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The Howling Nights (Poem)

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A woman meets a new neighbor and they both fall for each other, but she is unaware of the sinister nature of that he is a werewolf.

Horror / Poetry
Elijah Butler
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The Howling Nights

My life changed forever on a specific day

It was a beautiful morning in the mid of May

My lonesome life was to go on for long

Until I realized that I was wrong

The moving trucks ensconcing in the neighborhood

My glamorous smile hoping things would be the greater good

A figure steps out of the truck in a flash

He looked considerable, charming and as craving as cash

I went up to him and introduced me to him

I said “My name is Sarah" and his name is “Dim"

Dim had a personality that attracted me to him

It was sometimes too cute, and sometimes too grim

His smile was as shiny as the perfect glass

It was too resisting for me to pass

Dim had the face of a million Angels

He was sharp and cleanse from every angle

During the day, I would invite him over

Until dusk would hit, then the fun would be over

He would sprint out of the house with so much stamina

Then ran to his house, on the street of “Damina"

I felt a connection between the two of us

A connection that wasn’t going under the bus

The day was the best moments of them all

But the night was a terrifying and mysterious call

Howls would occur, they’d jolt me out of my sleep

They were sharp as a nail that would make me weep

I’d lay in my bed not knowing what to do

While being concerned for Dan, in case he heard them too

Everyday was the same routine, nothing more, nothing less

Although, I’ve noticed Dan's attitude change to nearly a hot mess

He would eat like an animal, as if he was a dog

The him I wanted was disappearing into the fog

He would hit and curse at me, this made me lose fate

But he would make up for his actions by taking me on a date

We would stroll at the mall like the best soul mates around

But there’s was still something about him that remained to be unfound

He would then take me to a movie before sunset

Then dusk would hit, and our end of the day met

He drove me through the city to take me home

We knew wherever we went, we will always roam

Then he acted strange while driving the car

But it was a different strange, something very bizzare

He kept saying “I can’t be with you anymore, I have to leave you"

These words left me heartbroken and confused on what to do

I could feel the change in him that was beginning to trigger

But it wasn’t human change, it was something way bigger

He dropped me off and I exited the car

This day to me was a giant battle scar

His last words were “I love you, Sarah, but, please understand we can’t be together”

Those words were a game changer, that went off forever

The car drove off and I ran inside

Crying my eyes out, it felt like I just died

Back to my lonesome life I went

I just hoped that Dan would soon repent

His actions and behavior were so out of his character

I then felt like the two of us just needed a large barrier

The howls came back at night, I couldn’t believe my ears

They were getting worse and worse and sent me back to tears

Then a knock came at the door, I jolted in surprise

I felt a sense of dread that something was about to rise

I slowly walked downstairs as the knocking grew

The sounds were devastating as a broken screw

I approached the door unaware of the fright

The fright that would be my first and final tonight

As I opened the door, a large figure stood there

A canine like creature with an absurd amount of hair

It had the appearance of a wolf, but the body of a human

But, the terror I was facing was definitely nonhuman

I stood in horror and silence as I stared at its red eyes

It reacted in such violence and pounced on me in such surprise

It grabbed ahold of my neck and jolted me around

No one was able to hear my devastating and painful sound

It mauled my face then mauled my chest

It took out my organs, then ate the rest

I laid there helpless, while it feasted away

Not getting to witness the very next day

It was morning and Dan found himself in my house

He realized everything was as quiet as a mouse

He noticed wolf hair left on the ground

He feared for the worst, hoping something horrific wouldn’t be found

He encountered my remains, with pools of blood everywhere

He stood with tears and all he could do was stare

He laid on the floor and began to cry

All he could think of is he wanted to die

“I’m sorry, Sarah, I’m really sorry” He cried

As he laid there and felt like his heart fried

He walked home crying thinking about our fun

But it was too late for us, for the damage had already been done

He arrived home and went to his room

Where he was about to face his fatal doom

He opened his drawer and takes out his gun

He points it at his head as he faces the sun

His hope was compared to being stabbed by a knife

“I don’t deserve this cruel life"

He pulls the trigger and drops to the floor

From there, nothing was the same anymore

Our bodies were eventually found and taken away

And taken to a cemetery, where we laid to stay

Our graves were next to each other as we rested in peace

They were both put up by my mother and niece

Our loved ones missed us, but they were unaware of the frights

That occurred and rose on those terrible howling nights.

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