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Please Make Haste!

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What would you do when you hear your kitten's purr at midnight........... after the kitten's death?

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1



There is nothing more pleasing than a kitten’s purr, welcoming you home from a long day……. unless it’s 1 am at midnight and you’re trying to get some sleep.

At first Josh was okay with it and thought that Bella would stop to purr but now it was irritating him.

He got up and yelled in the hallway…. Shut up Bella! Let me get some sleep! The purr’s stopped but now what’s worse the sound of bells jingling from Bella’s collar.

Josh just lost it. After having a damn hard day at work josh was expecting some peace at home which he was unable to get because of Bella, his cat. He ran down the hallway yelling out the cat’s name, “Bella! Stop messing about and let me slee……………. He couldn’t utter the last word not that he didn’t want to but he was unable to. It just came to his mind that Bella’s dead for like a week now.

As still as a statue was Josh in the middle of the hallway. He was stunned. While he was still trying to figure things out, he saw something small flying from the darkness towards him. It landed at Josh’s

feet and to his surprise it was his cat’s collar.

A cold shiver ran down his spine. He dashed towards the front door and ran out like a deer chased by a leopard. After running for about 3 minutes he stopped by a streetlight. Trembling with fear he took out his phone from his pocket and booked an Uber. He was planning to go at his friend Ryan’s place. While he was just texting Ryan, he heard a horn. With a sigh of relief, he got inside the car and calmed himself a bit. There was something suspicious about the driver but that was not the right time to think about that.

He still hadn’t completed his text to Ryan and so he got back to that. Just as he started………. a notification popped up on his screen. It said something that made his heart skip a beat.

“Hello Sir! Your Uber ride is waiting for you near the old streetlight. Please make haste.”


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