Holiday Slasher: Seasons 1&2 Collection

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Enjoy 12 episodes of slasher goodness in this collection containing the first two seasons of Holiday Slasher! The First Season titled "Halloween" follows a group of high school Sophomores in the small town of Karen, Ohio. When the body's start dropping the group of friends must find out who the killer is before the killer takes them all out and leaves no survivors. Who is the killer and what do they want? The Second Season titled "Halloween II" follows the group of kids from season 1 two years later. Now Seniors in high school, they are planning their futures and getting ready for the real world. When Aaron returns to Karen, Ohio on the two year anniversary of the death of the killers, a whole new killer emerges. The gang must now fight this killer and graduate high school!

Horror / Mystery
Mr. Rainbow
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S1|E1: Scream

One Week Before Halloween Night

“Yes, mom I’m still going to the party.” says Lauren Farris as she is getting ready to go to a party at Wyatt Martin’s house. “Okay, mom I will be home by midnight, I love you, bye.” she says as he hangs up the phone. She proceeds to get in the shower, shave, and then gets into a “Sexy Nurse” costume. She then hears a knock at the door. “Damn early trick or treaters.” She says to herself. She heads back downstairs and grabs the bowl of candy and opens the door to see a person in a black hoodie with a rotting pumpkin mask on. “You look a little old to be trick or treating.” she says to the masked figure. She gets a little nervous when he doesn’t reply. “Am I supposed to be scared?” she asks sarcastically. The masked figure then shakes his head “Yes”. “I’m so scared!” she says and then gives him the candy and proceeds to shut the door in his face. She decides to eat something before she leaves for the party and heads to the kitchen.

While she is cutting up a tomato for a sandwich, her phone begins to ring. It says “Unknown Number”. “Hello?” she says when she answers it. “Hello, Lauren.” says the unknown caller. “Wyatt is that you using one of those stupid fucking voice changing apps? I swear if this is you trying to scare me like last year I will gut you.” she says. “Maybe.” says the unknown caller. “Seriously, who is this?” she asks. “You don’t know who I am, but you’re about to.” says the unknown caller. “Haha very funny, I’m hanging up now.” she says as she hangs up the phone. “Don’t hang up on me.” says an unknown voice. All the sudden the same figure who was outside bursts out the closet and stabs Lauren in the back. She screams and runs for the knife. “Who are you!” she screams at the masked figure. when they don’t answer she runs for the stairs only for the figure to get there first and she is met with a stab in the gut. She then falls to the floor and the figure gets on top of her. “No, please I am begging of you!” she screams. The figure ignores her and proceeds to stab her multiple times ending her life with a slash to her throat. the figure then stands up and begins to admire his work.

Holiday Slasher: Halloween

“Um, no honey, you are still going as Supergirl, because I can’t go as Flash without my Supergirl and Green Arrow. Besides Ryan already got his costume.” says Aaron Sanchez while he is on the phone with his best friend Brooklynn Cox. “But Aaron, the skirt is way to short and I look like a hooker after church.” says Brooklynn. “Don’t you always?” Aaron asks. “Um, wow, thanks! No need to be a bitch!” says Brooklynn. “You love me. Now get your ass over here so we can get ready for this damn party!” says Aaron. With that Brooklynn hangs up the phone, grabs her costume, and heads to Aaron’s.

Brooklynn gets in her car and proceeds to drive to Aaron’s and when she gets there she sees Crystal, Aaron’s mom, isn’t home. She goes up to his door and walks in. Aaron and Brooklynn have been close friends since they were in the 7th grade, so by now she was basically family. Aaron and Brooklynn are your classic blonde and brunette’s, Aaron has brown hair while Brooklynn has light blonde, They are both the same height and have similar features. People always used to think they were related due to how similar they are. “I’m home!” she yells as she walks in. “Coming!” says Aaron. “Oh it’s you.” says Aaron’s 12 year old little sister, Danica. “Hello, Danica. Nice to see you too.” Brooklynn says. “Here, come on up and Danica quit being a bitch!” Aaron says. “Sorry, not all of us have party’s we can go whore around at.” Danica says. “I will be sure to let mom know you said that.” Aaron fires back. “You have no proof!” Danica screams as they head upstairs.

