The Circus Of The Demented

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Short story which will lead you to the Circus Of The Demented, a place where untold thoughts lie.

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It all started on a cold, gloomy night of January when my friends and I decided to hike, who knew it would be the last day of their lives. Zapp! Lightning struck, a brilliant shock of white in the dusky sky, forkening silently to the unsuspecting ground. I gave my friend an anxious glance.

″Good Lord! it’s raining″, whined Blaze. We ran as fast as a hare hoping to find a shelter.

At last!

We found an abandoned house in the midst of the forest. Jade hastily opened the door and we flashed in, finding ourselves in a poorly lit, deserted house. Sections of ceiling hung limp in the stagnant air. Fragments of plaster lay damp over a long untrodden floor, their only purpose was to soak in the seasonal rain. Cold water seeped through the window frames, rotten and blistered. The cupboards were a time-warp of long forgotten brands that barely lived on even in the memories of the elderly. All around were the artifacts of a life lived and hastily abandoned, dolls and long forgotten pictures lay lifelessly on the damp floor.

It truly was a crumbled beauty of an era long past.

One could surely tell that the oldest residents of that abandoned house were the spiders. As I was observing the emptiness that filled the house,a bolt of white hot lightening struck the window, the lightening appeared as a creature, desperate to escape the vicious bonds of the dark grey storm clouds. Horror struck, I glanced at my friends, who looked alarmed. I tried to stay as calm as I could.

An antique mirror caught my eye, the mirror looked like something from the Victorian era, tall and alluring, it might’ve been the most beautiful mirror out there but it contained a horrifying truth, I peeked in the mirror to see something i wish i had never encountered. I saw a man standing right beside me, his face was nothing but a horrifying lie, he had a slit mouth, blood dripped immensely from his stitched eye sockets. I felt myself shuddering with fear as I lay motionless on the ground unable to bare the truth.

Nothing would have been frustrating than seeing your friends die in front of your very own eyes, tears streamed down my face as I saw Jade getting dragged across the wet floor by this demonic creature. Blaze died while rescuing Jade, he was hit on the head and the demonic creature flushed life out of his helpless body while he was crying in agony. Every second felt like torture.

Sorrow, grief and swollen eyes, escaping the night had become my ultimate goal. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I rushed to the nearest door and slammed it open. I ran away like a caged animal, I had finally escaped.

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