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It was a dream created from the recess of her mind, a means of escape whenever the cruel lash of reality made contact with her body. A surreal place filled with beautiful things and untainted. But as she finally succumbed to death, the dream watches as she perished, the kid takes with her the very essence of the dream itself. Without her, the dream starts to wither going smaller until it also disappears. Yet, it refused to die a horrible death like the girl, the dream refused to go... And an idea struck the tiny dream... "I will let people come to me and here forever they shall stay..."

Horror / Thriller
La Pucelle
Age Rating:

Alice (One-Shot)

“You useless piece of shit!” The huge bulk of a man had her cornered in the dining room, filled with the stench from the opened bottles of beers and neglected dirty plates in the sink. The mess was everywhere and not scraped.

Tears welled Peyton’s eyes of dark blue, gleaming with terror and her lower lip trembled. “P-Papa, please d-don’t hurt me” She raised her forearm as a shield, bruises of purple, and even a darker hue on it.

His gaze remained steely, sharp as a razor and none of her words reached his ears. The surrounding seemed to float and hazy while he loomed over the smaller figure shaking like a beaten animal. He raised the bottle on hand and took a large swig before shattering it near the girl’s face.

“You differed none to your whore of a mother!” He took hold of her chin tightly, forcing the girl to look at him. “Do you think I wouldn’t know huh?!”

Her cries grew hysterical, voice turning octaves higher, and tears stained Peyton’s face. “I am sorry! P-Please d-don’t AAAHHH! Papa!” The jagged shard of the broken bottle was pierced on her arm.

“Liar! You fucking liar! You are cheating on me again, Dorothy!” He hit the girl with the broken bottle multiple times while yelling his wife’s name, anger rising more as the alcohol mixed in his system.

Peyton laid on her side, shaking and yelling in pain; her right arm bleeding while small shards of the glass stuck.

The elder male yanked her by the hair and dragged the girl back in the living room, her head hitting the wall in the process.

‘I don’t want to be here anymore, save me’ She begged in her head.

He made Peyton lie down on her back and slapped her on the face that echoed in the room. “I am going to give you what you fucking deserve, Dorothy—” His hands quickly undid the belt and opened his pants, “You want so badly to be a whore? I will make you feel like one, you dirty slut!”

Peyton struggled, flailed her arms in the air to prevent what’s about to happen, “Please no! No! I beg you!” Not this again, it wasn’t the first time and she knew it would not be the last.

‘When will it stop?’

“Shut up, whore!” He forced her legs apart and began the deed.

The little girl lain there wide-eyed, almost bloodshot and face filled with pain, hurt and contempt.

This was how it saw Peyton before she succumbed to the calling of death; in the back of her mind, the remaining throbbing consciousness of the girl tried so hard to reach out, not wanting to leave the only place she found happiness and peace—where she locked herself whenever her physical body gets devoured by the cruel lash of reality.

But it was too late, the girl was gone and soon the beautiful dream she formed will fade.

“Not yet…I do not want to, I can’t” Slowly it shifted, turning into a young girl with pale blonde short hair with full bangs clad in a knee length white dress with ribbons and gray striped waist coat. Eyes taking a pearl-like color, the girl looks at her pocket watch and smiled. “I know what I’ll do”


What an odd day it was.

First, she had a nasty fight with her staffs who was hired recently—she kind of yelled at them which turned into a heated exchange and throwing of punches—and the next thing after storming out, she found herself in a strange breezy forest clearing.

…Well okay maybe she did not find it out of whim but Janine was looking for somewhere to cool her head off until a little girl approached her.

“Let’s go, Alice, we’ll be late!” The girl looks as pale as snow, wearing a dress and waist coat holding a pocket watch. “Come on!” She pointed at the ticking small watch before sprinting away.

“Wait than minute, you brat! What the heck are you talking about?!” Janine went after the little girl, going through a lot of turns and slopes until she reached the clearing in the woods lined with…red roses.

Since she is already there, the young woman decided to explore, finding more beautiful sceneries that seemed to good to be real. It helped in cooling her head off until she was finally back to normal.

