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Claire Robinson strikes a deal with a demon unknowingly to save her child. What fate lies in the hands of sweet little drew.

Horror / Thriller
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*Even a dark mind can learn to love*

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The cry of a baby is loudly heard in an old abandoned house. The mother feels a lot more relieved as she hears his voice after the stress she had to go through. She shouldn’t have gone out so dark that night; she knew but she was so worried about her younger sister who had a car accident. She was supposedly drunk that night while she drove, the nurse told her through a call. She was in a bad state and Claire couldn’t just sit down after hearing that terrible news. Claire was just someone who puts others first before her. Though she told her husband, Aaron, through a phone call before leaving the house who was just on a three days travel and would be back in the next two days, he wasn’t also buying her idea of going out so late at 2 am in the morning.

Thanks to an old woman who helped her in that abandoned house she would have been in trouble. But what strongly bothered Claire at first was when the old woman first told her that her baby was dead. No cries were heard and Claire cried unable to bear the pain of losing her first child. But minutes later after the old woman thought, she decided to strike a deal with her to save her child.

“Do you want your child to live, woman?” The old woman asks her.

“More than you can imagine.” Claire wailed, carrying her dead baby.

“Hand me the child. I’m going to give you a gift.” And Claire did as she instructed.

The old woman held the child in her hands and stared at the baby with her green hazel eyes and placed her wrinkled hands on his chest and in seconds, they heard a heartbeat. Claire couldn’t explain the joy she had in her. She was much surprised as ever for this to happen to her.

“Are you an angel?” Claire asks as the old woman gives her child to her.

The old woman smiled and thought about people’s assumption of an ‘angel’ when a miracle happens in their life. She was no angel. She was worse than that. Let’s just say the opposite of what Claire thought. She was a demon.

“Let no one hear of this else that day you will lose your child.” Claire was so excited that she didn’t know the consequences of what she had done. She was so happy to see her child was alive and she wanted nothing more than that at that moment.


That morning so early at six, Claire was back at her house and told her husband of her delivery but she never told him what happened that night. Aaron was so excited on the video call as he saw his son from afar. He wanted nothing more than to have him in his grasps.

“He’s so cute, Claire.”

“Just like you,” Claire smiles as she stared at her child.

The next day, Claire went to the hospital to see her sister. She was so happy to see that she was okay. The doctor told her she will soon recover. She held her hands and kissed her temples before leaving.

Claire had just noticed her baby’s eyes were different from when she delivered. He had green eyes but she thought it was a gift from the old woman. She really wanted to thank the woman for what she had done.

Leaving Andrew, her baby boy with his new nanny she went back to that old house she met the woman. She would have called the woman’s name when she got in and saw the door unlocked but she never remembered to ask for her name. Walking slowly to the first room she saw. She heard sounds so she assumed she was there but what alarmed her was the woman’s reflection from the mirror. She was black with horns. Her body was pale and her hands were used as feet instead of legs. Claire was so confused and scared that she had to look back at the woman who just noticed her. She was looking different from what the mirror had shown. What was going on; she thought. She knew this couldn’t be some sort of imagination after the miracle she did for her.

“When did you get in?” The old woman spoke rather harshly and changed her tone softly afterward.

“You must be tired. I was just going to have dinner. Come join me at the table.”

“Umm..no. I’m so sorry. I just wanted to quickly thank you for what you did earlier. No one could have done that for me.”

“Of course.” The old lady smiled, revealing her deteriorated teeth.

“I should get going. My baby is all alone.” Claire said fearfully. She couldn’t wait to leave the place as her heartbeat accelerated in fear.

“Would you at least have a cup of tea before leaving?” The old woman insisted.

“I will be back again and next time I wouldn’t miss that tea, I promise.” And Claire used that chance to leave before anymore persuasion. She imagined maybe she was going to be drinking blood if she agreed to the cup of tea.

