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Horror / Thriller
Utso Duary
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The wind moaning with the sound of the rains battering like bullets. The thunder striking on the ground and seems to piercing it. A wild fog is coming from a lonely creek below. There was gloominess, loneliness and darkness everywhere. In middle of these my foot rushing to found a shelter. I was extremely tormented by the nature’s anger on what reason did not know. The rains entering my eyes, nose, ears causing a great irritation. My heart was pounding hard in my little ribcage and my whole body shivering with cold. The wind was drifting gloomily under the thin Sal trees. Some of the frogs were warbling here and there trying to defeat the other sounds. With the light of a thunderstorm I saw a little boy sobbing under a tree with his head inside his legs sitting in a melancholy manner. I rushed there and saw he was a boy of 10 to 11 years with a nice, chubby face. His cheeks were bloomed with fat and the eyes were brown with short pointed hairs. His shirt was plastered in his body. He stared at me and said softly” who are youuu”? in a puzzled manner. “Prasant” I said. He said “can you please help me to find my house?” “Where?” I asked. “Not so far” he said in a weird manner. I opened my jacket and wrapped it around his chubby body. “Thanks” he said in a husky voice. “By the way what is your name?” “Hiru” he replied in an uneasy manner. The rain had lessened now. The sky was covered with dark clouds and the wind was chilling. The frogs continuing the fight but according to me they were the winners because of the calm rain. “I will take you to your home” I said bravely. A slight happiness ran across his thick lips. I can saw the stars sparkling inside his two eyes. His whole body got jerked by a marvelous delightfulness. The nature not at all somber seemed like it calling the Lucifer to seize the earth. There was pitch, eerily darkness everywhere like a thick blanket. It was so cold that I imagined that someone had put ice in my veins. But the boy was no more shivering. The trees were loomed out like thin monsters. The boy suddenly said” you can stay in our house”. I felt very happy by seeing the boy’s generosity and kindness. I was feeling hesitated to say “yes” but at last I said it because my body was forcing me. After a couple of minutes we reached Hiru’s house. The house was small, gloomy . I entered and saw his mother sitting and crying. The wall was full of some weird drawings looking at me strangely seems to me that they wanted to tell me something. It was monotonous and claustrophobic. Everything in the house including the wall was dull, lifeless. Hiru rushed and grabbed his mother hard. His mother also did the same thing. When I saw his mother properly a cold shudder ran across my whole body I saw she was very tall but fragile and skinny, her black thin hands were dangerous and shunned. She wore a thin , cheap sari. She said “thank you for returning him” and gave me a fiend smile. They gave me one room. My room was dingy, small but hot and clean. Inside my room was a rococo design mirror. It was not at all comfortable rather odd and awry. The rain had stopped completely. There was a small window in one corner of my room. I closed it because the wind was pinching me with a knife. I closed my room’s door and they also went to their room. I lay on the hard bed. It seems to me that I was laying on a rocked, but I was grateful that at least I had got one hot room. In the middle of the night I suddenly woke up because I realized that someone was walking in my room. I opened my eyes and glanced but I saw nothing except silence and darkness. I saw someone had opened the window and icy wind was coming happily like a beast. I rushed there and closed it. There was absolute silence everywhere, horrible silence. There was no electricity so they gave me a bid candle to light in emergency. I lighted it up. The whole room got illuminated with the yellow dwindling light of the candle. I saw a lizard in one corner of the room. Suddenly someone whispered in my ears “Prasant”. The voice was cold, heavy and not real. I jumped from there but saw no one. In that moment only I heard a deafened sound of crying. The cry was of a boy. I guessed that I was coming from the room where the mom and Hiru were sleeping. I slowly lifted the candle and hen headed towards the Hiru’s room. When reached I felt a pain in my stomach and my heart thumbing hard trying to defeat the silence. I pushed the door a little and saw it was already opened. When I entered a cold shudder made my backbone chilled!! I saw Hiru’s mother cutting his son’s throat with a big knife. Hiru was snarling like a beast and shaking his body with pain. I saw his mother face was white, red eyes, and sharp big cruel teeth. Her voice was heavy, unreal and cold. I saw that the entry door was opened I quickly blew the candle off and rushed towards the door. I can hear the heavy footsteps of the witch running behind me!! Outside the whole world was gilded by the white faint light of the full moon. The cold and damp wind was blowing. The phantom marathon continued. Suddenly I heard the deafened sound of a car’s engine. A police car came into sight. I gathered my leftover power and jumped over it. The police stopped the car and helped me to get over it. My chest is burning and throat snarling for water. The police man gave me bottle of water. After finishing it he asked curiously “what had happened?” I shortly described him the whole incident. He slowly said” so you also”. I snapped “you also means?”, the police said “they both were ghost. They caught the helpless, shelter needed people in his forest like you. You are very lucky”. I looked back and saw no one except the thin pine trees and eerily silence with darkness.

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