The killer amongst us

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This story is about 5 teenagers who are visiting a cabin for summer break them to leave. Something sinister will be creeping in the shadows.

Horror / Thriller
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The cabin

“Finally we’re here” Samantha said they had just arrived at the cabin they were staying at for summer break. “It wasn’t even that long” Jessica said annoyed they entered the cabin. It was very bare very creepy.when everyone finished unpacking they went to the store. They encountered a strange old man he was very odd telling them to stay away from the cabin their staying at for great danger is coming. They started to head back to the cabin when they come back Emily saw a letter that said “I warned you now you must pay” Emily was scared so she decided to try and run she packed her bags and at midnight when every one was sleeping she ran but was stopped by the old man “You are a wise one Emily but not wise enough” He said as he started to walk away. In the morning while every one was up. They saw Emily but she was acting very strange she was in rocking back and fourth in a rocking chair repeating “You must pay” in creepy singing voice she was unsettlingly calm

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