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I was on a visit and things seemed to fall apart and that made the things at home now clear but who is to know this who is to care? What do people say to each other what do they know about themselves or their relatives.? Most people would agree or had agreed that before the new politics of correctness came into being the relations which one had were robbers and thieves and all that sort of thing. Now we have the love intense and safety in knowing we have them near. I do not know what to say or do but here is the story and what is did to the whole series is open it up somewhat to know more of the family which has been harnessing these stories.

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Chapter 1

I startled to find myself sold to a brothel in Cyprus. I had gone alone on a holiday and found myself when there in a whore house. The thing was not nice. The unkind man behind the counter said worse things happen to jades like me and he said what was wrong with the whole thing? Man and woman kept on entering my room and I was never alone. That was the worse part of it. I was so incensed phoned my cousin who was a good man back than and did not have any illness or any troubles he was a happily married man. What had happened was I was in a third rated hotel which housed prostitutes and did not feel safe. I was going insane with the comings and goings it was never quiet and the night club went into strippers and such a lot of activities called action. The whole thing got out of hand when I was allowed to date a waiter. The waiter did nothing he was a gentleman but did not feel safe and went out just to get away from the sounds in the hotel the whole hotel zoomed into some activity which was horridly like what the likely lads do.

After a week of this I wanted out and that made me fear less I phoned someone and they were going to pick me up. The manager owner said he wanted the voucher which I had not given him and I said I lost the voucher. The voucher was safe but I wanted to see him sweat and disliked the very sight of him, He swore he was being nice and easy going as I went through my bags looking for the voucher and then I began to sweat because my confidence ebbing because I was faffing and blinding did not notice him coming very cleverly over to me and smirking. Creepy go away. I paid you know I paid. He said he would not let me leave the hotel his good nice hotel which was recently renovated and I called it names like crap. I opened my mouth than shut it again.

Otherwise I could pay it in some kind in some other way. Like how he said he was used to broods paying in their own way and he gave a romantic smile. I glanced at his aging mouth and his naked head and his pot belly and said no thank you. I and him had a stand off. Then I found the voucher and went waiting in the heat outside while he rented the same room to someone else. I still had another week inside but said he was insane and did not make him happy he said that I was a paying guest with the manners of a tart or something he snarled and I snapped and we were at loggerheads until my suitcases were dumped outside. The whole thing was a massive hit I thought I had no idea how I was going to go the other valley or village and sat thinking. I was still thinking but my car had run into trouble some sort of car accident and they had gone to get the drivers arm reset as he had broken his arm so his wife was driving the car.

I was after some time getting worried now I had nowhere to stay as the manger said he had let the room to someone else. I was welcome if I paid again. When they turned up I thought I was going to go insane with worry.

"Am I glad to see you." I said, "Hello what happened to you?"

"Nothing." said my cousin very agreeably.

I sat on the suitcases and waited and waited.

so went to the ones who are familiar and family. They took me in and were so familiar got them a television set as a result which they spent the next twenty three years watching that.

Well you see it was nice was it not that is how families are. Spent a wonderful holiday away from the waiter and the girl who wanted to undress me.

What did happen?


The family were nice and easy going we went to a night club and saw a drag show it was tame compared to what was in England, I was smiling and happy was also tired. The drag queen did have a lot of layers on he spoke nicely and did not have foul language, But it was all in the gestures and postures and I thought him very funny he kept on coming and there was a lot of laughter and grimacing and speaking in a lady like manner. I drunk my drink and thought it was a good thing I was where I was. The couple were asking do you not think that is funny? Yes sure. I was so much enjoying the couple themselves had not seen them in some years and their obvious family bliss and what had been their marriage was the happiest I had seen.

Their little baby was in the cot they had brought her along too and she slept like a angel and then when she woke up she began to enjoy the whole show just as much as the parents were.

Then the drag show ended abruptly there was too many interruptions the queen said and left the stage much to everybody's concerns. I did not do anything wrong? I kept on thinking that the drag artist was in some dudgeon or something and went a trifle red but that did not sort of jell.

Many years later another drag show had me in stitches and that sort of made me feel the difference in the show which the tired queen had been doing.

The struggle is between what one does and what one is and I must have been more tired than I had been and there was that long journey and the hotel room the eventful afternoon but the couple with him on pain killers were enjoying that show as if their lives depended on it.

I mean we spent it loafing around and did catch up and then I wept as we said good bye. I mean it was like not leaving England it was so nice and there was the familiar things and discussions and all that,.

I love it here. I thought I am going to move here and have a wonderful family and be in such a manners as if this was my family.

I must have behaved too familiarly towards them.

But the upstairs was reserved for the son and daughter in law and the downstairs the parents lived, I stayed with the parents. The upstairs had been decorated and everything worked except for the toilet and that the bride kept immaculate.

I am sorry so you went on a holiday at what age? I was late twenties. I had so much love to give and trusted everything and everyone and what did happen? I do not know the thing was as if entered from one room to another room and everyone so familiar with the stories and sort of knew where I had been and done and did not even want to know what I had been through because they knew. Dad had not spoken to them. I had not and here we were as familiar as if I had moved home and did know it round and round as if had somehow got here in the dreams of something.

I knew my way around and did not know what to make of the whole thing? The thing was I knew too much and they said they were moving from that house into the small one which they had bought for their old age. I just shrugged.

There was a smile between them and they said it is for the times to come when we no longer work and we have a lot to do in that house. They never did and when they did nothing the house became a shack.

I did not know what to do or how to explain the feeling I had the doubts I had the failures of communication. Why did uncle seem more like my dad than my own dad. I was so pleased I was marvellously pleased.

Then I was asked to get out.

Another uncle wanted me and I went as if to make the answer straight there was this uncle who said he had the prior claim. He just said it was one of those things.

They had the boys he said they had to think of them when a woman like me was inside the boys would have their heads turned. I did not visit them again for another few years when I did the boys had become men and they had children.

I went broken and somehow more uneasy than sorry the whole thing was a holiday but what really did happen?

On some thought there might have been reason and discretion but I had never been totally in on the thinkers of the family plots and counter plots that is why I survived.

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