The Champawat Horror

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A hunter must track down a man-eating Bengal Tiger in the Kumaon District of India, after a deadly killing spree in Nepal, and he also has to protect and help a specific family who deal with struggles and help the village as a whole from the Tiger that camps in the area, waiting to devour its next victims.

Horror / Drama
Elijah Butler
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The Nepal Attack/The Village

Southern Asia, 1895, one of the world’s most ferocious and devastating animal attacks occurred in multiple villages located in Nepal and the Kumaon area of India. In which, a single female Bengal Tiger started attacking the lives of many innocents and started spreading its attacks until she found her way into India. Many families and villagers in both Nepal and India were killed by this terrifying man-eater known as “The Champawat Tiger” and the legend of this story is still being talked about to this very day. She started her attacks in a village in Nepal and once her kill count got a little as over 200 people, she continued her killing spree through villages in India until she was shot down in 1907 by hunter Jim Corbett. In total, approximately 436 lives were claimed by this animal. This event has led to form a tale in which a poor family as well as many others in the villages struggle for their lives from this terrifying beast in a story that is known as “The Champawat Horror….”

Chapter 1

Nepal, 1895, villages were being terrorized left and right by a Tiger, but not just any ordinary Tiger, a “Man-eater.” Thousands of people were terrified and afraid to leave their huts to go to work because of the tiger. People were running and hiding and screaming while the Tigress began hunting down humans one by one and dragging their bodies into the forest to feast on them. Villages were threatened in Nepal by this monster and some were to even call this animal as “The devil’s cat!” She preyed on the lives of many innocents and feared many others. One day, the army was brought to Nepal after a couple years of her attacks. The army began evacuating survivors to safer areas in Nepal. “C’mon! Everyone evacuate from the villages immediately!”

The army yelled. Survivors began evacuating as the army was roaming through a village filled with over 100 bodies lying around the village. The bodies were discovered by the army and the bodies were ripped open and disemboweled. Heads were disfigured, limbs were missing from bodies, and even flesh was nearly completely removed from most corpses. A woman who was running with her newborn baby was running, screaming and yelling “Tiger.”

“Help! Help! Tiger in the village! Tiger in the village!” The screaming then caught the armies’ attention. “Where? Where is it?” One of the men asked the woman. “It’s in the tall grassland behind the village! Please, help!” The woman said as she was crying for her and her baby. “Let’s go, boys!” The men made their way through the tall grasslands that were about 3 miles long. The grass was so tall that the men could barely see what was in front of them while they were moving through the tall grasslands.

It was night and the men were armed with military firearm while roaming through the tall and dangerous grasslands. The men began running and running through the tall grasslands. “C’mon! Move it! Move it! Move it!” The captain yelled as the soldiers kept running searching for the Tiger.

The men eventually made it to the center of the tall grasslands, where some men started getting separated from the group. “Wait! Slow down!” Some of the men began shouting, as they were quickly separating from the group. After a moment, heavy running steps were being heard from in the tall grasslands. All of the soldiers stopped moving and stayed quiet as they were listening to the heavy running that was possibly heading right in their direction.

Within seconds, the Tiger jumped out and pounced on one of the soldiers biting down on his neck with very little effort. Screams were then heard from in the tall grass and the soldiers began running after a roar was heard. As the soldiers were running through the tall grass, the Tiger began killing them off left and right while chasing them down with the soldiers not knowing where they’re running to.

Guns were fired and screams and roars were still occurring in the tall grasslands with so much blood shed from the poor soldiers who had no idea where to run. The tiger managed to kill over 50 soldiers in the grasslands. In 1898, More soldiers from the army were out moving for days to search for the tiger, and they finally found her after 8 days of searching.

They began shooting and chasing away the Tiger for a while until it got to the point where she reached the border of India and began making her way to the Kumaon area. The tiger began making her way through jungles around the Indian subcontinent and made her way through villages, terrorizing the lives of many once again, and her numbers on her kill count grew drastically.


It was one of the hottest seasons in years. India and some other South Asian countries were entering the time where high temperatures would come and every year, at least nearly 15 times during the summer, we would receive rain that was very satisfying for all of us to cool down outside when we were in our villages. My family or my parivaar include my “Mama Shenta,” “Papa Arjun,” my “Uncle Rajesh,” and my brother and sister “Shaurya” and “Ansh.”

My name was “Aryan,” my parents gave me that name because they always wanted me to grow up to become a noble figure and I was the youngest out of my other siblings when I was with my family. My brother got his name because he’s very brave and loves and appreciates me, Ansh and the whole family. My sister’s name is “Ansh” because her voice is as beautiful as a music note and she’s 16 years-old while my brother is 17 and I was the youngest, being 13 years-old. We lived in a village in India and everything has always been thriving in the village very well, until one day that changed all of our lives.

Before the incident, my village was unaware and not really caring about anything bad really happening, mostly because in the village, we all took care of each other as friends and family. We all knew each other very well in the village and it was a place for all of us to call home. It was a peaceful day in the Kumaon area of India.

Me, Shaurya and Ansh were awake before most people in the village and the three of us went out to the forest to head to the river to fetch some water for our family. Shaurya and Ansh were used to heading to the river to get water for the family, it was sort of a routine they would do once or twice a week, but I almost never came with them to fetch water, mainly because I’ve always been afraid of the forest and the things it holds.

Shaurya had something important to tell me though, so I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad if I went to the river with them. We were in the forest walking to the river and Shaurya and Ansh were concerned and worried for me, because they wanted me to be brave, noble and help out with water when they needed help fetching it. “It would be nice if you helped me and Ansh fetch the water at the river, Aryan.” Shaurya said. “We want what’s best for you, bhaee.” Bhaee means “brother” in Hindu.