“Okay, let’s get ready and leave for the party.” Aaron says. After they get ready they get in Aaron’s mom’s mini van. “Oh wow, Crystal let you take the mini van.” Brooklynn says sarcastically. “Hey, we have a lot of people to pick up.” Aaron says. “Who are we picking up?” Brooklynn asks. “Well for starters, Ryan obviously, then Cooper, Sam, and Emma.” Aaron says. “Ooh, we are picking up Sam!” Brooklynn says mockingly. “Can you shut the fuck up!” Aaron says. “Oh come on, it’s obvious you two are attracted to each other, has been since 8th grade.” Brooklynn says.

They then pull into Ryan George’s house to pick him up. Ryan and Brooklynn have been dating since 8th grade. Ryan is a little taller than Brooklynn, he is built, due to him being the quarterback, and has light brown hair. He gets in and gives Brooklynn a little beck on the lips. “Keep all PDA to a minimum until you are out of my car.” Aaron says. “You mean your mom’s car?” Brooklynn says. “Fuck you.” Aaron says as he puts up his middle finger. They then go to Cooper Scott’s house. Cooper is one of Brooklynn’s closest friends who she has always had feelings for. Cooper is taller, has light brown hair, and is a mega nerd. “Hey, Aaron, Hey Ry, Hey Brook.” Cooper says when he gets in the van. They then go to Sam Kane’s house next. “Hey Sam.” Aaron says as he gets in. “Hi.” he replies. Sam is super tall, a little built, due to him being in Track, and he has jet black hair. Brooklynn chuckles and Aaron gives her the bird. Aaron and Sam have had a mutual attraction to each other since the 8th grade but neither of them have acted on it. Finally they stop at Emma Knight’s house and she comes over to Aaron’s door and gives him a huge hug as usual. When she gets in the van she sits next to Sam. “Hey, twin.” she says. That’s what Emma has always called Sam and his twin brother Corbin. “Hi.” Sam says. Emma has been a close friend of Sam and Aaron’s since the summer before Freshman year. Emma is a little taller than Aaron but shorter than Sam, she has long curly brown hair, with light brown highlights, and she is super energetic. “Let’s party, bitches!” Aaron screams.

When they arrive at the party, they get out of the van and head toward the Wyatt Martin’s house. Wyatt is an huge asshole, who Aaron had a huge crush on in 7th grade. He is the same height as Aaron and Brooklynn, with the same tone of blonde hair as Brooklynn, and he is built, due to him playing Football and Basketball. He is also Ryan’s best friend. When they get to his door they are greeted by Colton Jordan, who, every year inspects peoples costumes before they enter the party. Wyatt has one rule at his parties, no costume, no entrance.

“What are you?” Colton asks Aaron. “The Flash.” Aaron answers. “Okay, the fag may enter.” Colton says. “Thanks, asshole.” Aaron says. “What are you?” Colton asks Brooklynn. “Supergirl.” She answers. “The hot ass slut may enter.” He says. Brooklynn then grabs him by the collar of his shirt. “Don’t make me have Ryan beat your ass.” She whispers in his ear. “What are you?” Colton asks Ryan. “The Green Arrow.” He answers. “You may enter.” Cameron says. “What are you?” Colton asks Cooper. “Sherlock Holmes.” He answers. “You may enter, nerd.” Colton says. “What are you?” Colton asks Sam. “Bruce Wayne.” Sam says. Sam figured it would be smart if he dressed fancy and claimed to be Bruce Wayne then he would be let in. “Meh, close enough, you may enter.” Colton says. Lastly, Emma goes up. “What are you, beautiful?” Colton asks Emma. “Not yours and Catwoman.” Emma answers. “No need to be a bitch.” Colton says. “Fuck you, Colton.” She says as she walks past him into the party.

When they enter the party, loud music is playing as usual. “Okay, let’s divide and conquer.” Aaron says. “Aaron, Sam, and Emma will get the drinks, and Ryan, Cooper, and I will find us a spot outside.” Brooklynn says. “Yes, sir.” Aaron says. With that they go their separate ways. Aaron, Sam, and Emma head to the bar to get everyone their drinks. “Okay, I will take care of Cooper and Ryan’s drinks, you guys take care of yourselves and Brooklynn.” Emma says.