Sky turned a reddish-orange shade as the sun sets down, Janine sat on top of a small hill with her knees brought up to her chest while she watches from afar.

“This is something I can definitely get used to” A yawn escaped her lips, she stretched her arms and decided to lie down on the grass. Her shift in the café is not yet finished but going back there doesn’t sound appealing anymore.

As Janine closed her eyes to sleep, the pale-haired girl observed from a distance—her solemn childlike expression turning manic as a wide smile formed on her lips.

The First Alice was a fierce young woman,

She found solitude and place in the beautiful place called Wonderland,

But dreams are not always lovely as how it showed itself to be,

A small town.

After many weeks of wandering around and finding the exit, she found a lively town instead. Chocolate brown eyes scanned the area, the people are minding their business and some are chattering, not noticing the young woman heaving and standing near a trunk, her body was thinner than before.

When Janine walked closer to the town, the various scents mixed in their wafted through her senses and the scent of food stood out the most, it made her mouth water and stomach growled loudly.

Freshly baked pastries are stood in display outside a bakery, this is where she stopped and directed her gaze at the food being taken out.

“This is going to be fun,” A tinkling chuckle from the pale haired little girl seated on a barrel across the bakery.

Without a second thought, Janine took the apple tart on display and took a huge bite, her eyes rolled and she almost let out a moan, “Hmmm….” It was soft, warm and buttery, also the filling in the middle was just the right level of sweetness. Her hand shot out to grab another tart and put the whole thing in her mouth.

“Thief! She stole my tarts!” The bakery owner yelled, pointing a finger at the young woman and calling the attention of the other villagers.

The people who witnessed what Janine did started going at her and held her down; strings of curses, name callings and threats formed on their lips directed at her.

Janine tried shutting down their noise, she opened her mouth to explain that she merely hungry and had been roaming around for weeks without anything. But the crowd became wilder, hitting her and tossed the young woman on the ground.

“Shut the fuck up, all of you! I am not a thief!” Her temper is at it again, like a detonator, ticking and soon…She knew she will explode.

“Immoral wench!” A stomp on her back.

Kick on the side of her body, “You stole my tarts, you bitch! Give it back!”

“You are not even from here!” A hit at the back of her head.

The last blow left Janine lying on the dirty ground face down, the voices grew louder and filled both of her ears. Finally, she pushed off the ground, sleek brown hair disheveled and obscured her face from the crowd’s view, the young woman grabbed the man’s sword near her.

“Your voice is killing my eardrums, fatass” Chocolate brown eyes became dilated and wide, her hand swung the sword and cut the lady’s head like a salami.

The crowd started to lessen, strings of pleas and calls for help came from the people who tried to run but as the sun finally set down, crimson painted the road and stalls of the town. Bodies piled up everywhere being slashed into two or pieces, Janine was quite creative and did not want to settle with the same style so everyone met their brutal end in different ways.

Janine looks at the ground, her chest heaving and she held the sword stained with the same color that filled the path she walks on.

Pearl-like eyes watched the young woman stained in crimson as she turned her back on the now-silent village; on the back of the hand holding the sword a mark of spade appeared.

No one knows where the First Alice went,

But something I can assure you off—after she left the village, wherever she’ll go she will leave chaos in her wake by a bloody red path.


She stood in the middle of the plaza, there was a feast and everyone was having fun; colorful decorations of assorted shapes could be seen everywhere, laughter and smiles sketched on the people’s faces. After two songs she performed, a loud round of applause rang in the air and cheers from her audience.

Skye bowed her head shortly after her performance, tearing a little upon seeing their bright, smiling faces.

“Thank you everyone for your support!” She spoke in a loud voice, her hands clasped together in front of her, “I will sing to you more! This shall not be the last time you will see me sing”

What a great feeling it was to be appreciated by her talent! Skye did not regret following the little girl after seeing her outside the stadium. In this place, she is a winner and she is the only one whose voice they always look forward to.

“Are you happy?” Asked the pale little girl, appearing before Skye in the room she currently lives in.

