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my friends got drunk and again I wanted to kill one of my friends ,this continuously happened

I then invited one of my friends over and I made sure I bought allot of alcohol ,my friend came over her name was Kira ,as we were drinking I could still see my little brother cry till the moment I got drunk I couldn't see him . I then took a knife and stabbed my friend to death ,I couldn't call my mum to see what I had done but my dead little brother told me what to do ,I got rid of the evidence and my little brother warned me from seeing any of my friend , everyone in my town just knew that my friend went missing , whilst I knew myself that I'd killed her.

it went on Everytime I have friends and get drunk i would kill them ,it became a normal thing to me till one day my mum noticed something .she saw me talking to myself and shouting at the wall ,I could see my brother but my mum couldn't ,I was shouting at my little brother asking him why doesn't he protect me when am drunk or when am about to kill someone ,he then answered to me say "I kill your friends ,you don't do anything .I possess you with my spirit and make you kill them " I then asked him why he does that and then he responds to me saying "all your friends are bad influence on you ,so I kill them to protect you "

at that point I didn't know what to do I wanted to tell my mum but my brother stopped me from telling her ,he told me if I tell my mum then my mum will be lonely or might be killed I didn't know what he meant till I got to accepted that was my new life then

watch out for episode 2 the sorry goes on

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