Song Of A Maid

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An owner of a mansion. And his maid. A killer is on the loose, putting fear in the air. As the maid and the manor warm up to each other, more murders are commited

Horror / Romance
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Case #1

Margret was a short, with light brown hair, and brown eyes. She almost looked like a porcelain doll. Margaret had just finished shopping for groceries when she noticed an alert has just been put up about a murderer going around on a killing spree. The first people to die were a family of five, the parents, their twins, and an infant. “Can you believe that?”,” why would someone kill an Infant?”

those were the words Margret heard while she was reading the alert, she quickly ran towards the mansion. Margret slammed the door in fear thinking, “ what if master Benjamin gets killed?” she whispered to herself,” who will take over the mansion?”.

Benjamin Gregory is the master of the mansion, he’s tall and slender with light blue eyes and black hair. it makes him seem unreal. Benjamin doesn’t have any children, or brothers or sisters, he isn’t even married. Benjamin’s parents have always bugged him about getting married and having children, but Benjamin hasn’t really been interested in anyone, all the women he’s dated used him for money.

Benjamin came running down the stairs,” what is all the racket down here?” he yelled, Margret was out of breath, looking at Benjamin with watery eyes, Margret knew she was about to cry. Benjamin looked at Margret, seeing her expression. “ what happened?” Benjamin said while holding Margret in his arms. Benjamin cared about his servants, maids, butlers, chefs, anyone. He treated them like family.

Margret finally let out a sentence,” someone, killed my family.”. Benjamin was shocked, Margret cried, “how do you know this?” Benjamin asked, “When I was out for groceries, someone put out an alert about a murder, and that murder was my family! It’s all over the newspapers.” Margret said, with a shaky tone in her voice. Benjamin was shocked, but even he knew he couldn’t do anything. All he did was hold her close, calming Margret down. “ I’ll send someone to your house and have them get your belongings. You’ll stay in one of the guest bedrooms.” Benjamin said. Margaret took a deep breath, then quietly whispered, “thank you”.

She couldn’t believe it, her family was gone. Mr.Bates, the butler was the one that was sent to fetch Margret’s belongings.” I’m terribly sorry for your loss“ Mr.Bates said, “thank you Mr.Bates” Margret replied. Margret eventually found the guest room across master Benjamin’s room, she unpacked, got dressed, and started working, “ Margret, why don’t you take the day off.” Benjamin told Margret.

That day was a sad gloomy day. No one in the mansion seemed to be having a good day, not even master Benjamin, and he’s usually the happiest person in the mansion every day. The newspaper had a column that informed everyone in town that two other murders happened last night.

The whole town was scared, no one could trust anyone. Everyone was wondering who the killer was. Who the next victim would be.

The detective trying to solve this murder mystery, knocked on the door. Mr.Bates answered the door and let the detective in. The detective was tall, had dark brown hair that seemed to curl just a tiny bit. “I’m detective Daniels.” He said, “ hello detective.” Benjamin replied. Master Benjamin and the detective sat down, “ So where is this Margret you told me about, and how her family was murdered?” detective Daniels asked impatiently. “ I’ll get her,” the butler said.

Margret came walking down the stairs looking worn out and deprived than a skeleton. “Margret, this is detective Daniels, he wants to help you find the killer of your family.” Benjamin said, “really?” Margret said while looking at both of the men, “really.” detective Daniels said while standing up. Margret then walked up to the detective to shake his hand and greet him, but the detective instead grabbed her hand and kissed it, Benjamin giving him a look.

They both sat down and started talking, “ tell me everything you know.” Daniels said, “ I was out for groceries and there was an alert put up about a murder, it said the names and I noticed it was my family, now two other families have died, everyone is paranoid and no one can trust anyone.”. The detective wrote down everything Margret said about what’s happened during the week. The detective then shook both of their hands and left to talk to the other people who were close to the other families, “ he seems nice!” Margret said happily.

That night Margret started getting ready for bed, she then heard a knock on her door, she opened it, it was master Benjamin. Margret let him in, she closed the door, “ what’s the matter master Benjamin?” Margret said worryingly, “nothing.” Benjamin said, “ why are you here then?”. Benjamin then hugged Margret. Margret remembered Benjamin lives far away from his family and has no relatives near him. “all this talk about family must make you really miss yours, huh?” Margret said, “ yeah, and you’re the person I’m the closest to in the mansion.” Benjamin replied. Margret became flustered, then pushes away, “well we better get to bed.” Margret said flustered, Benjamin left and went to bed, as well Margret.

That night Margret couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned all night, eventually she knocked on Benjamin’s door. Benjamin answered his door sill looking sleepy, “h-hello?” Benjamin said sleepily, “oh! Sorry master Benjamin, I’ll just let you be-” Margret said in a rush, but before she could leave, Benjamin wrapped his arms around her. Margret’s back was turned to Benjamin so he was hugging her from behind, Margret then heard Benjamin say,” stay”.

It soon became morning, and Margret woke up to her in her room. Margret thought she fell asleep in master Benjamin’s room, wrapped in his arms, “maybe he carried me back to my room” Margret thought. Margret then got dressed and went downstairs to work. She saw Benjamin still in his robe sitting on the couch drinking his coffee and reading the daily newspaper, “ He really looks like a dad” Margret thought while still looking at Benjamin. She catches his eye and greets her with a good morning. Margret greets him then walks to the servant quarters. Things were still uneasy ever since the detective came in, and those murders happened.

The mayor has informed the town that the police have been working day and night. The town is small. Homey. Everyone knew almost everyone. You couldn’t gossip without it getting across the other side of town in less than 20 minutes.

As Margret was cleaning up around the house, Benjamin was busy in his office. When there was a loud thud in the kitchen, then followed a faint scream. It was the chef. Seems that he just snapped. One of the su chefs were on the ground with a knife in their lower abdomen. Benjamin came rushing down, as he called the police.

Everyone in the mansion was examined and checked that day. Benjamin then put up security cameras. “That was nerve-wracking,” Margret said, her voice was dry..with all the commotion. “Yeah..” Benjamin says, back to Margret. His voice sounded as if he had wishes the chef was caught like he had been framed and his evil plot worked. Though everyone knew that he was sad, and shocked that the killer may have possibly been a person of his staff.

No one could sleep that night.

!! more chapters coming soon!!

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