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Layers of Chaos

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Poor souls of the damned experience the layers of chaos, However the catacombs of hell spiral towards madness and leads to something far greater then the human comprehension.

Horror / Mystery
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Raptured Prophet

As they walked forth upon the corridor, the sounds of age and time slowly eroding away at the structure around them to dust, filled the brisk air around them. The cool night breeze blew against their cheeks as they continued forward. Walking past empty rooms of unknown origin, the sounds of the creatures and beings of abyss reverberated throughout the empty halls of tile and dust. however as they continued forward they could see something ahead of them. It seemed to resemble that of a man, but was deformed beyond explanation.
It had crooked overlapping blood stained teeth, sharp and curved, it had no eyes, its bones could be seen through its skin, its nose seemed to have rotted off its face, and it was tall and skinny with decayed skin. They stopped in front of the creature. The figure then spoke in a raspy distorted voice.
"Do thou seek refuge? Do thou seek truth? For the truth lays beyond the layers of chaos, and when thy see the truth. Refuge shall be there waiting for you. However know this. Refuge comes at a price, and thou have sinned. Now thou shall know the true meaning of CHAOS." They froze as chills cascaded down their spines. The creature then pointed at them. Right as it stretched out its long finger, hands reached from the floor they stood upon, grabbing their ankles and dragging them both to their trip to insanity.
They struggled and screamed as they tried ever so desperately to escape the demons grasp. However their pathetic struggle showed no use as they sunk deeper and deeper through the floor. As they struggled and squirmed like rodents caught within a trap, they grew yet closer to their fate. Soon enough their bodies have completely sunken beneath the floor, their muffled screams could be faintly be heard from below. The figure spoke.
"Chaos reigns and order falls, angels cry and devils call. As skies turn to red seas of insanity, souls of the damned suffer and plea."
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