Too Late

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Chapter -2 His Curse

Rishi was in another trance. He didn't notice how his words crushed Avantika's heart.

She couldn't balance herself but before she could fall Kashaf came to hold her.

"Bhai, Bhai,...what did you say?.... Why?"

Somehow Avantika's trembling voice made his eyes blink.

He tried to look at his family but couldn't. There were no words he could find. Let alone words there was no voice left in him.

Somehow, Kashaf felt something was terribly wrong. Making Avantika sit she carefully called his son. "Rishi,....."

When Rishi heard this he sadly smiled. And gave his mother a file. "This is for Avantika." He said, and this got Avantika's attention.

She came forward to take that file. But for some slightest moment, she doesn't want to take that file from him. While taking the file, she felt that something is going to change their relationship forever. She was scared. But she trusted her brother and her own family. No matter what.

When she opened the file... She sighed in relief first but then some lines caressed her forehead. "Bhai, Seriously! what is this? Why are you giving me shares in your property? I don't need them. I only need you to be with me. You scared the hell out of me...." She stopped and look at the state of her brother again who looks distraught.

Before she can ask anything her brother said, "I'm sorry Avantika, I cannot be with you from now on."

Avantika gave her brother a confused face at first. She was always pampered by her family. She was not used to such words. Her brother was hers.

"Please, tell me what's wrong with you before I go insane." Avantika tried to warn her brother but tears spilled from her eyes as her lips trembled.

Rishi gave her a determined look. Tried his best to find the words and then said.

"My baby sister, Rishika needs me...." He stopped to take a long breath and continued. "... I'm going to bring her back and she will never come back if you will be here."

He knew that Avantika is not ready for such words but he had to do this. "So, from now, we part our ways."

This made her stumble back. Her brother, her rock, her everything was taken from her in seconds.

Rishi saw her state and only more tears filled his eyes.

"Trust me you have no idea, how sorry I'm. But this is only I could be for you." He stopped to give Avantika some time and then continued.

"You are better off without me....if it's possible please try to forgive me."

As soon as Rishi said these words... Rishi's father, Sanjay Mehra shouted "What the hell are you talking about, Rishi? why do we want to bring that girl here? Don't you remember how she tried to kill Avantika? And don't you dare to forget what shame she brought on our family." His father's voice echoed in the hall room and he could be seen red with anger.

This time Kashaf intervened. "Why are you doing this? You do realize that Avantika's wedding is in a month? Why are you trying to bring that girl back?"

The silence prevailed and when she didn't get a reply from Rishi, she continued.

"I regret giving birth to her. You know what? I really wish she gets a painful death. People like her don't even deserve to live". As soon as she said this, Rishi lost it.

"Maaaa..., (Mom) How could you say such things for her? How could you even think about her death...." Rishi shouted at his mother.....

His mother flinched when she saw how her son shouted at her.

When Rishi saw her mother shiver, he realized his mistake and tried to get a hold over him.

But then it dawned on him. It was not their fault that they hate her. It's always has been his fault.

Sanjay who believed that Rishi is not in his senses and talking nonsense shouted, "Don't you dare to talk to your mother like this. What do you think of yourself? Whatever she has said is all true. And how could you forget what she did to this family... " His father cut off by Rishi.

"I haven't forgotten a single thing, dad. I remember each and everything. I remember how I threw her out of this house. Out of our family register." But then he held his own hand and said, I remember how I raised my hand on her. Not even caring about her vulnerable condition." The silence prevailed. It was like everyone was living that day again. But then Rishi said with his brows raised, "It must have hurt a lot."

"Shut up, Rishi." His mother interrupted.

"Whatever you did was for the welfare of this family. We supported you back then because you were right. She deserved the worst punishment for all her deeds."

"Your mother is right Rishi. All her life she was always a nuisance but what she did in the end. We can't forgive her, ever."

When Rishi heard his father he realized how much his family hates Rishika. But to whom he can blame because he also hated Rishika, maybe more than his family until 5 hours ago...

5 hours ago...

Rishi entered his office and start thrashing everything in his office.

After 10 years he had again heard that name, from that detective's mouth.

All the respect he had for that detective vanished the moment he took that name.

He hates that girl...her name .... her existence... Even the fact that she is related to him.

He was trying to calm himself but soon he was disturbed by his secretary.