“So, how have you been?” Aaron asks Sam. “I have been doing pretty good, all the advanced classes are really kicking my ass.” He replies. ” Yeah, same here. Brooklynn and I are exhausted!” Aaron says. “Hey look, Batman and The Flash are in love!” Wyatt Martin says. “Go to hell, Wyatt. What, are you up here for your next beer so you can get even more drunk and cheat on Madi some more?” Aaron shoots back. “You better shut your goddamn mouth, you little gay bitch!” Wyatt says as he gets up in Aaron’s face. “Hey, hey there is no need for that!” Sam says as he gets in between Aaron and Wyatt. “What the hell is going on?” Madison “Madi” Rollins, Wyatt’s girlfriend, says as she appears to see what’s going on. “Your ‘Gay bestfriend’ and his boyfriend just attacked me for no reason!” Wyatt lies. “That’s a fucking lie and Sam and I are not dating! We don’t even like each other like that!” Aaron says. Sam looks at him, hurt. “Baby, you know I’m not lying.” Wyatt says. “You know what, come on Sam.” Aaron says. “Aaron, where are you going?” Madi asks. “I’m going to go get fucking drunk and hook up with someone.” Aaron says as he walks off. He then looks over to see Sam smirking. Sam and Aaron finally arrive at the bar and order their drinks and meet up with Emma and head outside to meet up with Brooklynn, Cooper, and Ryan.

Outside, Brooklynn managed to find a nice spot that would seat all of them. Aaron, Sam, and Emma finally arrived with the drinks and sat down. Brooklynn noticed Aaron looked a little steamed. “What took you guys so long?” Brooklynn asks. “Wyatt.” is all Aaron says and that’s all Brooklynn needs to hear to know what happened. “Why can he not be an asshole for once in his life.” Brooklynn says. Everyone then looks over to see Aaron down a whole bottle of beer. “Aaron, maybe getting drunk isn’t such a good idea.” Cooper says. “I fucking came here to party, so I’m fucking partying!” Aaron says. “Well I’m gonna go dance!” Emma says as she leaves. “I’m gonna go talk to Wyatt.” Ryan says. “You do that.” Aaron says. “Aaron, don’t be an asshole.” Ryan says. “We all know you are cheating on Brooklynn with him.” Aaron blurts out. “Wait, what?” Brooklynn says. “Shit.” Aaron says. Suddenly, Brooklynn gets up and bolts for the house and Cooper follows. “Aaron, why the hell would you do that?” Ryan asks. “No, why the hell would you cheat on her? She is the best and what do you do? You cheat. You know what get out of my face, and find your own ride back home, I can’t stand to see the sight of you.” Aaron says. With that Aaron and Sam are the only ones left.

“I am so sorry about earlier.” Aaron says. “It’s fine.” Sam says. They both drank about three beers and the drunk was settling in. “You know when I said I didn’t like you I was lying. I have had feelings for you since the 8th grade.” Aaron says clearly drunk. “Me too.” Sam says also drunk. Then all the sudden Sam puts his drink down and grabs Aaron’s and puts his down. Sam then proceeds to kiss Aaron, to which he responds by kissing back. “I think we should find a room.” Aaron says. “Yeah.” Sam says. With that Aaron and Sam head back into the house and upstairs to find a room.

After what felt like an hour, Brooklynn finally found a bathroom. When she got in she broke down in tears. She was so pissed at Ryan she couldn’t even see straight! She wished that Aaron would have told her sooner, but part of her understood why he didn’t. Suddenly her phone began to ring. It said “Unknown”. “Hello?” She says when she answers the phone. “Awe, what’s wrong with our beautiful final girl.” says the unknown caller. “Who is this?” Brooklynn asks. “Someone who wants to help.” says the unknown caller. “Well you’re not exactly helping, asshole.” Brooklynn says. “What if I spilled his guts in front of everyone? Would that help?” asks the unknown caller. “What the fuck?!” Brooklynn exclaims as she hangs up the phone. “This party is so over.” Brooklynn says to herself as she decides to find Aaron and get the hell out of there.

