The Champawat Horror

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The Beast Escapes Nepal/A Family life

Chapter 2

I walked inside, past Mama in the kitchen and she could tell I was walking past her just by listening to my footsteps while walking. “Aryan? Are you okay, beta?” Mama said as she turned around. “Yes, mama.” “You don’t look okay. Did papa say something to you?” “I’m alright, mama.” “Well, dinner will be ready soon. Shaurya and Ansh are upstairs. So, how was your first-time fetching water with them?”

Her question then quickly caught my attention. “Oh, it was great, Mama!” “Oh, that’s good, I’m glad you’re starting to help out with the family. Uncle Rajesh has been very ill for a while, so it’s nice that you’re helping us, sweetie.” “How is Uncle?” I asked. “He’s in the other room.” I slowly began walking to the room where Uncle Rajesh was laying down in his bed.

I walked in and Uncle Rajesh was laying down with both of his hands over his chest while he was sleeping. I walked up to Uncle Rajesh and began shaking him trying to wake him up. “Uncle? Uncle Rajesh?” Uncle Rajesh woke up and the first thing he saw was me standing right next to him while he was still laying down. “Aryan. How’s my amazing nephew?” He asked in a drowsy tone. “I’m okay, Uncle. How are you doing?”

“I’ve been feeling horrible, but I think I’ll get past this. I’ve been having thoughts and emotions and I wish……I wish I could be out of bed every day and help Shaurya, Ansh, your mama and papa, but I’ve been feeling awful, my boy. I wish I could tell them how much I loved each and every one of them.”

“They know, Uncle. They know you love them very much.” Uncle Rajesh then chuckled softly with a smile on his face. “Aryan, I need to speak with you.” Uncle Rajesh said. I came closer to Rajesh. “I’ve been feeling something, beta, something bad that I feel may fall into our village like rain.” I thought and stood in confusion. “But, it hasn’t rained in months, Uncle Rajesh.” “No, I mean I feel as if something bad may happen to our village. I have received a troubling letter from my Mama in Nepal. Something terrible happened in the village my Mama was from. It came from the deep forests near the village. When I read that letter...….it was like horror. I can almost hear my Mama right now…” Uncle said in an upset and heartbreaking tone. The words then grabbed me. “Uncle, are we in danger? Are we going to die?” “No, of course not, beta, don’t you ever say something like that!” “I’m sorry.” “It’s not your fault, but Aryan, I want you to help protect the family, and the village if you need to.

If you ever see something bad happening, please let the village know, because things can easily spread like wildfire. Can you do that for me? For the family?” I held back on my answer for about 10 seconds. I was very nervous, but I knew what I had to do and even if my job was hard, I wanted to do anything to help my family and the village as a whole. “Yes, Uncle Rajesh.” “Thank you, beta.”

Then, I walked towards the door to leave the room and before I walked out of the door, I turned around to Uncle Rajesh once more. “I love you, Uncle Rajesh.” “I love you too, beta.” I walked out of the room and started making my way upstairs. I walked into my room and the floor was very creaky for wooden floor. Ansh and Shaurya were sleeping.

I slowly walked in trying to prevent my heels from stepping hard on the wooden ground and to prevent any noise to accidentally wake them up. I sat and stared out the window and looked at the village as it was dark outside and all I can remember seeing were blazing camp fires in front of village huts and the people walking back and forth for wood and other supplies like meat to eat.

For the most part, the village was very quiet at night and not much really happened, unless a special tradition happened. As I continued to look down, I saw my friend, “Sarai” helping her mother carry wood and laundry to her hut. Sarai was 12 years-old and one of the prettiest and sweetest little girls in the village that I’ve ever known and she also knew how to cook very well from her mother. She had a birth mark on her forehead, braided hair that was hanging down both sides of her head and a glamorous smile. Sarai noticed me looking at her.

“Aryan, kya haal hai?” She asked “how am I?” and from there, we talked for a bit. “Good.” I said. “That’s good, I haven’t heard from you in weeks, how’s your Uncle, Rajesh?” “Mama said his illness is getting to him a bit more, but he’s trying his best to fight it.” “Is there anything I can do to help him? I can make him some food.” “Uncle would love that!”

“I’m worried for him and me and Mama would do anything we could to help you, Aryan, you’re the only friend in this village that I have.” “Dhanyavaad, Sarai, dhanyavaad.” “You’re welcome, Aryan.” “Sarai!” Sarai’s mother called. “I have to go, now, I’ll come back later, Aryan.” “Bye, Sarai.” Sarai ran to her hut and not too long after, Shaurya came behind me and touched my shoulder. “Aryan?” I got startled and quickly turned around. “What are you doing?”

“I-I was just talking to Sarai.” “The girl?” “Yes.” “I see, she’s really nice.” “She is.” Shaurya noticed a blue look that started forming on my face and concerns dropped. “Is everything okay, Aryan?” I didn’t feel like talking at that point. I was very worried about Uncle Rajesh and what the outcomes of his illness getting to him could be and it kept getting to me.

