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Mason can't do it alone it's a apocalypse after all a zombie apocalypse!!! Fear of zombies in the entire world the world is destroying .Harper and Mason will they be able to save the world from complete apocalypse . Mason had to be stone hearted he have to see his loving ones die in front of his eye's but is helpless could do nothing .... Mason would fight but up to what limit its spreading like fire how could he just stop the deadly infection. He cries of a feeling of guiltiness being a scientist a person who had been hoped a lot.......

Horror / Action
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The day I was just too happy.... of course why not getting promoted to the senior most scientist in my field it was a tedious task.

Mason Wood the name being announced up on the stage although I was walking as a gentleman towards the stage but my inner soul was saying go running finally your hard work had succeed.The director put the medal on my neck I was given the certificate ”The senior most microbiologist.”

Kathy my wife and my son Bett they were just too happy seeing me receiving the medal they clapped in the their top strength the loudest . Bett was just 8 years old seeing him too happy I got a bit emotional after all I was hugged by some of my senior experienced scientist’s .


Mason Wood a well known scientist in the Lavice city and now it may be the name spread to some more areas(I grew a bit overconfident feeling too proud of my achievement).


Another busy day sitting in my cabin with some file work to complete for a project.Larry my junior assistant just some one on whom you could rely up on he is kind,helping and a man of words.Lucky to get a assistant like him.

Just struggling to get some reference for the project I was working up on,Larry advised me to talk to the head of department and if he could help you giving some reference on your project,I was comfortable with Larry’s advise. I went to H.O.D office the HOD was sitting on his chair his eye’s stuck inside the laptop busy in some work .I interrupted “Excuse me sir”

He looked at me his facial expression’s were changed from being serious to a bit relaxing mood,he replied ”yes Mason say

I continued ”sir am finding some difficulties in my project and need some tips or reference can you help me out sir ??“(with some hope in my mind).

He replied ”Yes I would,I have some old files regarding the same project you can have it as your reference.“I felt a bit relaxed now.He continued” These files are there inside the cabin behind mine take those key’s and search for it I think it must be near the cupboard go check it out .”

After he gave me the keys I went on as the cabin seemed for not to be opened for years now.The door felt to be jammed I manged to open it any how a old cabin no light inside it,I turned my flashlight on and started finding it as I found the file it was too quick though finding it from a huge crowd of files.

As I dragged my file out some papers fell down along with it old paper sheets with some weird drawings seems to be like of some viruses hand drawn by some one I picked them up the bottom of the paper had a huge red stamp of ”REJECTED“.Some poor fella’s project I thought. I love to learn from mistakes and might his mistakes help me improve I also brought them along with the files .

I came back home and reaching home as I opened the door Bett came running hugging me he just becomes too happy to see my back to home.After getting fresh we had our dinner I made Bett sleep making him listen a story which he loves to hear from me .

I went back said Kathy ”Honey I would get late sleeping tonight got a lot of work to be finished.”

Saying that I went to my library perhaps the peaceful place on earth.I sat down on the table turned the lamp on took out those files I had brought from office after taking help from the file regarding my project I took out those rejected files to learn from the mistakes he had did.

As I had a quick look over the file I found it wasn’t related to my project rather something strange ....

“REXILE-20 the virus is just too contagious and advance too it knows our brain more closely then we do have knowledge on our own brain it is evolving and a day would come it would just be too efficient to exert desired change in complicated rodent behaviour.Heryl isn’t safe It’s evolution is strong enough to wipe out humanity and lives from earth.

-Dr.Edward Shappery.

And who was Dr.Edward Shappery It’s been 6 years of me working in my office I haven’t heard his name ever.

After all Heryl is a forest 10Km away from our town the beautiful forest with a lot of tourists visiting it every year and all our laboratory animal models were also brought from there what’s unusual about it??? I thought admitting it fake I closed it in a ignoring way kept it by side and started focusing on my project as the deadline was just too near.


4 years later the day I woke up with some unusual voices in the town lot of ambulances rushing on the road I came down Kathy was gazing constantly towards the TV with the news channel open .I started reading the headlines Heryl in danger hundred of animals showing abnormal symptoms and dying .I immediately ran to my room picked up my phone slide it open 15 missed calls I was shocked its Larry,from office many more people I immediately called back Larry ,Larry picked up with a busy voice he said ”Sir come to office as quick as you can.“before I would ask anything he hanged up the call”.

I washed my face wore some clothes picked up my car key’s Kathy was still in front of TV I said her ”honey take care got some busy work..byee"

Before she would turn back to say something I left drove in between the crowd of ambulances to my office a huge crowd in front of my office .Larry was standing there talking to media I just entered the office ignoring the media .

The director as he saw me he exclaimed in a hurry voice ”Mason pick up your equipment and anesthesia go to Heryl quickk !!,our team there to instruct you your work go now !! ”

I haven’t met Larry he was still busy I just left for Heryl.

While driving I was just going mad a lot of thought’s and no one was ready to explain me anything clearly.What was happening everything was just fine till yesterday all of a sudden...I kept my patience just kept driving towards Heryl.

Reaching Heryl I was shocked to see the scene there.......(END OF CHAPTER - 1)


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