Skye nodded jerkily, wrapping her arms around the kid, “Thank you, ever since I got here, I never felt the sense of defeat and unwantedness”

The little girl returned the gesture, “Of course, I am also glad you are here, Alice” She patted her back.

Don’t ever stop singing’ was a whisper Skye heard clearly internally, like a mantra or a broken recording that keeps playing in her head.

The songstress did as she was told—every single day, afternoon and evening, she would stand in the plaza and sang her heart out with all might like there’s no tomorrow coming. It was a routine she never gets tired from, even with lack of sleep and food, she would perform her very best in front of everyone.

What does she need sleep or rest for? No, what matters most is everyone hears her song.

“This is going to be fun” Says the pale-haired kid while sitting on the waterless fountain behind the plaza, a month had passed since the songstress stay and without the proper rest and care, her performance slowly began to wilt like a rose.

A random man placed hands on both ears, “What are you on? You sound like you are on drugs! Did you go to the caterpillar?! Stop!”

More expression of disgust and discomfort appeared in the crowd, their shouts to stop turning a volume louder.

Skye felt like an unseen arrow went through her heart, “No, please don’t say that!” Her voice came out raspy like a sandpaper, then there were dark circles under her eyes. “Let me sing you a different piece!” She let out a lyric less tune but it sounded like a scratching rusty nails on a stone.


“Quit singing, you sound terrible!”

“Stop it, will you?!”

The little girl on the back sniggered, a hand covering her mouth as she watched the scene unfold.

Many times, that day Skye tried but her voice only gotten worse and drove everyone away. The songstress now sat on the stage alone crying loudly like a child, hoping something miraculous will happen.

“N-No! This can’t be!” Her hands pulled on her hair as she rocked back and forth, “This is supposedly a beautiful dream, I cannot lose here, it’s impossible!” She went into a dry coughing fit and blood sputtered out.

Footsteps approaching reached Skye’s hearing, turning away from where she coughed her blood, she saw a beautiful girl with thick and blonde tresses dressed in a lavish dress.

“You are a nuisance,” The beautiful girl spoke, a deep scowl contorted on her face.

Skye shook her head, holding a hand around her throat. “No, I am not, I just want to sing—” She coughed again, longer this time and more blood came out.

Tilting her head to the side, the beautiful girl pulled out a silver handgun and pointed it at songstress. “They don’t need you, they only need ME” She pulled the trigger, its bullet piercing Skye’s left brown eye.

Skye laid there in the middle of the plaza, unmoving, tears slid down her face which mixed with the blood pooling on the back of her head. From the eye that got shot, a dark blue rose slowly bloomed out.

Pearl-like eyes watched the songstress get taken down by the other girl, a manic smile again formed widely on her face.

The Second Alice was a tame and tender lady,

She found serenity in singing to the folks of Wonderland,

But like the end of her dream, the voice they grew to love became distorted,

The songstress now lay forgotten and dead,


Margaret Bellevue stared apathetically at the lifeless body of red-haired young woman, she bent down to brush the blue rose that grew out of her left eye where the bullet went to. After plucking one blue petal, she straightened up and walked away, feeling the smooth texture of the petal between her fingers before leaving it on the ground.

The scowl on her pretty face turned into a sweet smile when the townspeople crossed paths with her and gave a bow of acknowledgement. The faceless men and women would not turn away in the blonde girl’s presence, words of praises slipped out of their lips for she was an outstanding beauty that no one in Wonderland could rival.

“Thank you for taking care of the problem, miss Margaret” A random elderly male told her, eyes sparkling in admiration. “That mad lady had us awake in ungodly hours with her nonstop singing!”

Another one, a teenager came up, “Yes! She never listens to us or the chief when she was asked to stop, I am not sure if she is deaf or really delusional”

“No one can top your beauty inside out, miss Margaret” Another compliment.

A swell of delight in her heart and the brightening of Margaret’s face became more evident, making her vibrant and more stunning.

