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Bad Nights


Bad Nights

After a few days, I had forgotten the incident that had happened on the solar eclipse day. I don’t know the reason why I had removed that chapter from my mind, I think due to the pile of files that I had to finish in 2 days and submit to my office. The 4th day of my office was the most tireless day, on that day I had a taste of office life. I remembered how I saw people coming from the office tired and lie down for rest. I came home and I saw Debo ready with a container of hot water to massage my feet. Oh! I forgot to tell you, Debo returned from the town after the eclipse day. I had not told him about the incident. I was talking while he was massaging. I told him “do you know, I was not able to sleep when I was a kid as there was an insect that always disturbed me, and whenever I used to tell my parents they used to say that it’s made-up in your mind as they never found the insect in my bed or in my room. This incident didn’t leave me until the age of 13. One fine day, I couldn’t feel the insect rolling over my body, and that was the first night I slept peacefully and it was the end of that chapter. I became fully nostalgic. After eating dinner, I was going to my room, I saw Debo going to his allotted room. I could see a glimpse of his room. It was neat and clean until I saw no bulb or tube light in his room. It was a mysterious room. I had a wish to see his room. I went to my bed to rest my back. I was half asleep but was about to go into the world of dreams, suddenly I felt that something was crawling on my chest, an insect. I stood up and started to search each corner of the bed, but the tiny creature proved faster than me. I didn’t want to waste my precious sleeping time in the search of an insect. I went to my bed and went to sleep. After about 30 minutes I felt something was on my feet, crawling, tickling. Then I thought it was just an illusion and nothing else. To be honest, I didn’t sleep much that night due to that feeling around my whole body, but this was the beginning of something, something terrible, something which I would never forget. It started to happen every day. I used to feel that something was crawling in my body. I was not getting enough sleep to keep myself and my body fit. I went to the doctors to see what was happening

to me. He gave me sleeping tablets. I hadn’t told Debo about an insect and when I came home late due to my visit to the doctor; he asked me “sir, what happened to you, you are looking sick! Is something bothering you?” I told him what happened with me. He said, “Such a small topic, come with me, sir”. We came to my room and he started to search what was there, he searched every corner of the room. He then sprayed the whole room with insect-killing spray. He then assured me that nothing will disturb me tonight. I slept well that night. This incident stopped to happen with me after that and I would generally sleep well.

To be continued……..


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