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Over half way through 2020 We have world wide Panic Of people sick and dying living their life like prisoners in their own homes wearing mask I belive this has been going on for many years? Things on earth going to get better or worse.This might be the best time just enter into another dimension This could be better than the earth were on now. Stand up tall handle what you can God will help me through the rest of i, You come back later and see if anything gets better for me. I don't want to leave my love ones behind but it will only be for a short time. Untilthings get better on this earthvthe people stop fighting over race protesting agaist the Government radical ways They run the goverment. Over paid congressional leaders who been there to long. Things got to be getting better If we re elect Donald Trump as President Democrats are screwing up everything we hope to change for the better Punish the media for all their liesand fake stories against President Trump If we let the Democrats take over as president we be like the germans having someone like Hilter control the country.

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