“Have you seen Aaron?” Brooklynn asks Emma when she runs into her. “No, I saw him and Sam head into the house but that was about twenty minutes ago, why?” Emma says. “Because I want to get the hell out of here.” Brooklynn says. Emma and Brooklynn then head into the house only to run into Cooper. “Brooklynn, I have been looking everywhere for you, are you okay?” Cooper asks. “I’m just fine, but I want to leave.” Brooklynn answers. They then see Madi and ask if she has seen Aaron and Sam. “I saw them head into one of the bedrooms I think.” Madi answers. “Holy shit, finally. It took beer, but finally.” Emma says. They then walk into a hallway full of bedrooms. “I always hated how big Wyatt’s house was.” Cooper says. “Agreed.” Emma and Brooklynn say at the same time. They then see a bedroom with the door a little open and hear giggling and decide to open it only to find a half naked Aaron and Sam making out. “Oh my god, I can never unsee that!” Brooklynn screams. “What the hell, Brook?!” Aaron screams. “Can we please leave?” Brooklynn asks. “Sure.” Aaron says. Aaron and Sam then get dressed and walk out of the room.

As the reach the door Cameron stops them. “Where do you think you’re going?” Cameron asks. “Home.” Emma answers. “No, you’re not, Wyatt is about to announce the Pre-Halloween King and Queen.” Colton says. “We already know Madi is going to be the Queen and Wyatt is going to be the King, so let us go.” Brooklynn says. “Can’t do that, you know no one leaves until that is announced.” Colton says. “Whatever, asshole.” Cooper says.

The gang then heads back into the party and runs into two kids they don’t recognize. “Who are they?” Aaron asks. “They would be the new seniors that came this year. I believe they are cousins named Courtney and Scott.” Emma says. “Well let’s introduce ourselves.” Cooper says. The gang then walks up to them. “Oh, hey.” the girl says. “Hi, we just wanted to introduce ourselves.” Sam says. “Oh, I’m Courtney Brooke and this is my cousin, Scott Anderson.” Courtney says. “Hi.” Scott says. “I’m Brooklynn Cox.” Brooklynn says. “I’m Aaron Sanchez.” Aaron says. “I’m Sam Kane.” Sam says. “I’m Cooper Scott.” Cooper says. “I’m Emma Knight.” Emma says. “Nice to meet all of you, what year are you guys in?” Scott asks. “We are all Sophomore’s.” Brooklynn says. “Ah, we are seniors, we are from L.A.” Courtney says. “Well, welcome to Karen, Ohio.” Aaron says. “It was nice meeting you guys!” Emma says as they leave.

Colton decided to leave his post as guard of the party for a few minutes to use the bathroom. On his way there he ran into someone dressed in a black hoodie with a rotting pumpkin mask on. “Cool costume dude!” Colton says to the figure. He then use the bathroom and walks out. As he is on his way back he is pulled into a room by the masked figure. “Dude, you gave me a heart attack!” Colton says to the figure. The figure then pulls out a knife and Colton is too late to get to the door before the figure stabs him in the back of the neck with their knife. As Colton lays there bleeding to death, the last thing he sees is the figure standing over him. Then everything goes black.

Back at the party, the gang run into Emma’s best friend and another really good friend of Aaron’s, Mackenzie “Kenzie” Kemron. “Hey, Kenzie!” Aaron and Emma say as they run up and hug her. “Hey, if it isn’t my two favorite people.” Kenzie says. “I thought your mom wasn’t letting you come to the party.” Aaron says. “Perks of being able to sneak out my window.” Kenzie says. “This is why you are my best friend.” Emma says.