“Anything for you all, my beloved people”

The Third Alice was a lovely girl, born into a life so grand,

In this dream she was reeled in people are allured to her every beck and call,

And it did not take long for this Alice to rise above them all,

An extravagant celebration that the entire country partook in, the beautiful and surreal Wonderland finally have its Queen; inside the large throne hall filled with gems, flowers and sparks at its finest, the gorgeous blonde girl stood in a floor-length lavish gown of emerald green and amber.

Margaret was having the best time of her life, the magnitude of admiration and love from everyone wrapping around her like a beloved’s embrace.

A loud sigh of pleasure escaped her lips, never did her face lit up like this. The life she led before is dull compare to what she’s experiencing now.

The little pale-haired girl danced around the courtyard in the back of palace, filled with bushes of colorful roses, in her hand was the pocket watch and she tilted her head up to look at the crowned Queen pacing in the balcony of her room.

A large manic smile spread on the girl’s lips, “This is going to be fun”

It has been awhile since the coronation, nothing changed yet Margaret felt the large claws of uncertainty grazing her back, memories of her uptight and controlled life haunting her in sleep like a ghost or poltergeist combined.

“I am not going back; I don’t want to!” The blonde Queen returned inside her bedchamber and faced the large mirror lined with clover. “Don’t take this away from me!” Her pretty face almost turned hideous with hysteria pouring out in the surface.

Her reflection then turned uglier, its eyes turning pure black with swirling blue in the middle. “But you don’t belong here” The reflection spoke back laced with contempt. “You will return home and marry Lowell”

“No! He is a cheater! I will not marry him! I don’t want to go back there anymore!” Tears welled her eyes, Margaret tried wiping the hideous reflection with shaky hands but it remained.

The reflection carried on with its taunt, “You have no choice, Margaret, once you fall asleep you will find yourself in the bed with your husband-to-be—”

“AAAHHH! Enough!” Margaret hit the mirror with her forehead, the impact shattered it but left the blonde’s head trickling with blood and some shards got stuck in her face. “I am not leaving,” She sobbed, “I am their Queen, Wonderland can not be without its ruler”

The Third Alice true to her words did stay, never leaving her Queendom,

Her mind warped with madness and fear of death, the crown on her head she would never let be taken away,


Anastasia ignored the calls of her older sister, too focused in finding the white rabbit in a waist coat she just saw. It was a warm yet windy afternoon and outside the humble home two sisters were relaxing under a shady tree—the older female reading a book until the younger sprang up and went off without saying a thing.

Curious and ever-so adventurous, Anastasia Liddle wanted to know where that little rabbit went to.

“It’s not every day you get to see a rabbit wearing a freaking waist coat!” Hands on waist she voiced this loudly, standing in the middle of a clearing in the woods near their home. Midnight black eyes kept on looking around, hoping it’ll appear again.

A panting and footsteps from behind her, coming to view was a taller girl wearing the same style of knee-length Lolita dress but a darker pink in contrast to Anastasia’s light pastel pink.

“What is up with you, sister?! If you get lost, mum is going to kill me!” Anneliese exhaled and continued panting heavily as if she ran a marathon.

Anastasia turned to the older girl, dark eyes shining with excitement. “Annie, I saw a white rabbit in waistcoat! Come help me find it!”

“What? You must be dreaming, Ana” Anneliese raised a delicate brow before tying her glossy sleek hair up in a ponytail.

The younger girl turned away, “But I wasn’t sleeping—there it is!” She pointed at the blur of white and gray meters from them, it was so fast Anneliese did not really see its details or if it was even a rabbit in the first place. “Come on, this is better than reading those books we already read ten times” She held Anneliese’s wrist, pulling the taller girl with her.

A sigh of defeat from the taller, “Okay fine but we shall return before the sun sets”

“It’s way too early for the sun to set, Ana, you are too paranoid”

They went deeper in the woods until coming across a table with chairs near a lake, there were pastries and tea on the table and decorated with dark blue roses.

“Whoa,” The sisters said in unison, both dark eyes staring at what’s ahead of them.

From their left stepped out a young woman in pale blue dress, its red hair could be seen from the huge top hat she wore on her head.

