The day I wanna play

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This is about a kid who finds out they were in a a mind blowing thing the end will shock you!

Horror / Mystery
Seth Marten
Age Rating:

The midnight howl

The next night it was about 12:43 am I was asleep but I woke up very weird it was still 12:43 am I was very thirsty so I got out of bed and got my flashlight.I went into the hallway turning on my flashlight.I knew my parents were asleep cause I could hear my dad snoring and there was no movement.So I kept walking only to notice the laundry room door open.I thought it was just my mom forgetting to close the door so I kept walking.I got some water and walked back to my room and closed the door.I was not scared of monsters because I kept my closet closed and the closet door was also hard to open so I didn’t worry.

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