Mr Rose and Mrs Rose

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Monologue about the family on the human perspective. A thing that makes it human is the utter lack of something which is respect and decorum and the lacking in that is when two people speak about the third party who is not there. It is not meant to be serious and must be enjoyed on its own merits as something like froth. That the froth can hurt is another story slap stick can be painful and endured and lasting pain.

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Chapter 1

Let me explain who is everybody as we need to know each other in this finely dealt with detailed tallied and total chaos. I am willing to try my hand at a little description if we are allowed? Rose is the wonder the beautiful sixty year old grandma. And I am the total opposite I do not have any kids. I am also past it. Rose and me have been bickering since primary school and we disliked and annoyed each other. Even loved the same man. Like it or not that sounds bisexual but no I am not.
Rose is the one who follows and I am the
But sometimes we go back in time like this and sometimes in front of me there is something less interesting. That is myself. But never fear Rose is always not far.
What she has got is the vim and the vigour to become anything she wants to be. I do not can't do anything but clear the tables. I am dependent on the fools who are the fortunate to have paid taxes. She has not paid taxes neither because she has a good accountant. There that is what we want a fine detail such as that.
Now you know everything.
She has blonde hair is a midget and has high heels you can't miss her. I am a bite size too with a portly figure and a laughing stock one can't miss me but if you see me wiping tables with a damp cloth that is I. I have white hair and disabled clamming up all the time and trying to behave. My family are crocodiles and I am the meaner for it. They all tried to eat me alive.
But poor Rose has been taken, ate and spat out.
Despite everything she is the stronger creature. She works all the time so busy and there she is envious yes I am I do not even get to do anything but think and write and that is not good enough at that.
So now you know everyone let us start the Utopian story it is never easy to behave when telling some grand plan an idea what the hell it is all about lipstick.
I am also hysterical and mean to be no longer funny.
"Everyone is being mean to me."
"Because you refuse to introduce people to each other."
Did no one post themselves on their wall today and has no one said someone pooed on me? What is the world coming to. Where did you get the ideals they say the ideas to speak as you do? My world is a simple state of laughing at the world at large. I am a mischievous personality who is almost goaded beyond belief. Now the final fatigue the final straw when the world is settled indoors and kept indoors just like me fighting for the crumbs like I had to do all my life and they are complaining and demanding and depending just like I had to do.
"Eureka and Utopia are the same honey?"
"In Utopia they do take off their clothes."
"We are no longer special I'm I special?"
"Well not Maggie Thatcher are you more like Magi are you not?"
Rose petals round his collar as he nears the joke.
"Genocide in order to bring about a new world order."
"We do not behave well that is all."
"Most Arab cities are now rumble is that not a fact?"
"Who said it ?"
"Utopia the new amoral society we do not believe it."
"It is the truth as we speak Beirut went up in flames."
"Ass why say that."
"Most definitely we need no more morality."
His manners are so mean fisted his tight fists tell the tale when a man has now no place to call his home.
"One house Rose lives and the other magi the cook and both have it in for him."
"Her eyes have no more love in them in fact one looks with loathing the other with hate."
"Rolling pin is to roll the pastry with nothing more." I say to myself over and over again.
"Who is who? I am lost. Rose is the wife the woman of his dream and the other one is stay at home good for nothing other woman who will not work."
"Rose works extremely hard night and day in fact and does and does nothing but work."
"Working steal never rusts as mummy used to say."
"Speak of the dead. Here they come."
We have behaved well towards you the roses of our situation? Rose petals speak to me what did you speak about this is one of the situation comedies we spoke of this and that.
"Lost in space because of the word love."
"Who said the wordy word love?"
"Boy wonder."
"Well did he mean it?"
"Well he did not mean it he was looking at her when he said it."
We were walking down the Green Park and she was listening to him speaking which he did in some heat about himself. She was into all that listening back than. When he stopped I was thinking she said something about chiffon and Gucci and all that she meant it too. The word bridal outfit came to her lips and she lisped into something called the lover like fondness. She had just tried to make me fall down a elevator and as this was a painful experience I was further behind than I meant to be so must have not heard right. I thought.
But I did not hear wrong they got married some time later as she was a better listener than I had ever been.
My sister B