Claire quickly shut the door to her house like she was chased by a beast. She was horrified as that incident of seeing her true reflection flashed back to her.

“Ma, are you okay?” Andrew’s nanny saw the horrified look on her face.

“I’m fine.” Claire tried to keep low of her emotions.

“Andrew is fast asleep. I should take my leave now.” The lady told.

“Okay, goodnight.” Claire shuts the door after her. She went to Andrew’s nursery to check up on him but all she could see was that earlier reflection. She was scared if Andrew was still her baby. Even though her idea sounded stupid, she carried him and took him to a close mirror maybe she would see the same thing she saw in the woman but there was nothing to show for. He still looked cute in her arms. She was a little relieved but that didn’t mean she forgot about that incident.

Claire’s husband got home earlier than expected. He was much excited to see his son. He carried Claire excitedly and kissed her softly.

“I missed you.” Aaron cups her cheeks.

“You came so early!” Claire looked surprised to see him.

“I couldn’t wait to see you both,” Aaron said, going over to check Andrew in his room. He was looking so bright. Aaron carried him up, so happy to see his face.


“Don’t go playing in the water alone. Let your aunt play with you.” Claire said to her son as Aaron applied sunscreen to her back. They always go out to the beach every holiday. Claire's sister, Rayne played in the water with Andrew but his attention seemed far when he noticed a young girl of his age who was scared to get close to the water.

“Drew, what are you looking at?” Rayne tried to look at what distracted him but she wasn’t so sure exactly seeing there were many people on the beach.

“Nothing.” Andrew denied. That moment, some sort of feeling or desire rose in him when he saw that girl. He couldn’t explain what it meant but he knew his mind wouldn’t go off her. He followed her to the bathroom when he saw she was alone.

“Hey,” Andrew called her.

“I don’t want to be friends with you. So save it.” The girl replied, getting out of the bathroom.

He grabbed her hands tightly. She was unable to free herself of his grasps.

“Let go.” She ordered.

“You’re scared.” Andrew could feel her emotions.

“Let me go, weirdo.” The girl tries a lot more but he had a strong grip on her.

“Let see what you’re scared of.” He placed his hands on her head and saw through her mind. The little girl was not herself anymore as he took possession of her mind.

“Please stop.” She pleaded. He was eating right through her.

“Let me help you take your fears.” The girl was getting weak and pale as Andrew took more than he should from her and before he knew she was gone. He paralyzed her.

Andrew went back to his parents but he wasn’t feeling the same. Some sort of a new feeling rushed inside of him and he loved it. All he could think of was wanting more.


Rayne was now staying with Andrew’s parents for the holiday. Andrew and Rayne were sharing the same room. While everyone had gone to sleep including Andrew himself, a voice from outside calls out to him in his sleep which re-awoken his sub-consciousness.

“Gregor, Gregor, Gregor, mater tua clamat ad te eos omnes occidere et venire ad me.” ( Gregor, your mother calls out to you. Kill them all and come to me.)

Andrew feels connected to that voice and stands up to get more closer to where that voice came from by going closer to his window but Rayne was too sensitive to have noticed Andrew was out from bed.

“Where are you going, drew?” She rubbed her lids.

Andrew looking panicked to see her awake and tried to deny his true intentions.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Andrew spoke.

Rayne gave a ‘sorry face’ and gestured him to come over. He laid his head across her chest feeling her warmth but all Andrew could think of was ripping her heart out.


Rayne invited her boyfriend to come over since her sister and Aaron were traveling out of the country for two days. Rayne’s boyfriend, Nate was a very tempered person who gets angrily slightly and he eventually poured that out on the sweet little Drew who was still battling with his urge to kill.

“He broke my phone.” Nate slapped him on the face angrily before Rayne could take control of the situation.

“Nate, he’s just a kid. Let him be. I’ll get it fixed.” Rayne convinced him.

