Darkness & Light

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A young recently widowed psychic and clairvoyant called Lucy is haunted by her deceased musician husband Elijah who refuses to go into the light. Lucy has her own demons to face as time goes on. Will she battle her demons and can she convinces her husband to transcend over into the light & will Lucy herself survive when she finds her own life handing in the balance?

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

Lucy Badura had a psychic ability as a small child. She could see things that no one else could. When she was five years old she saw a young Victorian girl with long black hair came out of the wall to talk to her for a while. She senses know that this is her spirit guide. There was framed black butterflies on the wall and she could have sworn they came alive and there wings started flapping. This could have been more than her imagination. Sometimes at night she could see tiny figure’s running backward and forwards in her bedroom. A tiny space ship with monkeys stepping out. Animals such as an elephant and a giraffe. Also a tiny house that when on flames. Lucy had forgotten all about it when she grew up but remembered it when she was 25 after she got back in touch with her psychic ability.

After death of her musician husband Elijah Badura, who was killed in a car crash, It made her remember her psychic ability’s. Lucy met Elijah when she was 20 when they both worked at an art gallery and she married him at 22. It was like fate was calling. Elijah was 2 years older than Lucy. He was smart good looking and extremely funny. He could also be silly and childlike at times. Some of her family told her they thought she was marrying in heist. Elijah could have been a comedian. He had an interested in the paranormal and world and encourage Lucy to pursue her gift. When she told him of her psychic abilities. People would often quote that Lucy and Elijah were like the male and female version of each other. Elijah was dark-skinned with long frizzy black hair. Where Lucy is white with long light brown hair. Sometimes she darkened her hair and she could be almost the spitting image of Elijah. Which caught people’s attention. She often felt herself and Elijah were like kindred spirits.

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