I'm Still Your Daughter

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Elizabeth Mourney is a 15 year old girl who never really believed in God. But her parents are die hard catholics and she always thought they would never except her if she confessed. But when she does finally confess, everything goes haywire and Liz realizes she might not make it for much longer.

Horror / Thriller
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Every Story Has A Beginning

Have you ever had a secret you could just never be able to tell your parents? Well I did. You see, most secrets probably aren't as bad to keep from your parents, and sometimes they find out anyway. And some secrets aren't as bad to tell to your parents in the first place.

You see, my parents are catholics, but SUPER catholic. They would literally die for Jesus. They would do anything, even slit their wrists and cut our neighbors heads off for him.

I, on the other hand, have never really been interested nor cared for the topic of Jesus and God. I've never really believed in all that stuff. I never believed in ghosts and demons and stuff, I always think its just a person with a mental issue, going crazy or something like that. Even though I do love reading about it and watching horror movies, I never believed it.

But I've always been a good child, did everything they told me to do, got good grades, never complained, never forgot to do anything, was loved by all of their friends, all my teachers, and every single person we ever met. I was polite and never talked back. But I was only like that because I was horrified as to what would happen if I messed up. If I disrespected them or made them upset or mad at me. So I guess you could say I had "parent phobia."

I was also scared of telling them my beliefs disagreed with their beliefs. So while they thought I was praying silently at the dinner table or before bed or practically whenever I was supposed to be praying, I was thinking. Thinking about anything, really. Sometimes it was possible things that could happen if I told them my secret. Other times it was about a fight I had with someone at school or about a boy I met that day. Or just about life in general. Anything a person can possibly think of, I would think of.

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