The Groundskeeper

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For the last 10-15-years Terrence has been the Head Groundskeeper for the Eagle Rock Daggers. His ballfield is like his family, If you hurt it in anyway Terrence will take revenge. He takes a ton of pride on his ball field. Because of the extremely excellent work the team couldn’t hold him as the problem. If a problem was bought to his attention it was fixed very fast. Terrence had a dark secret. If he saw people doing vandalism to the field then they would meet there. A Detective by the name if Kristen Huss has come into his life but not in a good way. She has been assigned to a few missing persons cases from the stadium and investigating them closely. Terrence has been very careful over the years getting rid of evidence. Will Kristen Huss be prepared for what she is walking into

Horror / Thriller
Mark Halpern
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It was a cold an dark night at the stadium. Dan had been running so hard he could see his breath in the cold dark night. He felt liked he had been running for hours before he found a row of seats lay down behind. He saw something happen tonight he wished he had never seen. All of a sudden one of the main tower lights for the stadium began to hum. Dan was thrilled to see that it was on the other side of the stadium but, realized eventually that the other lights would be coming on soon. He had the Darkness on his side but he had no safe exit at the moment. Just then another Tower began to hum and Dan being a five year employee knew where the lights switches were and he slowly peaked his head to look at the announcers booth. Because his eyes were adjusting to the light he could barely see the booth. A loud noise over the speakers happened and Dan ducked down again. He tried slowing his breathing because the puffs of white smoke that was his breath looked like smoke signals would pin point his location like a gps would. The next tower of lights came up but this time it was behind home plate. Dan knew his time was running out and fast. He looked up over his row of seats to figure out if he could make a break for it. He could dart across the field to the right field bullpen and out the gate which led to the parking lot where his car was. Or he could make a run for left field gate that was usually locked before games started. He knew these two gates were his only chance because they combination locks and not key lock and he could bet that one of the two of them were not locked yet. The stadium was becoming illuminated by all the lights and soon he knew he could been seen. He peered over again to look at the booth and with his eyes adjusted he could make out a figure in the booth looking all over for him. Dan figured he could make a break for the right field bull pen that lead into the Operations shop and out the back gate before he was caught. Dan looked at himself and wish he didn’t eat all that fried dough and Chinese food during the season. All of a sudden over the loud speaker Dan heard the song “Enter Sandman” starting and Dan knew this wasn’t good. Dan was two rows back from the field so he thought out his plan fast he was going to pop up, jump the fence that lead to left field and run as fast as he could to the other side. He figured since someone had to be turning on the lights and starting the music he would have a huge jump. As the next tower of lights turned on Dan pop up and leaped to the field from his row and his left foot caught the fence and he landed on the turf field. Dan didn’t think he just pot up and ran as fast as he could to the right field bull pen. He never looked back he kept his eyes on the prize. He made to the fence line in right field and saw the bull pen gate was open and ran into the operations area , He could see the back gate that lead to the parking lot and he figured he out ran him. He got to the gate and was starting to run towards his car and boom he got flipped in the air after the front of a dark green golf cart plowed into him. Dan was woozy and had a sharp pain that was coming from his left side. He reached his hand down where the pain was and felt very sharp hard object coming from his side. He could only figure out it was one of his ribs. Dan laid moaning from the pain when he felt something heavy on his legs and it felt like someone was tying something around his right leg. Dan was paralyzed from the pain and couldn’t fight at all. All of a sudden he felt himself being dragged on the coarse rock lined parking lot, back through the gate into operations area and slowly on to the field. The pain was excruciating for him. His attacker drove the cart to the pitching mound and made sure he dragged the body so it was laying on top of the mound. The cart stopped and Dan was screaming for help but, with the music as loud as it was no one was going to hear his pleas. Dan saw someone getting something out of the back of the cart and could see a figure walking towards him. It was the Grounds Keeper Terrence. As Terrence reached Dan’s bleeding body he begged and pleaded with him not to kill him. He had yelled promises and threats at Terrence and he was not hearing them. Terrence raised the object in his hand and Dan saw the big metal tamp raising up and went to cover his face with his hands but, the tamp had come down straight to his temple and crushed his skull. Blood was pouring all over the mound. Terrence raised the tamp to find Dan’s eye attached to it and scraped it off like it was a piece of chewing gum on his shoe. He picked up Dan’s body and threw it into the back of the cart. He had planned on killing one person today. What was another if it was going to keep his secret.

Terrence Drove Dan’s body to an area he had cutout behind the out field wall in the woods for him to dispose of the bodies. He would use a combination of Hydro choloric acid to help dissolve the body and lye to assist and keep smell down. Getting these chemicals was an easy task for Terrence because being the Grounds Keeper he would be able to get whatever he needed from companies. A lot of the times since his relationship with the county was good one of the employees Rich would bring him the barrels of of the liquid with out any questions from his hire ups. Once the body dissolved and bones were left Terrence took the remains and placed them in a large grinder and and once they were mostly a fine powder he added the remains to an open bag of Line Chalk and mixed it up good. By doing this it made it easy for Terrence to dispose of evidence. He would line the field with the chalk and bones mixture and at the lend of the game he would scrape it up and dump if off in the woods. It was a genius idea and since it has been working for over 12 years why shouldn’t it keep on working. As of tomorrow the head bosses leave for meetings and the rest of staff has two weeks off. This gave Terrence more than enough time to get the field cleaned up and tarped for another winter.

Over the next two weeks Terrence Mcabe cleaned up the field and other areas around it such as the Operations area, the weeded area just behind the outfield wall. He took the blood soak clay and threw it into the fire. He then got out the long field hose and power washed all the blood that had made on the field. The blood disappeared fast once it was pushed into the ground drains. The pitching mound was then freshly re-clayed and tarped over. He did the same with the old home plate area clay and then covered it up for another year. All of his tools that he used for the field such as Tamps, Field Rakes, shovels, Drags (which are used to even out the clay and make it neat) were all washed in bleach. His power tools all got broken down and all inside parts cleaned and then put back together and put away for the next season. Terrence knew the next 3-4 months the field was really not going to be used and he would be back in the front office getting things set for next season. Terrence locked the bull pen gate and looked at the field. Some people say that when you used to walk into the old Yankee Stadium you could see the ghosts of the players like Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio playing the game back then. When Terrence looked at the field he saw the ghosts of the 18 people he had killed and some of the ways he had done it. He was in a daze and didn’t hear his phone ringing. A hand tapped Terrence’s left should and he spun around. It was one of the summer time workers Stephen who came to get his final check. Terrence liked Stephen. He never said no to a job and always was on-time.

“You ok man?” Asked Stephen

“Yeah. Just making sure the field is locked down for the winter.” Terrence replied

“Well can you get me my final check?” Stephen asked

“Yeah lets go walk up to the office.” Terrence said

Stephen nodded and they went up to the main office. Stephen waited by the front desk as Terrence went to his office to grab his check. Terrence handed it to him and Stephen put it in his book bag which always seemed to be with him not matter where he was.

“See you next season Terrence?” Stephen pondered

“You absolutely. Once we get started I’ll call you.” Terrence responded

Stephen shook his hand and headed out and Terrence retreated to his desk fro the rest of the day.

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