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Bizarre Synopsis: Adithi, a brave twelve year old girl thinks nothing can scare her – just nothing. On the other hand her younger brother Samyak keeps on trying to scare her again and again unsuccessfully. Things change soon. On the twelfth birthday of Adithi, her aunt Sarika whom she and her brother calls as witch, presents her a book with full of witch stories. As soon as Adithi reads the name of first chapter aloud the horror begins! Adithi is taunted and tortured by a witch who happens to be none other than her own aunt Sarika. Adithi tries to make her parents believe that she is virtually living with a witch, but in vain. With no other way left, Adithi takes in the confidence of her brother Samyak and tries to deal the witch by themselves and in the process they find themselves in a spooky castle where their witch aunt Sarika lives. Adithi and Samyak have only two options left. Either they should deal the witch by themselves and return home, or Mr. Gonsalves, the author of the horrid book has to help them?

Horror / Children
Harsha Shastry
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Chapter 1


“Nothing can scare me - just nothing!”

“Oh! Come on Adithi, give me a break; I am fed up of hearing the same words.” Samyak screamed in despair. He knew his elder sister is the bravest girl that he had ever come across, but hearing it again and again from her mouth made him feel disgusted.

Samyak is literally opposite to his sister, he is very easily scared, and a small cockroach can do the job for that matter. All the same, Samyak wanted to see his sister being scared, at least once in a lifetime! He kept on trying, but it was not his fault that he failed each and every time.

“Adithi and Samyak, its dinner time!” Mrs. Kamraj Shouted from downstairs.

“Better luck next time.” Adithi pulled a face at her brother and ran towards the dining room. Samyak shook his head in disappointment. All of a sudden Samyak remembered the old cemetery on the way to their school.

“Yes, that would scare her for sure!” He cried aloud in utter delight.

The cemetery looked quite eerie even during day time. Samyak thought of challenging Adithi to visit it at night, of course she has to do that secretly, since their Mum and Dad would certainly not agree for such a challenge at any cast.

“Could Adithi dare to do that?” Samyak wondered and soon a wicked smile crossed his face as he imagined his so called brave sister trembling at the cemetery during night.

“Samyak, where are you?” Mrs. Kamraj shouted once again.

Samyak slowly walked to the dining hall dragging his lazy legs and sat on the empty chair. Adithi giggled at him showing no mercy for his failed attempt to scare her again.

As Samyak began to munch the smooth roti with his favorite Sabbji Matar paneer, he heard his dad comment on the recent happening.

“Mr. Mehta seems to have witnessed a Ghost at the cemetery yesterday night and now, he is seriously ill.”

Gosh! Samyak’s jaw dropped open. He felt sure that Adithi would not definitely be ready to take up the challenge now and he would win it for the first time.

“Really dad? - Then ghosts do exist, isn’t it?” Samyak sincerely glanced at Adithi hoping this new information would scare her.

But not to be!

Adithi giggled at once at her brother. “Ghosts exist only in the mind of weak kids – just like our Samyak, isn’t it Dad?”

Mr. Kamraj whipped his mouth from a napkin before answering with a mischievous grin.

“I too don’t know my lad and lass; I never have witnessed one, however I wish.”

“Now - now, you two stop teasing our little Samyak, he is already red.” Mrs. Kamraj came to his rescue and brushed his hairs softly.

Is there really nothing that can scare Adithi! Samyak wondered to himself. He knew kids of her age, being just twelve, are all easily scared by one or the other things, but it seems Adithi is not one among them.

Poor Samyak!

Little did he know that everything is going to change soon and Adithi would get the scare of her life!

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