"Sir, detective Raj wants to meet you. I tried to explain to him, that without an appointment he cannot see you... But he is adamant that it is important. Shall I send him in?"

Listening to his secretary, Rishi smirked and asked his secretary to tell the detective to wait for an hour, as he is busy in a meeting.

Though he was not, he wanted to make him wait.

After 1 hour...

Raj enters his office looking irritated. "You know, I cannot believe that you are this much of a child. I know you were not busy in a meeting. Why would you do that?" Raj calmly said as he entered his office and took a seat.

Rishi was trying to be calm and replied. "If you knew that I was not in a meeting then you should have left. You must have realized, that I don't want to meet you."

At his words, Raj could only shake his head. But Rishi again continued.

"It's you who wants to meet me I am not available for people like you. And yeah, I have called my lawyer. So, whatever you are planning to do with uncle Anil, let me tell you I won't let it happen. You will always found me standing by his side. Let's just say give your best shot to put him behind the bars and see what happens."

But Raj was also quick to answer when he said, "Don't worry I am not here for your sophisticated uncle Anil. You know, I was annoyed while waiting but looking at you now, I pity you. Well, I am here for your sister Rishika."

Before Raj can continue, Rishi roared "Enoughhhh...That's it I try to be civil with you but now I don't want to see you. So, leave my office right now before I lose my fucking control."

Raj calmly replied "Chill dude, I am not leaving this place until unless you hear me. And one more thing don't you dare to raise your voice. I am not a f****** employee of yours. Do you even realize to whom you are talking? What do you think of yourself? How could you even think that you can intimidate me? Ha!, in front of my eyes you are the biggest fool I've ever met."

"Language Mr.Raj, you are threatening my client. It can be used against you ...don't you think?" Karan said entering Rishi's office...

Karan looked at Rishi and smirked at him. Rishi and Karan were childhood buddies, they were like a brother from different parents, and not to forget, he was also Avantika's fiance.

Raj looked at them both amusingly and replied, "I didn't even state my business here and you have called a lawyer. Oh my God, you really love your uncle, Mr. Rishi. Or am I scaring you? India's biggest tycoon is afraid of a mere detective's presence. Wow, I am flattered, now"

Karan knew Rishi is slowly losing his control, So he spoke in his professional manner.

"Sorry to disappoint you detective, but people like you don't scare us. If you don't mind please state your business here and leave."

Raj now became serious and answered "Fine, I would like you to find your sister Rishika. I am trying but I cannot locate her. I need her as a witness against your uncle. Like you said at home that you will co-operate. I only know that she left for England after you threw her out"

When Rishi heard that name again he was out of control and started laughing.

"What did you just said, come again huh, Oh my God, now I understand why are you bringing that name again. She wants to enter our life, now. She knew Avantika was going to be getting married in a month. So, she has to spoil that. Please find her on your own because we don't care. And please tell her to try her best because Avantika will eventually get her happy ending. I will make sure of that. And one more thing, our family knows how much that girl hated our uncle Anil. If she thinks that she can destroy my uncle Anil's life, tell her she is going to face my wrath. I'll make sure that her life will be a living hell. I won't let her manipulate us again."

Rishi hated Rishika so much that he hates to take her name.

Raj gave him a sympathetic look.....

" You knew she hated your uncle but you never try to know the reason. What kind of brother are you? At one point you said you love your adopted sister, Who is the real daughter of that monster, Anil. You adore Avantika but you hate your own sister, your own blood. Now I realize how unfair you were with her. You even threw her out of your family not only this even after 10 years you hate to take her name. You know what? I pity that child...."

Before he can continue, Rishi curtly replied "What makes you think that I was unfair with her? How can you judge me like that? Who the hell are you?"

The silence prevailed for a few seconds that was again broke by Rishi when he continued.

"She is nothing but a dysfunctional bitch. Tried to kill Avantika. Even pushed me from the stairs and put me into the coma for a year. But then I came back from a coma just to see her real face. There was no regret on her face. She even created a misunderstanding between our parents. They were this close to taking a divorce... But it was only Avantika who made my family whole again. Do you even know....."

Before Rishi can continue, Raj cuts him in between and said "I am not saying that what Rishika did with Avantika was correct but deep down I can understand her. I am not taking her side and I am also not judging you. You people are just in deep sh*t."

And this made Rishi's face go red with all this anger.

