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The ardor brothel

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(WARNING- this book is gruesome and has sensitive topics, not for the faint hearted.) A troubled married couple in their new house that haunted. A sadistic lesbian maid who flirts with the wife and tries to murder the husband ( multiple times.) and a cook who never cooks but he’s always in the basement and he has an odd fascination with gruesome science experiments.

Horror / Drama
Lady author
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The lady in red

Anna was in a brothel in the 1870s, she only knew this since she was a dork for history. She saw women wearing corsets and their long dresses but they made sure to show plenty of cleavages, after all this is a brothel.

Anna didn't know how she traveled back in time. The last thing she remembered was packing up the car to get ready to move back in 1997. She didn't know what to do or how to react but she was dressed like the other Prostitutes.

Her pretty chestnut hair was in an elegant bun with little braids here and there, with some sky blue jewels within the small braids to show off her grey/blueish eyes, her husband would say that she had snowflake eyes. Anna's beautiful pale skin was decorated with light blue jewels to match her dress and eyes.

She was embarrassed to see that she had mega cleavage since she had DD's but she did not like showing them off. The corset she was wearing basically pushed them to her face. Her dress was black but with hints of ice blue in minor detail. If only she had a mirror to see how beautiful she looked.

All around she saw beautiful women teasing, flirting, and grinding on men. She felt quite uncomfortable to be in this sort of atmosphere.

She all around her to see elegant silverware, elegant furniture, and beautiful details all over the house. She could hear giggling, talking, and meaning. She loved the house but she did not appreciate the noises. It looked as if she was in the living room of the house that was attached to the entrance hall. She could see a fine redwood staircase.

She looked away from the furniture when she heard a high pitch laugh that sounded more like a screech. It came from a woman who had beautiful blonde hair and green eyes with a rosy skin tone. She was sitting on a fat man's lap who was obviously rich since he showed his wealth on his clothes.

"oh! Mr. Stanin! You're just so funny! You make any woman laugh when you say those silly words." the woman said as she shoved her cleavage in his face. Anna felt disgusted by this woman's behavior.

" Well my my my, miss beth. You sure are a pretty darling. What do you say that I buy us a room so we can have our discussion elsewhere." he said. As his hand on her waist got tighter and she giggled at his request. She got up and grab his hand with a smile. She was leading him away from the chair.

"Good evening! I hope the gentleman is happy with the ladies. I would like to inform you that we are having a party soon! Those who are invented must pay for the entrance fee, the rooms, the ladies of course, and if you want to exist you must pay for that too. Food and drinks will not be free but I assure you gentleman, that my ladies are worth it. I have dark beauties whose skin is as rich as chocolate along with the fair ladies with lovely skin as white as snow. I have women from all over the world who are willing to bed you. I even got my hands on a beautiful Chinese woman and more to come. So please enjoy your richest desire from any woman you choose. They are sure to give you pleasure, and with that being said enjoy your evening gentleman. " a lady said with beautiful black hair with pale skin. She was standing on top of the staircase. Her voice was full of lust and desire.

Her hair was also up in a bun but her wavy black hair also went on her shoulders, showing off how shiny and soft her black hair was. Her hair had red feathers instead of jewels in them. She wore a tight red and black dress, Showing off her lovely breasts which were obviously a C-cup. A breast size that Anna always wanted. She wore a giant ruby that gently laid on top of her cleavage. She had a fan made of red feathers and her eyes...her eyes were a beautiful deep blue like Sapphires. Her face had a classy beauty to it.

Anna thought that she was the most beautiful woman she ever saw. She couldn't stop staring at her gorgeous features. Her lips were red, she had the perfect cupid bow and plush lip on the bottom. Her cheekbones were high, her nose was long and a bit pointed but Anna thought that it added to her beauty. The woman caught a gaze at Anna. At first, she looked shocked but then she smiled. She was walking down the stair, hips swaying in total confidence. Anna wasn't sure if the women were coming towards her.

Then once the women finally reached down the stairs she winked at Anna and kept on walking towards her. Anna was so flushed and so embarrassed that she couldn't even move. She was so sure that the woman was a goddess for her beauty. Finally, this beautiful woman was in front of her. Anna could hardly breathe.

" Well sugar, I'm sure you are not one of my ladies or my clients. What brings you here today? Are you wanting to be employed? I will say that you are much more lovely than any of my other girls. Gosh, you're so pretty. Maybe I can pay you to just be mine. I'm not sure if I would like to have a pretty lady like you to bed my clients, I just find you just to darn attractive." she said this as she licked her lips and put her thumb on Anna's bottom lip, softly pushing and rubbing her thumb across Anna's bottom lip.

All Anna could do was blush. She never had women flirt with her before, nonetheless a beautiful lady. Anna started to stutter.

" well...uh...your uhh.... I'm...umm" Anna was fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

" oh I'm sorry sugar, I'm madame Maddie. I run this brothel. Gosh, you're so cute. Look I know you're gonna be here a while and I like you so let me give you a warning, don't go into the basement." madame Maddie said, and with that Anna woke up.

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