TRADIMENTO: Don't Turn Around

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'Tradimento'- The word so funny and strange to all but means so much to Amelia Adams and the foes she once recognised as 'friend-ish'. Her life wasn't normal, it wasn't a classic funny tale of High school. It was a Horror tale of REVENGE, DEATH and lest not forget, BETRAYAL! ************************************************************ " Why are you doing this!?". Her shaking voice piercing the unnatural stillness of the room. Her heart beat rapidly with every look those lifeless dark eyes stared at her- The same eyes that looked at her at the bridge. "Because...." The spirit moved towards her cowering state behind the tombstone. "Tradimento" A piercing scream was heard at the spirit stretched its hand towards her chest

Horror / Mystery
Queen D
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It was a new semester which meant new students to awe and gape at the 'HOT STUFFS BABES' flaunting their wealth. It was the usual heels clicking on the floor tiles as they sashayed across every hallway with wolf whistles as music to their ears.

The group every girl dream to be in.

The group every boy wish their girlfriend was in.

The group mothers will happily post on Instagram tagging them as their kids.

The group which consisted of Award-winning most beautiful models;

Chloe Williams

Jennifer Logan

Everett Jones

Beverly Smith

They walked across the hallway as if their lives depended on it. They made every boy open his mouth or walk right into the wall just by staring at them. They make Greek teachers question Aphrodite after taking one look at them.

Making a swift turn at the end of another hallway they sashayed in, they entered the Great Hall Of the Peak University Of Great Britain. All students we're supposed to be gathered here- whether old or new. The School Board wanted to to be a ' meet and greet 'session where the old and new students bond for a few hours before the classes of the day started.

It was a magnificent sight as the sun rays reflected on the big French windows. The school logo shone proudly at every wall and the new students proudly wore their Peak university vests and blazers.

The 4 girls were in a corner talking and trading gossips with the rest of their high-class society mates until Beverly came across a familiar face. The owner of the face had not yet recognised her or even seen her at all.

" B? Who are you looking at?" Everett( aka Evie) asked. Their giggles subsided immediately?

"It isn't that John-boy, is it? He's too poor for you" Chloe asked. Shaking the thought off her head, Beverly quickly stammered a reply,

"N-Nothing... It's no one important"

"Why wouldn't it be? We are the only one important here!" Jennifer( Jennie) said as they all giggled in unison.

Throughout their conversation and gossips, Beverly was lost in thought-It can't be here, right? She was still in Italy, right?? No matter how hard she tried to take her mind off her, she couldn't!

The Peak was one of the most expensive universities in the world and there was no way her poor, less-than-average parents would be a bow to afford it. But how did she not see the previous semester, she did hear gossips from Everett that some online students we're coming to school 'physically'( as Everett put it). But how? She couldn't, could she?

It was almost half an hour with their arrival that Beverly stated she had to adjust her makeup in the ladies room. As she left hurriedly, Chloe eyed her suspiciously and said,

"Everett, follow her"

"Why?" Jennie asked as she peeked from the screen behind her phone. Clenching her fists with a fake smile, Chloe replied,

"Coz, we HOT STUFFS never walk alone especially in this school where poverty is plastered on everyone's foreheads!"

Meanwhile, After walking through the crowd and wolf whistles, she came across a face shed thought she will never see again,



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