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Out there

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The planet earth is no longer blue, its red., after all the horror that has happened I don't think things are that pretty as they used to be before, Get ready, cause it's gonna be a filled with horror.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Roaming for days, without proper food and sleep, sure, sounds horrible, it's even more horrible to go through it. I couldn’t even have the energy to lift my hand and scratch my hair that’s been itchy, being so tired to the point that I became super lazy.

The door was broken, with no signs of any blood. The place was dusty, and a lot of soil or cement; whatever it was, was all around, making it all too dirty for my liking. Either way, it wasn’t the time where the world cared about my likes or dislikes. I roamed for a couple of minutes and came to realize, it was not just a factory, but an explosive factory. How lucky of me that I ran into this old building that produces the best goods, oddly looking at the situation right now. I rummaged through the storage boxes that were supposed to be ready for export. Ripping the covers with my long nails, I found a whole stack of guns. It's hard to find a nail cutter during an apocalypse. The guns were all black, with a little amount of brown here and there. Taking one of them out of the box, I held them between my fingers, oddly fitting like it was something meant for me.

Maybe I was a warrior in my last life.

I mentally laughed at my cockiness. There were no bullets, as expected. If this was an explosive factory, for sure, there would be grenades, bullets, and much more. Grinning, I opened a door at the right end of the whole area; being cautious and protective of my situation. I had to collect as many weapons for myself. It’s the end of the world, what do you expect? Me to eat lollipops?

Honestly speaking I love them. But yeah. I can’t just sit around relaxing.

I was all alone, no one to protect me, not that I cared. My backpack was old, but it was strong, able to stack up enough for my survival. I love the brand timberland, I had only one last bottle of water left, a few energy bars, and two bags of chips. That should be enough for seven days. Despite me disliking the energy bar so much, I had no other option, I had to survive, and having an empty stomach is the last thing I want in the whole world to happen. I didn’t want any attention that would only bring me to death. I stopped dead in my tracks.


I wasn’t even surprised at the sight.

There was blood scattered, the pile of rods here and there. It was clear that the place was attacked and people had faced nothing but defeat. Pulling a disgusting face I tip-toed, not making any noise, I could never let my guard down, not in this type of situation. I could be attacked from anywhere, I wasn’t a great fighter, but still okay, I’ll live, don’t worry. Whipping my head left and right, I made sure I was on a safe spot at the moment. I made my way toward a few ripped boxes and the ones that weren’t ripped.

I first checked the ripped ones, inspecting, I surprisingly found shotguns, according to the label and the description. The previous gun if I remember correctly it was known as a revolver. I made sure to grab two of them along with packs of bullets that were right next to the stack of boxes. As far as I knew shotguns had a scattering effect, meaning I could kill at least two of the dead ones, three if I was good at aiming. I rummaged through the boxes further on, finally, I did find tiny boxes, that contained bullets, they were slippery and shiny. Until now, I had survived with a long kitchen knife. It was sharp, long, and cool. I had no complaints, it was the only one that I could rely on, credits for my survival. On top, I felt like a ninja.

When I think back about my encounter with that shiny kitchen knife, I was somewhere at the beginning of this madness; when I no longer wanted to give up and swore to kill maximum as possible until my last breath. The earth was no longer a safe place, not ever. I refuse to even hope. The only thing I could do best is to move and kill. I don’t imply I’m a female terminator pro. But I think I gotta work for more than that, to see the sunrise tomorrow.

I loaded the bullets in the long-brand new shotguns that would be my weapon from now on and hung it around my shoulder. I took bullets, as much as my hands could take and not make my bag heavy as well. I went through a few instructions on the guns, in case I did something stupid. I eventually ended up with a decision that I would only take one shotgun and take more bullets, I can’t fit much in my backpack, I need small, effective stuff like bullets or grenades if possible, anything that wouldn’t slow my pace but keep me alive.

I roamed around for about an hour, exploring the dusty area, knowing more about guns and stuff. I searched for food, the more the better.

I hate energy bites.

Sadly, I found no food, a few matchboxes, and some stuff. I made my way out of the old factory. I walked to my next stop, which was; in fact-finding more food. I was hungry like a giant and I didn’t want to eat the energy bars I had. I’m picky, I know, but I wanted proper food. Not eatable wood with grain content. The only thing on my mind is to find a place so I can stack up against my weapons and make it a base to stay. I can’t roam around always, I need proper shelter and after that, I will come back to collect more weapons, you never know what might occur and how you would deal with it. So it is better if you have backups.

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