The Psycho Sisters

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Chapter 3: Why All The Pain?

“Pay the price to the crimson eyed.”

I felt weak, tired, and strangely warm despite the darkness of the holding cell. How am I?

Am I okay? You wish to know how I am? Oh, I’ll tell you how I am. I am filled with anger, hate, betrayal, grief and sadness. It’s been ... It’s been two and a half years since Mika came?

Came into this wretched family?

I missed my family. However, I no longer had a real family. Better yet, did I even have a real family? My chest tightened, as my eyes burned. My eyes felt weird in a way, I watched my sister as my vision became blurred, water droplets falling down. I became angry, why? I don’t know, angry at myself? Maybe.

I was hurt, as I was hurt emotionally, and mentally (as well) I had begun to hate myself.

I growled unable to erase the image of mother and father and their friends, and some of our so called ‘family’, grandfather, grandmother, visiting and beating me up, then my sister. In that order, sometimes it was my sister first, then me.

Some stepping on us, on me, on Mika, as if we were trash.

Unable to erase the image of my little sister crying her brains out, of me watching her get beaten up and not being able to do anything to help her. I could see our parents laughing at our pain.

It was eating me alive.

Right now, I sat on the middle of the damp floor. My chains were long enough to let me have a bit of moving space, but not by much. I tilted my head to look at my side, only for my eyes to catch a glimpse of a shaking Mika. She was shaking quite badly, as her body would be covered in dirt, sweat and dried blood.

Several chains with attached cuffs were set evenly around her as well.

“M-Mummy... is a-an m-monster...” I heard my little sister whisper, as she would be crying silently. I patted her head gently. Is that all you can do? Just comfort her while she trembles in fear? My conscience said.

Yes, that’s all I could do...

Suddenly, we heard footsteps and it was coming our way, towards our cell to be exact. I flinched as light streamed into the room and fell on us. It’s been quite the while since I last saw some light, I thought dryly. The guard had returned, after who knew how long.

He didn’t carry food this time and I suspected his reason for visiting us.

I glowered at him, wishing secretly that my gaze could pierce him straight through his skull. My sister death glared him. We refused to show our fear in front of him. He sighed sitting down, just out of our reach. He smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. His teeth glimmered in the dim light as he spoke.


I fought an unexpected growl that rose up in my chest, pressing it down until I couldn’t think straight. The sound of my chains clicking together betrayed my sudden jolt. He smiled at that, and I hated myself. I hated myself deeply. When I tell you why, I’ll tell you at my funeral...

Personally, I don’t think a funeral would be arranged for me or Mika.

The guard chuckled, his hand making it’s way over my arm and upwards, cupping my cheek. His course of action made fury rose within me. Do not touch me like that! I thought. His hand was sticky and sweaty, as he smelled rotten. Despite my exhaustion, I snapped.

I bit him in his wrist, my teeth sunk through his skin, but it was only a graze. A sudden lance of pain snapped my head to the side. He slapped me! ″Pathetic worthless brat!″ He snarled, “Be happy I can’t kill you both, yet!”

You are sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! I thought silently, shuddering. A small growl managed to escape through my throat, vibrating my chest. It was animalistic. A sound I never knew that would be possible for me to make. My mind went blank, all I could think of at the moment was killing, torture, blood...

I didn’t notice I was bent towards the floor, inhaling the scents as my nails scratched weakly against the cracked floor.

The guard gazed at me in curiosity and annoying amusement as he rose brushing the dust from his pants and left. Left to God knows what.

I could picture myself ripping his throat out. I swear. I could picture myself ripping his disgusting throat out. Do not touch my sister like that! I thought darkly as I growled, dangerously low. A heavy door slammed shut above us.

Causing me to flinch, as I’d be gazing at the darkness around me softly.

Many questions remained in my heart. Their answers left unknown. The will, wish and want to know the answer was never satisfied. I growled, slamming my fist against the ground. Shaking with fire, raging inside of me.

I watched my sister hug her knees, smiling and crying at the same time. She was whispering, but I couldn’t make out any of the words she was whispering. What did the guard do? What did the GUARD to do HER?! I cried out, in my head. In the darkness, I heard the faintest sounds of footsteps.

A hiss curling my lip back at the sight of, my so-called great...


“You both look terrible.” Chided the woman, clapping her hands together, happily as a smirk was plastered on that plastic face of hers. Her auburn colored curls bounced up and down in the wind with each step she took. “Disgusting, you two are absolutely disgusting! Your deaths will bring me my peace!”

She came closer to us, too close for my liking.

She kicked my sister in the stomach. Due to that, I heard Mika scream a cry of pain. My eyes would widen as I’d realize. It’s going to start all over again, the torture. I started shaking, one moment my mother squatted near me. And the next, Mika had her by her throat. She was on top of Cynthia, our mother.

Her tiny small hands wrapped around mother’s throat. I couldn’t help but smile, but in a blink of an eye my smile immediately disappeared.

As Mika was thrown backwards, she fell, slamming onto the hard floor. ″Little monster!″ Mother spat. “How dare you?!” Mother screamed, anger flaring up in her eyes. “Why... W-Why do y-you hate us so much?″ I could see my sister was too weak to even move now...

Which angered me even more, I started shaking as a result. “Why wouldn’t I?! Look at yourselves! Ungrateful brats! You’ve done nothing but cause trouble in my life!”

I then thought. What about the pain you and father put us through for no reason? The name calling. The beatings... The disgusted looks you’d send us.. What about our pain?

“Wha..″ I muttered, my eyes widening at her statement. So you’ve never cared a single second in your life about us, huh? ″Oh shut up you!″ She turned to me as she snapped, raising her hand as if she was ready to hit me which she always was. I looked at my feet as I felt tears run down my cheeks.

I never knew this woman, who I thought of as a mother, could become something so maniacal.

I felt the ground around me as I gripped a large rock and with all the strength I had left, I lunged at her. I felt, different? I felt slightly stronger, and I also felt a little more faster. My eyes felt weird again. What’s happening to me? I, found myself bringing the rock down onto the back of her skull.

I heard Mika, giggle then laugh sadistically, as our mother fell down. In all honestly. I didn’t know if she was dead or alive, but I heard screams, or make that screaming! I don’t know! Soon the room was filled with guards as I saw my father running towards my sister.

I noticed the chains around her wrists had been ripped from the wall. She jumped on father, the sudden tackle causing the said man to fall back as I saw how her eyes were glowing a crimson red.

I saw how her nails grew longer, to the point you’d think they were claws as I saw how she ripped his throat out. A sword was pointed at my throat as I giggled and kicked the guard away.

All our eyes see is red...

Sorrowful screams echoed throughout the night...

There was no stopping us now...

They hurt us dearly...

Broke us to pieces...

They had to pay...

Pay the price...

With their lives...

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