evil figure.

"What have you don-" says Dr. Martinez.

"Yes, the surgery was a success" says the dark figure. " After that torture, and you have lost that will of yours. Now you are completely mine".

"Yours" says Dr. Martinez.

" Yes, step into my office says the Dark figure.

"We will have lots of fun now since I got you all to myself."

Dr. Martinez starts to look around. He thinks, this has to be a dream and if it is. I can leave at any moment and go back to reality. Then he begins to think of where he was last in his mind but he couldn't remember. I have to focus on the last thing to get back into reality or else I might be stuck with this thing.
The dark figure then feels something happened.

He pulls Dr. Martinez hard. "what are you doing says the figure as he continued to tugged hard on the strings that reconnected to Dr. Martinez body. "This is your reality, Dr. Martinez" says Dark figure.

"You now belong to me"!

"No", says Dr. Martinez as he begins to remember on partial memory of being solitary confinement and begins to find an opening into the reality that he was once in.

The dark figure roars "No" as he chases him and tries to grab him with his claws again, but it is too late. He has gained subconscious. He finally feels free but once he wakes up.
He returns back into an office again however he is now bolted to the back of the wall sitting with an person with a grimace face and odd spectacles.

"Well, welcome back Dr. Martinez" says the individual. "Sorry for the restraints, I have found from your file you don't do well with help."

" Help" says Dr. Martinez. "Who are you now! Is this a dream again? I want to wake up. I want to wake up Now!"

Frantic, Dr. Martinez continues to move with his restraints confused on if he just slipped into another nightmare.

"No, Dr. Martinez, this is reality" says the individual. " I assure you. I don't know if you noticed or not but you have been transferred to a maximum psychiatric prison because of your crimes."

Dr. Martinez stops moving and in shock he says " You got to be kidding. What have you claimed I have done now?"

"Alot actually" says the individual as he pushes the file on the table in front of them. " You are now considered a very dangerous individual and might be on death row."

"Death row" says Dr. Martinez. As he looks at the pictures of dead bodies that the guy claimed to be his latest victims from his previous facility.

"But Doctor, I wasn't even awake for this, at least I thought I wasn't" said Dr. Martinez.

"Well, it seems like you was according to the file, and you did a lot of damage" says the individual. " I know in our profession it is very tough to not take on anyone's demons so I have to ask who was your last patient".
"what you mean profession", says Dr. Martinez, "I dont even know you".

True, said the individual. " My name is Doctor Wilford. I am the lead psychiatrist at this facility and will be your primary therapist. I hope you will allow me to help you with your issues before-."

" I have no issues" says Dr. Martinez.
"humph " says Dr. Wilford. He sighs and says" You are still in denial, I see. Okay, take him back into his cell."
"Wait, what did you say?"

Then Dr. Martinez is quickly given a sedative and is taken back into a small uncomfortable cell with a sink, a bed and a small commode. The two guards laugh at him as he laying unconscious on his new bed.

"I heard he had a comfortable pad at the other place" says the guard. " I hope he enjoys his hell in here".

"Me too," says the guard. " He deserve whatever comes to him." Then the guard spits in Dr. Martinez face, " You Lowlife Psychopath".

After the guards leave, Dr. Martinez eventually wakes up from unconscious and reevluates his situation.

"How did I get too this point"

He continues to ask himself in his mind. As it repeats he looks around his cell and see that outside his cell. There is no space like before. It looked grim small comparted room crapped with


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