Uncle Rajesh was like a second father to me, and I never really thought about what would happen if I were to lose someone like him. “Aryan, is it about Uncle Rajesh?” I didn’t answer the question. “Listen, I know you love Uncle Rajesh, we all do and we wish he was better, but we just need to give it some time. Rajesh is fighting for us! We are his family, so we have to fight for him, or we’ll lose him.”

I started understanding everything my brother said, even if I decided to stay silent, I knew that he was right. “Kids! Dinner’s ready!” Mama yelled. “We better get down there.” We woke up Ansh and then headed downstairs to eat. As we were eating, Papa looked over at me. Everyone at the table was eating, but I was the only one just sitting. “Aryan, you’re not eating.” “Aryan, is something wrong?” Mama asked. “I’m fine.” “You’re not fine, beta.” “Please, leave me alone.”

“What’s wrong with your brother?” Papa asked as he looked at both Ansh and Shaurya. “Uncle Rajesh is sick and Aryan is worried about him, Papa.” Ansh said. “Aryan, it’s okay. Uncle Rajesh will be okay.” “Papa, why are you lying to me?” “Aryan, listen-” “He said that his illness is getting worse! What if he doesn’t have much time left!” I yelled as I began bursting in tears.

“Aryan, Rajesh will be fine, baby.” Mama said. “STOP LYING TO ME!” I quickly tipped over my bowl of food that began to spill across the table. “THAT DOES IT! ARYAN, GO TO YOUR DAMN ROOM!” I ran upstairs as tears were pouring down my face. Everyone else at the table was surprised. “Oh, Aryan…” Mama said in so much worry.


The troops from the army began to get the corpses out of the villages and to continue searching for the man-eating beast. The plan was official to put the animal down, once it was found for all of the destruction and devastation it’s brought to villages. The Colonel known as “Colonel Wickbooth,” was a wise, honest and a British leader who led his men through the villages to grab remaining survivors to evacuate them and clean the bodies that were left to lay around. “Let’s move it! I want all survivors recorded and evacuated from these areas as soon as possible!” Yelled Wickbooth to his men. Men were rushing in and out of villages to grab survivors and help them evacuate, as well as getting corpses and limbs of individuals that didn’t make it. However, not all of the victims died in the village, the Tiger managed to drag off dozens of people into the forest and feast on them and this led to some of the men finding corpses in the forest and nearly passing out from the horrific remains of the individuals.

Families were crying and holding on to their loved ones as they were being taken in to be evacuated and seeing the unforgettable sights of the gore and graphic remains of loved ones and other villagers. One of the men made their way to the Colonel for an important alert. “Sir, we’re receiving information that the animal has entered through the border of India and is headed to residential areas, villages perhaps!”

“Nonsense, the animal already had its feast, it’s probably another creature of some sort!” “Negative, sir, some of our men were able to track the areas on where the Tiger was, and by their traces, the animal is heading it’s way to the Kumaon area as we speak, sir!” The Colonel froze in such surprise. “Are you sure, Foster?” “Affirmative, sir!”

Colonel then realized that the situation is far more intense than he would have ever thought. “Son of a bitch! Let our men get these remaining survivors out and then spread the word about the animal and where it’s heading to, we’re heading to India, and we’ll make sure we get to the villages before the animal does! Once you boys see the Tiger on sight, you’ll know what to do!” Private Foster went off to spread the word about the Tiger and it took a while for all of the men to get the news they were all waiting to receive.


I was sleeping in my bed and I eventually woke up realizing that the sun wasn’t even up yet. I estimated that it was around 1:30 or 2am, because I went to sleep after 9pm and not too long after I woke up, I heard someone knocking on our wooden door outside. I looked out of the window to see who it was. Sarai was standing in front of our door with a pot she was holding that I could smell from the window and sure enough, I knew that she came to bring Uncle Rajesh food to help him feel better. Mama answered the door. “Sarai? It’s very late, why are you out here? Are you looking for Aryan? He’s asleep right now.” “Actually, I brought some food for Rajesh. Me and Mama made it for him.” Sarai handed the pot to Mama. “Aww, Sarai, thank you so much! Rajesh would love this!” “I’m worried about him just as much as your family is worried, and Rajesh is a really great man.” Mama was speechless. She leaned down and gave Sarai a hugged and she hugged Mama back. “Bless you, Sarai.” “Thank you. Please, tell Aryan that I came. I want him to know that I came, so he doesn’t worry much.” “I will, sweetie.” “Thank you.”

Sarai went back to her hut and Mama closed the door and went back inside. I didn’t say anything out loud, just watched as Sarai was heading back home. As Sarai was walking in the door, her mother saw her. “There you are! Did you bring the food to Mr. Rajesh?” “Yes, Mama.” “That’s my girl! We need water for tomorrow, can you take this to the river and grab some water?” Her mother handed her a giant container of water that was nearly as big as Sarai, but Sarai was used to carrying big containers. “Okay, Mama.” “I’ll be waiting, sweetie, and be careful, mera registaan ka phool.” That means “My desert flower” in Hindi. Sarai went out the door and went into the forest with the large pot of water.

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