The Devil Came On To Me

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In the city of Philadelphia, do not go outside during the nighttime, especially if you're a hooker.

Horror / Thriller
Liam Barath-Lane
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After leaving straight out of the movie theater, both Jerry and his girlfriend, Kim, walked all the way over into the dark parking lot. Not only was it dark, it was damn-near pitch-black; thankfully enough though, neither one of them tripped.

“Go on, baby,” Jerry spoke out, “you head over to the car, I’ll catch up.”

Despite how dark it was, Kim looked and gawked at him. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” Jerry responded with a puzzled face, “why?”

Kim continued to gawk at him. “I can’t see shit out here!”

Jerry then held his hands up. “Okay, babe, calm down.”

“So what the hell do you want me to do then?” After asking him that, she placed both hands onto her hips.

“What’you mean?”

“You told me ten goddamn seconds ago to walk over to the car all by myself.”

Jerry then shrugged. “Yeah, well, maybe I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“You have the keys, don’t you?”

“Well, now that you mentioned it ...” Jerry reached into each pocket of his pants, using both his hands. It took him no more than two seconds to find the car keys as they just so happened to be in his right pocket.

Kim immediately sighed as she whispered, “Thank you, Jesus.”

“Now,” Jerry added while holding the keys up in front of his head, “Where’d we park again?”

Kim then glared at him. “Oh, shut up.” About three seconds later, she turned around and continued to walk.

“Babe,” Jerry called out with puzzlement in his eyes, “where’you going?” As dark as it still was, he managed to catch up to her.

After making it to the car first, Kim tried to open the door. But of course, it was obviously locked. But Jerry arranged that by, of course, unlocking it himself.

Both he and Kim looked at each other from both sides of the car.

“’the hell were you trying to do?” Jerry asked before heading directly into the driver side.

Kim, to which, scoffed before entering the passenger side the exact same way. “I was trying to open it.”

“But you knew it was locked.”

Instead of responded to him in acknowledgement, Kim decided to just sit in the passenger side quietly.

Jerry, in which, looked at her with a smug face. “So, basically, you were trying to take my word from earlier ...”

After waiting for her to respond, he then added, “Right?”

Kim then cocked her head. “No.”

Jerry immediately scoffed, “Yeah, sure.” In less than a moment, he then slotted the main key into the power-slot of the car.

An hour-and-a-half had passed, yet it still appeared to be pitch black outside; at least, that was according to Kim, as she and Jerry were inside the car.

“Can you see well?” Kim asked.

“I got the headlights on,” Jerry immediately responded while looking over at her for a brief second, “So, obviously, yes.”

“I was just asking,” Kim said in a light tone.

“Well,” Jerry added with more compassion, “I appreciate your concern.”

Despite more than five seconds having passed, it did not take long for Kim to notice something in the distance. “Woah.”


“Do you see that?” Kim asks as she pointed her right-hand finger through the windshield.

It took no more than four seconds for Jerry to notice what was in front of them.

What it was, not an animal, nor even an object of any kind. It was, in fact, a person, standing at least ten feet away from the front of the car. It was not that hard to tell what he was wearing or what he looked like. He had on what appeared to be a newsboy-cap and a pale jacket. Not only that, he was quite clearly of the same ethnicity as they were, black.

“Who is that?” Kim asked.

Jerry quickly shrugged. “Hell if I know.” He then began honking at the mysterious man. Since that did not work, he rolled down his window and peaked his head through it. “Yo, brotha, do you mind moving out of the way, please?”

The mysterious man, however, did not respond, nor did he appear to be willing to cooperate.

Jerry then peaked his head through the window again. “Man, come on, I ain’t got all night!”

“Maybe he’s lost?” Kim unsurely suggested.

Jerry looked at her with puzzlement. “So?”

Kim then shrugged. “So maybe he needs a ride.”

Jerry then slowly sighed, “Shit.” Once again, he peaked out through the window. “Hey, man, if you need a lift, come on over -- and we’ll give you one.”

Right then and there, the mysterious man finally came forward and walked all the way up to the car.

Jerry let out one quick sigh, “‘about fuckin’ time.”

“You got the door unlocked?”

“Which one?”

“Does it really matter?”

“Well, no, but —”

Before Jerry could finish that sentence, the mysterious man, oddly enough, arrived at the left-hand side of the car in a matter of just four seconds.

“What the shit?” Jerry murmured, just before turning around to face the back-left door. “Bro, bro, how the hell did you get over here so quick?”

The mysterious man did not bother to answer him. As instead, he tried opening the door. But of course, it was locked.

“Babe,” Kim spoke out, “you gonna unlock the door?”

Reluctantly so, Jerry did just that. And in a matter of three seconds, the mysterious man finally entered. About two seconds later, Jerry (while facing the mysterious man through his mirror) immediately introduced himself, “name’s Jerry ... This fine gal over here — is Kim.”

Kim then waved. “Hey.”

“Who might you be?”

The mysterious man did not answer.

This, however, did not stop Jerry from going as far as too mess with him. “What’a matter, cat got your fuckin’ tongue?”


That was just enough for the mysterious man to finally make a move and do one of the most horrific thing imaginable. After leaning in directly towards the driver seat, the mysterious man grabbed Jerry by the forehead using his left hand.

“Hey,” Jerry exclaimed as both he and Kim were caught completely off guard, “what the fuck’you doin’, man!?”

Right then and there, the mysterious man held out his right fist. Within appeared to be a switch-blade-knife.

“Oh my god!” Kim loudly screamed, as the man used the blade to cut deep across Jerry’s neck.

Kim then watched in horror as the blood gushed — from Jerry’s throat — rapidly.

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