The Show

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In which the rookie group of the two big entertainment in Korea needs to participate in a mysterious show. "Everyone here can be a suspect"

Horror / Mystery
Just Lara
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Yeji blinked multiple times before she looks at her members who are also looking at each other from the sudden news that the CEO told them

They just came back from the JYP building from an interview then they went straight into the practice room to practice the song that they will perform tomorrow night at Music Bank but their practice soon interrupted when the CEO visited them and told them the news

"We need to participate in The Show? " Lia asked while rubbing her ear.

Did they really heard what the CEO told them?

Mr. Park nods his head before he spoke "Actually you're not the only group who will participate in the said show. The rookie group of BigHit too"

"Txt? " Chaeryeong asked making Mr. Park nodded his head



"The Show? " Taehyun asked confusedly

"Yes. The all of you will participate in that show" Mr. Bang, the CEO of BigHit entertainment said.

"Is it the mysterious show, Bang pdnim? " Yeonjun asked and the CEO nodded

"Yes." He answered.

"I never heard of that show before" Beomgyu blurted

"Me too" Kai agreed

They are in the middle of recording their new album that will be released on their next comeback which is five months from now, when the CEO, Mr. Bang, called a meeting.

"I believe in the all of you. We believe in the all of you, our rookie group"

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