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Diary entries from those who seen ghosts and other weird things.

Horror / Mystery
Jasmine Siller
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Jan. 5, 1972
5:47 p.m

there it was again. that damn shadow. I could never see it fully just out the corner of my eye. it was always there and I could never seem to understand why it was there. I guess I could be going crazy. I did work a lot for my mother and I, so I guess it was just stressed. but I see it everything day. I wonder if I talk about it with someone will it go away. I guess ill never know that answer. I just wanted to have a calm and stress-free day on my day off. so I thought writing would help me. so far it is. I feel lighter and calmer and yet this thing is still here bothering me. I guess I could just laugh it off. maybe it will go away on its own. then again this could all just be in my head.


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