“I think you spoiled this kid too much. Break any of my things and you won’t stay alive for another day.” Nate fixed his eyes on him before putting his eyes back on the television. Rayne and Nate were busy watching a horror movie, “It chapter 2” and Drew knew just one way to repay him.


“Naty, Naty….” An unknown voice called silently from nowhere while Nate was asleep in the night.

“Naty, Naty. Daddy’s home. Come to papa. It’s time to play.” The clown from the same movie appeared to him. But it hid in the dark. Its clothes were all ripped and drained in blood and so was it also thirsty for more. Nate saw it as some stupid joke Rayne was playing on him.

“Rayne, come on. We aren’t kids. I want to sleep. Go to bed.” Nate went back to sleep.

“I WANT TO PLAY.” The clown’s voice grew angrier and revealed himself, cutting off his head with an axe.


The police were already at Claire’s place the next morning investigating the cause of Nate’s death. All Rayne was could do was cry as she was being interrogated.

“Do you know of anyone who could have done this to him? Did he have any grudge against anyone or a fight? Anything you could have noticed.” The man dressed in a cop uniform questioned her but she still wouldn’t stop crying as she couldn’t still accept the fact that Nate was gone.

“He was a very-tempered person but he didn’t get into any fight lately. It’s just been me and him with my nephew, Drew.” Rayne spoke. The cop looked beside her and saw the little boy who doesn’t even look frightened by the whole incident.

“Little boy, did you see anything last night?” The cop asked him.

“No, I was asleep the whole night.” The cop nods his head and stood up on his feet but still have a little doubt about the boy. He believed he knew something he was unwilling to share.

“Oh my God, Rayne. Are you okay?” Claire hugged her first the moment she dropped down from her car.

“No…” Rayne burst out into tears as Claire tries to console her.

Andrew was a little upset that all attention was given to Rayne. She didn’t even notice him until an hour passed.

“Drew, my boy.” Claire hugged him.

“Thank God nothing happened to you.” She embraced him tight.


The following morning Claire was going to pick Aaron at the airport and Andrew insisted on coming along. Combing Andrew’s hair while they exchange casual talks. Claire noticed something about Andrew that she had never seen before. She looked back at his reflection in the mirror and saw he had horns. She was terrified that she moved away from him instantly.

“Oh my god.” She gasped.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Andrew looked confused.

“I….I...Drew is there something I need to know? You can tell me anything. You’re my son.” She tried so hard to believe it was the same boy she gave birth to she saw in the mirror.

“Mom, there’s nothing.” Andrew denies. He seems rather uncomfortable with her questions.

“Drew, there’s something. Please talk to me. I need to know. You’ve been acting strange. First I saw an ax in your wardrobe last night. I totally forgot to ask. Just tell me please.” Claire pleads.

“You looked through my things?” Andrew asked, his tone becoming rational.

“Drew, I love you so much. I’m not ready to lose you. Please talk to me.” She pleads.

“I don’t know who I am or what I am.” Andrew loosed control of his emotions, making the mirror shatter into pieces.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.” Claire embraced him.

After picking Aaron at the airport, they all headed for Nate’s burial. It was a very devastating moment for Rayne and his family to bury him without his complete body. His heart was even missing. Rayne couldn’t just come to think of who’d do something this terrible to him. All that built up in her mind was regrets. She should have never brought him home. Claire looks at her child knowing fully well it was all Drew’s. She was scared of what he had become; a monster, but she still knew he had a good place in his heart. Claire couldn’t wait to find solutions to the mistake she had started at first; striking a deal with someone she never knew.

Claire went to see her priest and narrated everything to him. He was not too surprised after hearing the story but he was only disappointed that Claire made a deal with a demon. Pastor Sam knew what had to be done. He told Claire to come the next morning for the cleansing preparation. Andrew didn’t really trust him because he felt he had the intention of hurting him but his mother reassured him he was going to be okay. The only thing the priest told him was the more he used his powers, the more his true identity manifests.