“Ladies and Gentleman, it is time to announce the Pre-Halloween King and Queen!” Wyatt announces. “Oh, joy!” Aaron says sarcastically. “You’re nominees for King are Wyatt Martin, Ryan George, and Sam Kane!” Wyatt announces. “Nice job, Sam!” Kenzie says. “Now for you’re nominees for Queen are Madi Rollins, Brooklynn Cox, and Aaron Sanchez!” Wyatt announces. “You have got to be kidding me.” Aaron says. “Will all the nominees please come up to the stage.” Wyatt says. “Again, I hate this house! He even has a fucking stage!” Cooper exclaims. Once all the nominees are on stage Wyatt pulls out two envelopes. One says “King” and the other says “Queen”. “After I announce your names the King will go stand under the blue banner and the Queen will stand under the pick one.” Wyatt says. “You’re Pre-Halloween King is... Sam Kane!” Wyatt announces. People at the party clap and cheer as Sam goes and stands under the blue banner. “An you’re Pre-Halloween Queen is... Aaron Sanchez.” Wyatt announces. The whole room goes silent and Aaron walks under the pink banner. “Barbie, eat your heart out.” Aaron says, quoting Bride of Chucky. After both Sam and Aaron are standing under the banners the people cheer and the banners are lifted only for two bodies to fall down with the banners. The bodies of Colton Jordan and Lauren Farris. Sam and Aaron are drenched in the blood of the gutted bodies. Once Sam and Aaron look down at the bodies all they can do is scream.

The cops are called and about 20 minutes later Wyatt’s house is flooded with cops, ambulances, and news reporters. Brooklynn, Cooper, and Emma rush to the ambulance that is holding Aaron and Sam. Aaron and Sam are sitting in the back still covered in blood, not saying a word. “Oh my god, you guys! Come on we are all staying at Aaron’s. I already cleared it with all our parents.” Brooklynn says. they all get in Aaron’s mom’s van and go to his house. Aaron and Sam get showers and wash all the blood off.

“Are you two okay?” Emma asks Sam and Aaron. “I don’t think I will ever be okay after seeing that.” Aaron says. “Same here.” Sam says. Then Aaron’s phone begins to ring. “It’s probably my mom.” Aaron says. When he grabs his phone it says “Unknown Caller”. “Answer it and put it on speaker phone.” Brooklynn says. Aaron does as he is told and answers it and puts it on speaker. “Hello?” Aaron says. “Congratulations on winning King and Queen, I hope you guys liked your gift.” says the unknown caller. “Who is this?” Emma asks. “The person who is going to make your lives hell until you figure out who I am.” says the unknown caller. “Nice try, asshole funny prank. I’m hanging up now.” Aaron says. “How’s the sleepover going?” says the unknown caller as Aaron goes to hang up the phone. “That’s what I thought.” says the unknown caller. “What do you want?” Sam asks. “Your heads on my fireplace.” says the unknown caller. With that said Aaron hangs up the phone.

After that weekend, school is back in session. “If you don’t want to go to school, you don’t have to.” Aaron’s mom, Crystal, says. “No, it’s fine, Brooklynn is here so I better go.” Aaron says. “Okay, I love you.” Crystal says. “Love you, too.” Aaron says as he walks out the door.

“I still can’t believe you and Sam are going to school after what happened Friday.” Brooklynn says as they are driving school. “Well, we can’t let that traumatize us forever.” Aaron says. They pull into the school parking lot and head in. Brooklynn, Aaron, Sam, Cooper, and Emma have every class together so they meet up and head into their first period. When they get into first period, Wyatt approaches them. “Aaron, Sam, I’m so sorry about Friday, that was not supposed to happen. It was supposed to be a harmless prank.” Wyatt says. “Well, your ‘Prank’ wasn’t very harmless.” Sam says. “I know, and I’m sorry.” Wyatt says. The gang get in their seats and get ready for class. “After school, we are meeting and finding out who the sick freak that called us Friday is.” Aaron says. “I think I can hack through Aaron’s phone and figure out who it was.” Sam says.

At lunch, Courtney and Scott, the senior’s they met last night come to their table. “I saw what happened Friday, are you two okay?” Courtney asks Aaron and Sam. “I guess, considering the circumstances.” Sam answers. At lunch, they decide to do a memorial for Lauren and Colton. Aaron and Sam don’t pay attention to it though. “So do you want to talk about what happened between us during the party?” Sam asks. “You mean us getting drenched in Lauren and Colton’s guts? No, not really.” Aaron says. “I meant the part about us kissing.” Sam says. “Oh, Sam, I’m so sorry about that. I was drunk and wasn’t thinking.” Aaron says. “Oh, it’s fine, we can just pretend it never happened.” Sam says. “Sure.” Aaron says, a little hurt.