“You know I don’t like being outside of the village, Shaurya. I’d love to help you, but I’m afraid of the forest.” “We understand, Aryan, that’s why we’re trying to help you comfortable with nature. That’s why we decided it would be nice for you to fetch water with us.” Ansh said. “We love you, Aryan, and we want you to be safe, bhaee, but we also want you to help out and be brave for mama and papa, okay?” I just kept walking and I decided to just stay quiet, because I knew that I couldn’t say “yes” to my brother and sister, because it was one of the hardest things for me to respond to. I was afraid to tell my brother “yes,” but I was also afraid to tell him “no” because I didn’t want to disappoint him and Ansh, so I just stayed quiet until we reached the river. After 15 minutes, we finally made it to the river and I never got to see the river in person, since this was my first time outside the village. The river was very clear and glamorous and large and it flowed through the forest. “We made it.” Ansh said. “Let’s grab the water and head back to Mama and Papa.” Shaurya and Ansh were grabbing their large water pots and fetching water while I was standing watching. As I was watching, I then decided to walk up to the river but move far from Shaurya and Ansh while they were fetching water.

The river seemed to be moving quite fast and I then put my hand in and felt the nice cold water crashing against my hand. As I put my hand deeper in the river, I then fell in the river. Shaurya and Ansh continued fetching water from the river and didn’t hear me splash in the water, because I was kind of far. I couldn’t swim, so I knew that I was in trouble.

I began screaming for help and trying to push myself up to the surface of the river. “Shaurya! Ansh! Help! Help!” Shaurya and Ansh just finished fetching the water, and that’s when they realized that I wasn’t there. “Aryan? Aryan?” They then heard me screaming for help and ran to where the screams were coming from and saw me struggling to get out of the water. “Aryan! Don’t worry, we’re coming!” Ansh and Shaurya both went in the water and swam towards me as the river was taking me with it. I then got tired and sunk nearly to the bottom of the river. “Shaurya!” Ansh yelled. “Aryan’s drowning!”

Shaurya then swam as fast as he could underwater towards me and picked me up and swam back up to the surface and swam back to land out of the river. Shaurya dropped me to the ground and I was unconscious. Shaurya and Ansh were sitting over me. “Aryan! Aryan, can you hear me?! No, please don’t leave us, bhaee.” Shaurya said as he began being terrified and started shaking my body. I then found myself coughing and breathing for air. I was no longer unconscious. “Oh, my goodness! We’re so glad you’re okay!” “Shaurya? Ansh?” Shaurya then picked me up from the ground and slapped me hard across the face that sent me right back to the ground.

“What were you thinking?! You could’ve died in that river! You left without telling me and Ansh! What would Mama and Papa think?!” “I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad at me, it wasn’t my fault! I just wanted to see the river! I didn’t mean to frighten you and Ansh!” Shaurya then just turned away and walked to the village with the huge jug of water and Ansh followed him and I then followed both of them, but I began thinking if what happened was my fault and if Mama and Papa found out, me, Shaurya and Ansh would be in serious trouble.

The three of us were walking back to the village soaking wet and the water began dripping from our bodies and crashing to the forest ground as we kept walking. As we were walking through the forest to the village, we began hearing forest sounds and I got very scared and began to hold my arms around Shaurya as we kept walking. After about a half an hour, we reached the village and we began walking to our home, where Mama was making breakfast outside in front of the house. We approached Mama Shenta as she was making breakfast.

“Children? Why are you so wet?” Mama Shenta asked as she looked at all three of us. “Oh, well…. We decided to go for a little swim in the river, Mama.” Ansh said. “Well, you should’ve let me know before you went to fetch the water, I was starting to get a little worried.” “Sorry, Mama.” Shaurya said. “No need to apologize, premee.” Premee means sweetie in Hindu. “Breakfast will be ready soon, so you three go get cleaned up and grab some new clothes. “Okay, Mama!” We made our way inside the house to get cleaned up and afterwards, we played in the village with our friends after we all ate breakfast together. The village wasn’t the best place on earth, but it was for us. We had friends, family and a place to call home and we had no worries.

After the day was over, my Papa called me outside to talk to me. “Aryan.” I walked outside and he was already there waiting for me. “Come, I need to speak to my beta.” Beta means son in Hindu. “Yes, Papa?” Papa looked at me as if I’ve done something wrong. “You didn’t go swimming in the lake today, did you?” I just stared. “Your brother and sister told me what happened, but I won’t tell Mama, but you need to be very careful my son! You could’ve died in that river and we all would’ve been heartbroken if anything were to happen to you, my boy.” “I-I’m sorry, Papa.” I said as I looked ashamed. “You should be! Me and Mama nearly got worried sick! We thought something might’ve gotten you in the forest or you may have gotten lost! You need to learn how to be careful, and to be brave and noble to your own family, son!”

Papa was yelling at me and I started getting scared. “Please don’t be mad, Papa. I’m sorry.” I said as I began to cry. “Hey, don’t cry, son. I’m sorry I yelled at you.” He said as he began to hug me and I hugged him back. “It’s okay, I’m not mad, I was just worried. Now head on inside, dinner should be ready soon, beta.” “Okay, papa.” As I was about to walk inside, I then turned around to Papa once more. “I-I love you, Papa.” Papa Arjun then looked up at me. “I love you too, son.” I then turned back around and made my way inside the hut, where Mama Shenta was making dinner.

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