Claire put out the lights before leaving Andrew’s room. She still hoped it was going to turn out well tomorrow. She laid on her bed unable to sleep as the flashes of that old woman kept coming back to her mind. No one was asleep that night expect Aaron and Rayne who were sleeping like babies. If only they knew what would happen that night.

Andrew stared out his window only because he sensed something coming. He wasn’t scared even if he should be. He opened his windows awaiting what had always been troubling him. He was ready to face it this time.

“Gregor.” The old lady in her demonic form whispered the moment she saw his face. She flapped her wings before putting her feet down to the ground.

“Who is Gregor?” He questioned.

“You, my son. I made you.” She looked happier to see his fully grown horns expect his true form wasn’t complete yet. His wings were not out yet.

“You have been using your powers. That’s good.” She whispers.

“You claim you’re my mother.” Andrews tries to get her point.

Rayne was awakened by their voices. She woke up only to be terrified.

“Oh my god.”

The old lady screeched, using her claws to hold her down her throat. Rayne was as scared as ever. She wished it was all a dream as her fear took control of her.

“Let her go. She means no harm.” Andrew says.

“They are your weakness, Gregor. I should have taken you away sooner.” She angrily rips out Rayne’s heart. Claire was so terrified to see what had just happened.

“Rayne!” Claire rushed over to her lifeless body.

“This wasn’t your promise.” Claire confronted the demon even when she should be afraid. She had had enough of losing loved ones.

“I never made a promise. Gregor, kill them all.”

“I… I can’t. She’s my mother.” Andrew said still having affection for his mother. Claire was so touched to see that Andrew proved himself to her. He wasn’t as dark as she thought he would be.

“Then I will do it myself.” She took her by her neck and was ready to rip her heart out but Andrew controlled her reflexes with just his hands and makes her fall against the wall.

“I told you before,” Andrew says with so much anger in him. He thrust his hands into her heart and made her feel pain.

“If you love them so much then I will make you lose them before you take my soul.” She screeched as she manipulated Aaron who just came inside the room. He was holding a knife but he wondered why he was holding it.

“Aaron, please drop the knife down. Please…” Claire pleaded but he wouldn’t listen. Before Andrew could take control of the situation, he had already stabbed himself leaving Claire devastated. She just watched her husband kill himself.

The demon smiled and screeched as she was satisfied with what she had done. Before she could go on to Claire, Andrew ripped her heart out. Claire was terrified to see what her ten-year-old son had just done. She couldn’t look at him in the eye. All she could just see was a monster.

“Mom.” Andrew felt sorry deep down seeing what she had to go through.

“They all died because I chose to let you live. I chose you over them!” She wailed as she held Aaron’s dead body. She was all covered in blood but that didn’t even matter at all. She had just lost her family in one night.

Andrew’s true form had already shown after killing the demon. His wings spread out so was his claws as sharp as a beast. He was now a complete demon.

“Stay away from me.” And with that word, Andrew flew out the window without having a destination. He regretted the pain he had caused her so he thought of making things right. He was never meant to live.

Andrew went to meet the priest at the church and asked him to do what had to be done. He couldn’t wait one more day to ease the pain he had in him.

After forming a holy circle, the priest prayed using his rosary. He sprinkled the holy water all on Andrew and the spirit inside of him began to leave him. The priest was sending him to hell for eternity. A black hole opened up and swallowed up the demon that came out of Andrew. Andrew fell on the ground lifelessly.

Claire’s arrival was too late to stop him. She never meant all she had said to him. She was only hurt and she let her emotions get the best of her. No matter what Andrew was or even if he wasn’t truly her son. He still loved her unconditionally. And he was ready to risk it all to save her at that last moment but she failed to quickly realize his true intentions. She cried non-stop as she carried his lifeless body. She called out to him, begging for him to return to his body but her voice was driven out in the wind. The monster she thought of him was gone for eternity.


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