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2 boys are having a sleep over then they head to an abandoned house. They explore the house and cannot belive whay they saw.

Horror / Mystery
KI NG Hens Galanza
Age Rating:

The Haunted House - SHORT STORY

Me and my friend are having a sleep over. We watched the tv until 2am my friend ask

Mike: hey let's ride on our bike and let's head to the abandoned house near the park!

Me: umm okay then!

We head to that abandoned house

Me: this house is huge.

So my friend found a garage and its dark in there so we did not go in there. We open up the door and its not locked and it's so dark so we turned our phone flashlights on and it smells horrible.

We head to the kitchen to see where does the smell comes from so we open all the kitchen cabinets and found some.

3 Tomatos,some ox blood,and a meat

We thought that the meat was normal but it was a mistake(it was a human flesh). And we head down the basement and there were 4 rooms in total

1 of the rooms was the bathroom and 3 of them were the bedrooms so we head to the first room which was the bathroom and it was empty

So we head upstairs and entered a room and we saw the garage lights were on so looked at it closely and we saw a clown dragging a human the scary clown drag the human into the garage and took a knife and get all the insides of that human.

I told mike to call the police.

A few minutes later the police arrived
And someone is knocking on the door and so i jump in the window and run to the police the clown was following me he was faster than me but the police shot him i was so worried about mike but the police save mike the other clown was cuffed and sent to jail after that day we never go to an abandoned house again.
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