B how are you stranded at home?
F well I am doing well.
I am a bit nervous because having been inside the madhouse this is the first time we spoke so naturally. Does it appear so on the phone I am frightened I will speak the wrong word or disgrace myself but the thing is do not know how nonchalent I sound and I think I am now past master at it. It is like breaking plates at a dinner party everyone knows it is broken but why they do not ask because it is impolite. Did the serving girl go mad or the mother or the wife. The thing is glossed over with another glass of wine. Well you never know these days when you go visiting who might appear to serve you. Well the rotten thing was I was serving at the cafe so do not mess with me honey.
I know my place I know why he went and taking a stroll in the sea with her in her bikini. It is a right off the things he said in that family friendly fried film which did not watch and turned it into a dust bin washing up. I did the empty bins instead and washed and scrubbed till my hearts content. Feeling better and less bitter I now calmed down to speak to the dead.
Are you there anyone?
The thought comes and goes. But B is on the phone and we are speaking and that takes me out of myself. Having been in the madhouse with the nutters taking the mickey makes me the fooled woman who did not could not afford a decent meal. In the madhouse they only have things which the cook has been brewing for some time and that is not nice. Having the spleen out we then get to the gritty of it all.
B We tried to contact you but you did not answer the phone.
I hear myself say thank God social distancing and the nurses away and about sheltering themselves indoors and the only ones allowed in hospitals the doctors makes me think the mad house was never the thing I thought, Should not the nutters be in the insanity wards and such? No we are only doing the creative staff, Well I thank them for the kind offices and then ask who is doing the exhibits well it is the doctors. Well they must be more learned lunatics than us all we are just not learned enough to be in there with the smart techs and all that. What do they ask from me? I do not know maybe the trouble to go through the process than someone likely comes along has another idea for a exhibition and they tally the cost and it is less costly to pay for the doctor then to have her or him have a exhibition.
A payment in kind? Well they volunteer their time and it is a nice job they are doing.
B was saying she was speaking through the mist and there I was thinking. I go through the process of thought.
F Never do.
B I wish it was able to see into the future what does it mean to be a writer?
F. The thing was went on to do too many emails.
B To whom?
F to everyone and D is now afraid of me he is supposed to be a training to be a policeman.
B No he isn't I suppose it is now that you are being cruel to the other nephew?
F He wants to become a politicans stand by a husband at home doing the teaching and living her dreams.
B What is wrong with that has she a masters?
F. In politics does not care about doing voluntary work went to some place did not move out of the house home cooked meals and all that did not budge from the bed.
B. She'll do I suppose she has all the qualifications.
F. I suppose she does.
B What else is new?
F what I want to know is why C phoned on the eve of mother's funeral and told us about aunts death as well. Made me sick as a parrot for three days.
B She could not have known .
F I was very fond of her despite her voting to kill mother when I said she had to look after us all she changed her mind.
B well I am going on holiday soon and we will chat next week.
I had not been on holiday next week is picnic week because it is my birthday.
F Oh that will be nice for you.
B to Dartmoor on a camping trip.
F That sent a chill down my spine I always hated Dartmoor because they do murders there. I think or they change hands or do something. I do not know if I can trust R ever again because B had nearly been kidnapped once before on a cheap holiday, This was a cheap holiday. What happens if it rains?
B we will just go inside the tent. We hired a car. A bit expensive but hate travelling on the bus.
F. Just put a mask on get sanitisers and that is the way I do it. But B worked from home is a little paranoid about the pandemic and has not been on buses since. I will leave you now we have been on the phone ages.

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