Threats Hereafter Book 2: Valhalla or Bust!

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With his would-be killer slain Aiden settles into his house comfortably, with the rotting bodies of the killer and his victim in the basement below, and so Aiden's quest to discover what happened to his life take full throttle toward some devastating discoveries! Meanwhile, the scrutinising eye of Deputy Julian's police force patrol the town, still searching for the very same killer. As they close further and further in on that insidious house, Aiden risks the police making grim discoveries of thier own! Futher still supernatural forces seem to be hounding him, caring little for discretion and demanding only one thing; For Aiden to stand and fight thier immaterial champion!

Horror / Fantasy
Stuart Lancaster
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Grave Robbing

Bank accounts are easy to set up, once you have proof of ID and that’s easy to get providing you have some other proof. Of course, no hospital seemed to have proof or certificate of Aiden’s birth, but there were other methods. This cannibal had perfected them all, seems like he had some brains, Aiden wondered how many of those that guy had eaten. Either way, he was dead.

Aiden sat at the cannibal's laptop for hours. With the cannibal’s tools, it was all so easy, once Aiden managed to crack the password which he did in minutes. In a pendrive in Aiden’s car, which he had now parked behind the cannibal’s van on the drive, he had a copy of a personal operating system. It was just a matter of getting the laptop to boot up with that rather than its usual passworded OS and boom, access all areas in a format Aiden found far more familiar.

The first thing was new ID’s, driver’s licence, birth certificate… The certificate was the only thing that was fake, not that anyone would check that. Did most people even know where their birth certificate was? Nobody ever checked those. All it needed to do was convince the driver’s licencing authority and Aiden would have a valid real ID, if only he had a doctor who would be willing to sign a fraudulent Birth Certificate. Fortunately it seems the cannibal himself was a doctor in a previous life, whose medical licence had been renewed/began only twenty years ago, fake doctors signing fake birth certificates and some idiot in authority somewhere bought it! Aiden’s license was already in the post, first class. Was that even needed? He had all the licence’s details nicely emaied to him and a brilliantly convincing Fake ID maker on the desk behind him. He could just use that until his real one arrived.

So finally he existed, at least, enough to keep Deputy Julian off his back. Aiden didn’t try his luck at getting a passport but that idiot could be kept at bay at least. Next he needed money. Fortunately Online Banking is a wonder of the modern age, all you need is an ID to open a bank account, and all they do with the ID is run the number to check you come up on the database.

The hours were whittled away by Aiden’s fingers tapping away at the keys. To get money, all Aiden needed was the cannibal’s password. Of course, morons never use the same password for different things, there was no possibility that the password to this laptop would also be the password to the online bank account, a password that Aiden could now easily see in the latops settings and startup scripts.

He knew the cannibals ‘name’ from the ID he swiped, he tried the password of the laptop and, oh look, it was accepted. Now he just needed various letters of a memorable word or phrase and he would be in. Aiden scribbled down his notes on paper at the side. What could the memorable phrase possibly be?

Aiden input the name and password to open up the Memorable Phrase request several times. “Give letters 1, 4, and 9”, “letters, 2, 5 and 7”, “letters 3, 6 and 9”, every time Aiden tried it the highest number never went higher than 9, so this phrase was 9 characters long. Aiden thought a moment. Most, if not all ‘passwords’, will begin with a word or two and end with numbers, any punctuation marks will be after the word or after the numbers and the capital letters will be at the front, most with numbers have two, four or five digits to keep it easy to rememeber…

Wait, Aiden saw a bookmark had been saved for the cannibal’s email account, with a nice ‘Keep me logged in’ setting. Aiden tried it and the account opened straight away! This was too easy. Back on the online bank Aiden clicked the helpful little “Forgot my memorable phrase” button, he confirmed the cannibal’s email account and on his other tab a nice little email appered with the memorable phrase right there, “Darken!34”. Aiden was in.

This cannibal was loaded, the accounts were insane! Aiden opened their statements and saw significant transfers in from other accounts. The screen froze a moment, wind howled outside and rain lashed against the window, covered with newspapers. It was dark, Aiden had been sat here a while… For a moment it looked like the computer was about to crash but no, it loaded.

Whenever the immortal cannibal had opened a new account, under a new name, he had transferred the money in separate transactions and even bounced it through a few other accounts first, making sure not to completely drain one and fill the other too quickly as to avoid suspicion. It was so easy for Aiden’s name to be the latest on this list. In another tab he opened his own account, it had to involve a quick phone call to the cannibals land line but there it was. Aiden spent atleast an hour more transferring money from the cannibals accounts into his own new ones. Sure, it was stealing, but that guy had killed and eaten countless people for over a hundred years and Aiden was going to be his latest, he considered it compensation rather than stealing.

He eventually stopped, a nice ten thousand sitting in his completely legitimiate accounts. It was very late and Aidens thoughts finally turned to sleep. There was a bed here… that guy’s bed…

Aiden stripped off the bed sheets, he’d sleep on the bare matress. A thought stung him before lying down though, those bodies in the basement. Aiden had managed, deliberately or otherwise, to completely distract himself with the cannibal’s laptop, he hadn’t or wouldn’t think about the basement. About cleaning up…

Begrudgingly, he walked downstairs. The door to the basement was still open just as before. In the kitchen, that plastic bag still sat on the table, now with liquid filling the bottom of it. Aiden went into the basement.

It was just as he had left it, well almost. The candles on the altar had been extinguished, but they hadn’t burned all the way down. Aiden guessed they must have blown out in the fight. The cannibal’s headless body still lay on the floor, leaking gooey gore, as did the nurse’s on the table. Neither of them had moved. Aiden flicked off the light and turned to leave, lest those corpses rob him of any hope of sleep this century. He locked the basement door behind him. Now there was just the head…

There was a safe. Aiden had taken a break from the laptop at one point after first logging on, the stench from the bathroom across the hall was too much to bear. Looking for some bleach or something Aiden went under the kitchen sink and found the cannbal’s safe, open and empty. Convinient. Aiden grabbed the bag wrapped head and thrust it inside. He pulled out his phone and searched the internet for the model of safe, for instructions. He set his own combination and slammed the door shut. With that, he retired.

It was cold, lying in just his underwear and t-shirt on that bare mattress. The old house was terribly drafty, it sucked all warmth and life from the air, along with any hope of it. Still, Aiden forced himself to sleep.

Tomorrow his real mission began.

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