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hello my name is Kisha ,I was born and raised in Africa ,in a country called Zambia .I was born with a gift ,I could see and talk to dead people ,I realized I had this gift from the time my little brother had died . I was young by then which scared me but I was happy I could see my little brother even when he was dead .I couldn't tell anyone about it , mostly my mum because she was still hurting over my brothers death and would think I am crazy. as time passed my family and I moved to a new city ,I grew older and I met friends ,I had two close friends to me ,which were exposed to drugs and alot more of bad behaviors . I could be found with them all day and they wondered why I couldn't do drugs like them , so a day came when I decided to finally take some alcohol smoke and do all the crazy things ,one of my friends bought alcohol for me I got drunk to a point were I couldn't see my little brothers spirit anymore ,I didn't understand but the minute I took in that alcohol I got a knife in my friends house and wanted to stab one of my friend , it was very shocking for my friends they got scared and called my mum to pick me up . my mum came through ,shouted at my friends and took me home . I woke up the next day and felt weird I saw my little brothers spirit in the corner of my bedroom crying ,I asked him why he was crying but he didn't answer .rate my work please for more episodes

Veron Pole
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