The Coldest Moon

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The coldest moon by R.H.J

Horror / Thriller
Ricky Hadrian
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The Coldest Moon

The coldest moon

It was bright but only one was bright and it was the moonlight.

The night had taken over the houses covered them with the damp cloak, in the shadow undiscovered by the peasant’s eyes. Pine trees stood tall in disguise and the raven crowed facing the moonlight. The reflections of those crows high above projected into the surface when the light beams by the moon stroke the figures of those hideous birds. Now that the pathway filled with their own shadows.

Stealthily-oh so stealthily, I walked in silence and not to be heard by the crowds. Snuck my body behind the curtain of shadow by the night upon me and not to be seen, yet nobody seemed to notice my secret deeds! Took me a whole minute to lifted the unlocked window and another minute just to close it again to avoid the suspicion from the neighbours. Steadily, incautious I went through the hall of the house I prey.

It was perfect! Just as I thought the dark would be, the black pitch of dark even the eyes couldn’t even notice of a beast came to visit their very own house. But my plan was yet far from complete, my plan was imperfect and would be just fine as long as I remain unnoticed. In the pocket of my dark leathered vest I prepared, a google, my precious google for my perfect plan. It was perfect! I shriek within me in excitement, for now, the dark became green visible, for now, the night has become less dark in colour, and for now, I am INVINCIBLE!

Yet, there’s one more thing I had to be aware of, and it was the silence: I moved in so quietly, so and so quietly, the more I stepped into the room by rooms and my heart pounding more and more harsh as I could start to hear my own beats, I gasp quietly, stood for a whole ten minutes at the corner just to calm my self from fear, and noticed, of what I should be feared from? Of why would I scare for if none of them yet to noticed my secret arrival?

And after I reached into my realisation, the pounding sounds became slower and slower and I smiled so confidently as I almost burst in laughter! and someone crying out loud above the stairs. “Who’s there!” A woman yelled by the distance she screamed. I shut my mouth with my own left palm like strings of a spider net covered my breaths. Suddenly the pounding comes again like the train burst in full speed on the trail it went. Dug! Dug! Dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dug-dudug-dudug-dududug! But I kept on quiet yet I was afraid that the pounds became too obvious for her to listen. And perhaps not, as I kept still on my stand and remain in my position as long as she observed from above distances.

“Does anyone there?” She trembled, Oh-poor woman, you have no idea what coming towards you! I mumbled. Those footsteps approached a little bit closer above my hiding spot. I heard and with this google I see. She might scent the death of her own but only in her dream she would’ve thought she could avoid it. I will not fail and never will.

Minutes had passed, and I did not hear the sound of her footstep until “A rat?” she murmured. It seemed that her suspicion began to crumbled and the moment had come when her footsteps become more and more distance in my ears, and the door shut. Is that it? I poorly chuckled, Hah! Silly woman you just missed your chance to run and now I will begin my work, one foot at the time, one foot so gently one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, and one. Final foot!

I reached in place of you would have never thought I did, in fact, you wouldn’t even know of whom come to visit. Cautiously, cautious indeed, I stood there for a whole hour and wait for patiently, and waited and waited for your call and the call was no other than the mortal groan.


Hum... I sensed the call and answered with the widest smile on my face, even ghost would’ve been afraid I thought! and opening the door, little by little, cautiously, stealthily, quietly indeed! She had no idea that I have stepped my feet upon her room! I thought I couldn’t smile wider yet I was wrong!

And the night has come for her, the tick of the clock outside the room faster than before, my heartbeat grows louder and louder, bang! Bang! Bang! Oh-so nervous, it makes me so and so nervous, and have I thought of returning? and should I forget my darkest feeling? Should I?

But I began to notice, where did the snoozes away? When I gazed upon her face on my google sight, I see the stares, the stares of her green eyes from the googles as everything also is green-coloured. It looked me in the eye but took her half-minute to react. She yelled, once and not more than that, I threw consecutive punches on her nose line and she remains mute for a little time before I pulled the heavy pillow over her pretty face and I smiled pleasure, and she startled, rumbling trying to breathe with more and more pressure I gave! BANG!

The bell was rung once and it means the night had been over, the eyes that used to loved me and hated me and betrayed me now had become lifeless. For you, the only one I loved, like the promised you had said in my very own memories, that your heart will always be and forever for me, and tonight I came to take your promised, which is your very own blooded-heart.

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