"Where Did The Baby Go?"

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Here was a big family in a mansion, some of them were babies ,teenagers and children with the age of 5 - 10. There was only one baby in the family whose name was Lena. Well, Lena really liked to read stuff that she wasn’t supposed to ( she would read every book in the house and she loves to read G.K questions. She was just a little creepy though cuz she has this disease which would make her eye color change. Example she is angry, her eye color would change to red and most of the time white color so, if the family wouldn’t give the books to her or whatever she wants lena’s eye color would change to white, she would also take the knife or scissors then make a small mark with it on her hand that was just her 2nd or 3rd mark that she had made nowadays she started to make 4 to 5 marks on her hand. Her mother had died an year ago and her dad died in an car accident during a trip to the mountains. So Lena’s big sister ( the oldest sister and the most responsible 1 , her name was deatoe ( dee - aa - toe ) more like the word death yeah so as I was saying deatoe took the scissors,knife and every sharp tool from Lena. Deotoe still remembered about the disease that she had she would definitely be angry, so her eyes were as white as the whitener some days later she became totally blind she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t read books anymore she couldn’t see wherever she went. To b con

Horror / Thriller
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