“Would you like to join me for a tea?” The strange woman asked, her voice dry and raspy as a sandpaper. She sat down on one of the chairs, “Come on,”

Anastasia walked closer, “We did not come here for tea, miss, we are looking for a white rabbit”

“What is in that tea anyway?” Anneliese eyed the liquid content in one of the porcelain cups that looks as blue as the roses around them.

Since half of the strange woman’s face is exposed, she gave the sisters a toothy smile, “Ah, I know that rabbit, we are quite familiar with her. I will tell you where it went only if you join me”

A tea party it is and the sisters finally took her offer without any complaints; Anastasia doing most of the talking, showing how much of a curious imp she was about everything.

“Here” Handed the woman with a top hat, a white enveloped with a green clover seal. “An invitation from the Queen, if you go there you shall find your rabbit,”

The older Liddle took it and tore it open, “A strange invitation letter this is”

“Curioser and curioser” Anastasia stared at the card with a golden heart in the middle, “The Ace of Heart?”

They bid their host goodbye before going to the direction she pointed them at, the sisters finally entered a surreal and colorful surrounding that made them forget about going back before sunset. Smiling flowers, some are even talking, a bunch of dodo birds with striped colored legs running and mushrooms that were even taller than them.

“Look at that, Annie!” Anastasia pointed happily at the large sparkling pink butterfly that flew above their heads.

The sisters went after the butterfly finding a door in the middle, they entered inside with slight hesitation but this eventually disappeared upon seeing the road made of brown graham biscuits, there were ginger houses lined on each side decorated differently from oen another but all looks delicious with its colorful sprinkles, cotton candies and swirling lollies.

Anneliese inhaled, the sweet scent of candies quickly invading her senses. “Do you want to live in house made of candy, Ana? Just the two of us?” She scooted closer to the younger girl and twined their hands together.

“Of course, Annie, I love to!” The younger Liddle tightened her hold around their hand and swayed it a little, “But anywhere is okay as long as I am with you”

By the end of the colorful candy-like town they found another door, Anastasia turned the knob and pushed it open, thick darkness is what greeted them.

Anneliese peered her head in a little, “What is this? And it smells badly weird too”

“Look at that, older sister” Anastasia pointed at the crimson trail on the ground that has turned visible and stood out the most in the dark. “Same as outside” She was pertaining to the random dry trails of red staining the graham biscuit road earlier but they paid it no mind thinking of it as a strawberry jam spread.

“Must we really go through here? I have a bad feeling about this door” A frown sculpted on Anneliese’s face.

“If we do not go then we shall not find the Queen and even meet the white rabbit!” Enthusiasm remained high and evident in Anastasia’s tone.

Anneliese’s eyebrows furrowed as her frown turned into a deep scowl, “You and your love for all the weird stuff,” She huffed.

With reluctance the older girl finally gave in to her sister’s idea of entering the door, but little did they know as the two were busy chattering and thinking what to do they took no notice of a tall feminine figure approaching from behind.

Wielding a sword in her right hand, the tall figure tapped the older Liddle’s shoulder first and when Anneliese turned, she was met with a devious smile followed by a slit on her neck.

“Annie!” Anastasia wailed, horrified at the sight of her beloved older sister being butchered in front of her.

And when the stranger is done with Anneliese, she turned her attention towards the younger Liddle.

The Fourth Alice were sisters,

Knitted closer than most and inseparable,

Exploring the bizarre world is where their tale began,

As crimson stained their curiosity, both will wander the world of Wonder for eternity,


The little girl with pale short hair in a dress with a striped waist coat hummed a random tune while skipping in the busy urban street, its pearl-like eyes sparkling with vibrance and mischief as she licked the recently-bought lollipop in her hand.

She reached the public park where people are doing their own thing from picnics, playing with their pets, chattering and some who are simply alone. Full delight and excitement while she observed everyone until she found a boy in his teens far from everyone being played at, bullied by a group of taller boys.

“There you are, my Alice” A twinkling laughter before the girl went to the beaten young boy.


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