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It had been 9 months when I came to the jungle. The office life was incredible; I got a promotion due to my sincerity of work. My life was going according to my plans, but my decisions were going to ruin it. One day I decided to see Debo’s room as it contained very mysterious things. On Sunday, Debo had gone in the forest to get some woods. I went into his room and it was full of darkness I turned on my mobile’s flashlight. What I saw in there shook my whole body. I saw many insects trapped in a cage. I don’t know which insect they were but they were many to make the house their own. I went to my room and took insect-killing spray. When I reached his room, I don’t know how all disgusting creatures came out of their cages and attacked me and I fell unconscious on the floor. I woke up and I saw Debo and a doctor sitting near me. Without wasting time I stood up and went out carefully. I entered Debo’s room and found no cages or insects there. Then Debo came and asked me what happened. I held his collar tightly and said “where are your insects, where have you hidden them”. The doctor said to me “sir, please lie down, there are no insects here. Due to your workload, you are imagining things, I suggest you to rest if you get time” I thanked the doctor and said sorry to Debo. I don’t know how I slept that night. In the morning I felt weaker than the other days. I thought that it was due to lots of work in the office. I took the decision that I will take a day off from the office today. I looked myself in the mirror and was shocked to see I had been so weak that my bones were visible. I took Debo with me to the doctor in the town. He suggested to me to undergo some tests. Then I visited the town hospital and did all the tests. Doctors and test results showed that I had no problem or any disease. They said to take rest. It’s been a week since these things happening with me. As the days passed I was growing weaker and weaker. My body was turning thin and thinner. I didn’t know the reason. But on Wednesday what I saw something unimaginable (which was very terrifying)

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