Beach day

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Its a horror about a 3 girls who went to the beach but soon discovered that they were not alone.

Horror / Mystery
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Peter Parks......are you okay talk to me...Peter?

Peter's dream state..........

Peter Parks? Peter opens his eyes.

He sees the most beautiful women he ever saw: deep blue eyes, blood red lips and the most beautiful smile. He layed on a bed in the hospital he asked her what happened and she said in a soft voice you got hit by a car but you fine now. He asked her for water and as soon as she left he felt a pain in his leg,my oh my it looked terrible. His whole leg was cut open.

13 minutes later........

The nurse arrived in the room.

Sorry I took so long peter.The hall is a mess for your surgery. He looked in the opposite way but when he looked at her she was gone.

25 hours later.......

What the hell hapened!?!?!?!?!?! He ran to his mom and dads room to find them both dead on there floor.Then he heard a sudden roar then a women walked into the room with a knife telling him" Remember meHe saw her,the women from the hospital.Wearing a dress,high heels and long black hair. She was breath taking she said "Come follow me" It will be alright if you want to live" She said so in a soft,scared voice

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