Threats Hereafter Book 2: Valhalla or Bust!

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Chapter 7 - I'm Home...

Aiden hadn’t driven so fast in years.

His brakes squeeled as his car pulled into the driveway and Aiden tore across the front garden to the door. Fumbling for they keys, Aiden half wanted to boot the door open, he never expected to come back here!

The door unlocked, Aiden flung it open.

“Where are you!”

He waved his gun like a madman, howling out to the dark silent house.

“Where are you, damn it!”

There was no reply.

Aiden unlocked the basement and nearly ripped the door from its hinges as he opened it. He leapt down the stairs and flicked the light on. The smell was unbelievable as the bodies rotted more and more, but they were still there, the altar was still there. Nothing had changed.

Not satisfied, Aiden fired two more rounds into the cannibal’s body. Horrid gooey rot splattered on the floor behind but the body didn’t move. Aiden stood a moment, gun trained on the body, before remembering.

He ran back up the stairs, stamping on each step as he did. The kitchen cupboard door he did snap off its hinges, he threw it across the room behind him. Beneath the sink, there was the safe!

Aiden took a deep breath. Gun in his right hand, he reached out his left and put in the combination. He opened the door and trust his gun forwards. There was that horrid rotting smell, but the black plastic bag with the cannibal’s head inside was still sat there, just as before. Aiden considered firing a round into it, but stopped. The bullet would richochet off the back of the safe…

He reached his hand out to grab the bag, but froze hearing footsteps behind him.

He turned, gun infront of him as it always was, and from his kneeling position on the ground, with grit teeth and tight grip, Aiden aimed the gun directly at the cannibal’s ghostly smiling face.

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