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This story is about a man named Peter he was scriptwriter and for this purpose he go to a new house which was haunted he has wife and one son when they shifted there house wierd things began to happen and what are that weird things read this story at last..

Horror / Action
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Going to new house

A mam name Peter who was married and have one son he was in dark colour have beard so smart and he has hair color of light brown his wife name Sofia she was so beautiful her color is white have long hair always wear long frock and under she wear jeans and wear flats and her hair color is black and they have a son name Joy who was so cute and he always wear shirt pant and shoes his hair color is light brown Peter was a scriptwriter in a company


As a scriptwriter I used to change place to write scripts A knock was came come in I said oh it's Sofia, Sofia you need not to knock my door just come ok so... said Sofia I was lost somewhere and then Sofia touch me and said are you ok I said yes I am ok then she said what happened you are looking so worried Firstly I said no nothing was happened to me but then she said what happened tell me maybe I will help you softly ask by Sofia I said yes my boss was call up to inform me that make a script in only seven days otherwise you'll be out of the job or suspended and then I thought that I change our house Sofia said Waaaooo I have a house but it was closed for fourty years I asked how She said my grandfather has a bungalow and said that after my death this bungalow will go to my grandson and I an only daughter of my parents Peter said ok and they both called Joy and then Joy was came Peter said So Joy there was a thing that I want to tell you Joy said what what what was that thing please tell me mom dad please tell me Joy say this with great excitement then Peter said we are going to change our home Joy was looking with a great excitement then Peter said that we are go there in 2 days Joy was looking so happy they are all looking so happy then there was a sound came from Peter's phone there was a text from his boss there was written

Peter I hope you will never mind but the audience only want your story infact I also want your story but if I gave you timelimit you'll work harder and harder so Please don't take my talks seriously do your work patiently

Peter was a little happy then he wright a text

No sir never I will do my work seriously and today I was going to writting a horror film and also sir thanks for your advise

Then Sofia came and said you are standing here and we do a lot of work and 17 hours was going in just travelling let's go Peter

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