The Restaurant of Sinners

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A family of three visit a restaurant that's more than it seems.

Horror / Thriller
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The Restaurant of Sinners I

While the sky slowly transformed from a clear, refreshing baby blue to a translucent, calming, dreary smoky gray, a small, perfect family of three silently drove down the smooth gravel in the most expensive model that was currently being promoted. The radio played a soft, calming hum that seemed as if it was meant to lull one to sleep, and the GPS occasionally gave out directions. Tall buildings and skyscrapers were blurs as they drove past. Soon, they were met with a four-way intersection with the traffic light blinking a vibrant yellow. The man sped up a little, trying to catch the light. However, he was betrayed as the vibrant blinking yellow died, turning into a bloody blinking red instead. The man hastily slowed down and stopped before passing the pristine white line.

The woman jerked forward and looked at the man with a face of annoyance. Even though her face was slightly scrunched, it did nothing to conceal her beauty. The woman looked like a goddess that descended from the heavens. Her skin was smooth and supple from her temple to the soles of her feet and was as soft as a newborn kitten’s paws. She adorned a heart shaped face with rosy, soft, kissable lips that were enhanced by a deep, rich velvet lipstick. A dainty nose and velvet lips enriched her eyes that could be mistaken for rare gems. In place of her eyes stood glittering orbs that were a lavish, entrancing violet. Fluttering above them were butterfly like lashes that practically floated each time she blinked. Her sharp, but delicate brows seemed to complete the whole look, as if they were placed for the perfection of her appearance. As if her ravishing looks weren’t enough, she also had an hourglass body with long, slender legs and arms. She also had ample bosoms, above and below, enough to seem pleasing to the eye. Her body was framed by her luscious lavender faded locks, and a pure white sundress with matching high heels. Further enhancing her hypnotizing fit were pure gold bracelets and necklaces. She was perfect. Too perfect. The woman in question was the wife of the most renowned multi trillionaire, William Amory Adenaine.

“William. Give me one reason why you thought you could catch that light when it was literally a second away from changing.” said Diana Rossana Caratie in a silky, slightly irritated voice.

The said man didn’t move his head an inch to look at his gorgeous wife, opting to keep his attention focused on the traffic light that could change any moment his attention was stolen.

Even though his wife was a goddess, the man himself was in a league of his own. Unlike his wife, he had naturally smooth and supple skin that glistened and radiated, even though the sun had chosen to hide himself that day. He adorned a godly face with the perfect chiseled jawline that made his face seem defined. His face adorned velvety, thinly plump lips that fell below his refined, sharp nose. Contrary to the woman on the right of him, his eyes didn’t glitter and shine. Instead, his heterochromatic rich royal blue and captivating charcoal held a sharp, sophisticated, and apathetic look that made it seem as though he gazed into the depths of your soul with a single glance. Although not visible due to his matching satiny, slightly fluffy charcoal hair that sat on his head, his crisp, ebony eyebrows completed his god like features. Hidden by his casual, yet formal appearing virgin white suit with matching dress shoes was a broad, yet slim seeming body that had ten gob smacking abs. Unlike his wife, he opted to stick to one accessory: a crystalline diamond analog watch.

While his wife stared at him with an underlying glare, William ignored her, knowing that her anger would soon pass over once they reached their destination. After all, they were going to one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world.

It was introduced to the world as the Chilling Dynasty. The restaurant’s food, beverages, and service were all of the highest quality, but the background behind the restaurant was unknown. One day, the restaurant seemingly popped up out of thin air and continued on to make instant success. It climbed the ranks in terms of finance, popularity, and overall quality, and quickly secured a name for itself. Strangely enough, every food critic and reviewer of the restaurant seemed to have vague memories of their experience in the restaurant, but always gave it the highest of ratings. The phenomenon itself shrouded the restaurant in mystery, but also served as propaganda for the restaurant as it encouraged more people to try to discover the mystery behind it. Unfortunately, they all failed. Nevertheless, it did nothing to demote the restaurant. On the contrary, it did the exact opposite, making the restaurant so popular that the prices for their services spiked. Now, eating at the restaurant itself is considered a luxury that only the rich have the time and funds to indulge themselves in.

The previously blinking red light flashed to a bright green, and William sped off down the smooth gravel once again. Diana huffed in annoyance and haughtily crossed her arms as she looked away from the apathetic man beside her and outside the window instead. Strangely enough, the seven-year-old child in the backseat had chosen to do the same instead of playing with her fluffy, stuffed grey walrus plush.

The seven-year-old, or rather Ruby Violetta Adenaine, was practically a unique mixture of her mother and father. She’d inherited both of their god like features, but the only gene that differed was her eyes. The child had soft, doe like, yet chilling blood red orbs with sharp edges that glimmered with innocent childlike curiosity at the world around that flashed in blurs before her as the family of three got closer to their destination. She was the epiphany of innocence.

Now feeling bored with the world outside the window, Diana turned her body to the front and reached to turn the radio on. The familiar static followed a little after, and the local news began playing a sinister message.

“…Recently, death row inmate Austin Maiers, charged and found guilty of the crime of the kidnapping and molestation of young girls and boys, all under the age of ten, has mysteriously disappeared from prison. Local police are currently still investigating, and believe that he is currently still in the area. If you see this man or come into contact with him, flee the scene and contact the authorities immediately. A message is being issued to all parents and single tenants: Please stay with your children at all times and avoid going anywhere by yourself, whether they be open or confined spaces. Please make sure to lock your houses and stay safe. This is Jamey Tenar, signing off. Take it away Tom!”

“Thanks Jimmy! Once again sending out the message to stay safe, let’s move onto our next story. As of yesterday, it was released that local online developers made plans to make a remastered version of Chico and Coco, one of the worst rated anime to ever exist as expressed by many parents who had taken it upon themselves to watch the beautiful abomination. It features a young man in his early twenties taking care of a young feminine boy in his- “.

The radio suddenly switched to a calming, smooth jazz song as William held a face filled with slight worry from the first message, and Diana with a face of utter disgust from the second message. A comfortable silence engulfed the car.

Take a right in one mile………a left in half a mile…… are three minutes away from your destination……...continue forward for one and a half mile………you have arrived at your destination.

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