After school, the gang meet up at Aaron’s house to discuss the identity of the unknown caller. “I can’t hack it, whoever it is they have a lot of security.” San says. “Damn it!” Aaron says. “It’s fine let’s come up with a list of suspects.” Emma says. “Wait, before we do that, do we think, whoever this caller is, killed Lauren and Colton?” Brooklynn asks. “It’s possible.” Cooper says.

“Let’s start with Mackenzie.” Brooklynn says. “No.” Aaron and Emma say at the same time. “Why not? She has always talked about how much she hated Lauren.” Brooklynn says. “Yeah, but this is Kenzie, she isn’t capable of something like that.” Aaron says. “Actually, she could have.” Emma says. “What?” they all say. “One night, when she was staying at my place, she was talking about something Lauren did and said ‘I would love to just gut her’ and then Lauren was gutted.” Emma says. “Okay then suspect one, Mackenzie.” Brooklynn says. “What about Wyatt?” Aaron says. “It’s possible.” Sam says. “There has always been the rumor that Wyatt was cheating on Madi with Lauren. Maybe he killed Lauren to cover it up and killed Colton because he found out about it.” Aaron says. “Damn, someone has been doing his research.” Cooper says. “Hey, in slasher movies and tv series’, the killer is, a lot of times, a jealous boyfriend, or a boyfriend who has been cheating on the final girl with the other killer. Take the second season of ‘Scream’, Kierian was the killer and was cheating on Emma with Piper, her crazy half-sister who was the killer in the first season.” Aaron says. “Well there goes me watching that, now that the whole series has been spoiled! Thanks Aaron!” Brooklynn says. “Hey, I have been telling you for years we should watch it together, so kiss my ass.” Aaron says. “Suspect two, Wyatt.” Brooklynn says. “What about Corbin?” Sam says. “Why would your twin brother want Lauren and Colton dead?” Brooklynn says. “Well think about it, he wasn’t at the party, and the killer said he wanted our heads on their fireplace, Corbin always jokingly says to me he wats my head on his fireplace.” Sam says. “Well that’s good enough for me, suspect three Corbin.” Brooklynn says. “What about Madi?” Cooper says. “Now that would make a lot of sense, if Wyatt was really cheating on Madi with Lauren, but that doesn’t explain Colton.” Brooklynn says. “He was Wyatt’s best friend, more revenge. That’s what would do. Kill the side chick and then his best friend.” Aaron says. Everyone then looks at him. “I’m not the killer, I swear!” Aaron says as he puts his hands up. “Okay, suspect four, Madi.” Brooklynn says. “What about your step-dad he always said he wanted to make you life hell.” Emma says to Brooklynn. “Doubtful, but it would be a nice twist that I don’t think has been done.” Aaron says. “Suspect five, Andrew.” Brooklynn says.

All their phones then ding and they open them to see a message from and unknown number. “Let’s play a game. Investigate your suspects as to who I am, if your right then boom you have my identity, if your wrong, then they die. To answer you question, yes I killed Lauren and Colton.” the text says. “Oh my god.” Sam says. “And you are wrong. Kenzie is not the killer.” says a second text.

Emma immediately video calls Kenzie and she answers. “What’s wrong.” Kenzie asks when she answers the phone to Emma and Aaron’s worried faces. “Kenzie, stay in your room, we think their is a killer after you.” Emma says. “What? That’s crazy.” Kenzie says. Then, her door bursts open and the hooded figure in the rotting pumpkin mask appears and throws Kenzie on her bed. With her phone on the floor Aaron and Emma had no way of knowing what was happening. All they hear is Kenzie’s screams and a slash. Then Kenzie’s dead body appears in the screen, her throat slashed. “No!” Aaron and Emma scream. As all they see is the dead body of their friend.

This season on Holiday Slasher: Halloween:

A killer is on the loose and Brooklynn, Aaron, Sam, Cooper, and Emma must figure out who it is. But the killer is playing a deadly game. If the person they suspect isn’t the killer, that person dies. The hunt is on and will they figure out who the killer is? Or die trying?

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