Raj continued, "Look whatever I am going to show you might give you a little idea of what I am talking about. It is going to be a little shock. But believe me, it's real." Raj said giving a pen drive to Rishi.

Karan took the pen drive and attached it to his laptop while Rishi stays seated there. Rishi was not looking at Karan but instead throwing daggers at Raj with his eyes. But after two minutes, Karan said, "Rishi,..." His voice more like trembled. Rishi got confused looking at the horrid expression Karan was giving looking at that screen.

"Show me," Rishi casually said but got no response from Karan. This made Rishi look at Karan and almost snapped at him. "Karan, show me what's in there,"

This made Karan look at Rishi and say, "You don't want to see it."

Rishi got up from his place and walk to Karan still sending a frustrated glare at detective Raj. He started looking at the screen and it only took him a few seconds to recognize the settings, the place and the time. And of what's going on. He felt bile rising up and went into the bathroom. Looking at the mirror he found himself at another place. The day when a doctor told him that she had a miscarriage.


It was December night and he was working late at his office when a phone call interrupted him.

"Hello," He said,

"Sir, Doctor Grover insists to talk to you. He said that it's important."

Rishi didn't know any such doctor but he told his secretary to connect him to that doctor.

"Hello, Mr. Rishi Mehra?" Rishi heard the doctor say.

"Yes," He replied rather bored.

"Sir, I work in your hospital, Mehra's trust Hospital. I am the one attending your sister." The doctor replied.

Rishi knew that she was in the hospital for some stupid stomachache. This girl always had to brag to get attention whenever she got time. He thought but replied, "Yes, I am listening."

"This is to inform you that your sister had a miscarriage. I haven't told a single soul. But I would suggest you come here."

The earth was slipped under his feet. He always hated Rishika for her attitudes but never in his life he thought that she will bring such shame upon their family name.

He reached there as fast as he could. The doctor told him about the room and the moment his eyes laid on her he lost it and roared.

"Bitch! Tell me who is he?"

Rishika shivered at his tone. She looked pale and weak. It seems like she couldn't lift a finger. She tried to say something but Rishi screamed again.

"Don't you dare to tell me it's that Jay fucking Verma."

She was still lying lifeless on the hospital bed when she uttered the words.

"Water.....I want some water."

This made Rishi only see red. Rishika tainted their family name forever and all she cares about is herself even now.

He took the long strides and fisting her hair tried to make her sit. She winced with the impact. His mouth was only inches away from Rishika when he gritted the words.

"I want a name."

"Bhai,..... I don't know. I, I was ra,.... raped."

Rishika said in her trembling voice and seem like giving into darkness when a slap on her cheek jolted her awake.

"Don't you dare to give me this shitty excuse."

Rishika didn't have the courage to look into his eyes. She knew her end has come but her brother jerked her to have her conscious.

"Is this why you leaked our project's quotations to him? You were his whore ALL THIS FUCKING TIME."

She tried her hardest to breathe as she shook her head in no. But it was to no avail. "Don't you dare to come back home. You are no one to us." He screamed at her and left throwing her at the bed.

Flashback ends.

He recalled how Rishika came back after a week staying at the hospital as he came out of his office bathroom.

He remembered all the horrible things they told her. But then, detective Raj took him out of his trance saying.

"The contents of this Pendrive are not morphed. And seeing how much you believe your Uncle Anil, she didn't tell you because she feared you won't believe her."

Raj noticed how both men were not in the state of saying anything at all so he continued.

"My team is trying to locate her. She might have left for England but there are chances she is not there. She might have gone to some other European countries. But it is still just a chance. I would like if you could provide me some information about her close friends or anything. It might help us a lot. But first, take your time. I will take my leave."


Avantika who was witnessing all the confrontation good going on between their parents and rishi... Closed her eyes taking deep breaths and asked her parents.

"Mom, Dad, please, stop arguing and ask bhai what's really going on. Why he wants Rishika back? He might have got some reason."

Before Avantika can continue his father said "Reason? No reason can ever be enough. We don't want that girl in our life back and Rishi you cannot take such decisions without consulting us. What makes you think, we will accept her? If you are not understanding let me make you understand that the girl is playing games again. She is manipulating you again. Don't fall for her trap. She always hated Avantika, that is why she is trying to come back in our life to spoil Avantika's life."

Before Sanjay can continue Avantika interrupted him again, "Dad, please! Let him talk. Rishika is the part of the family, and if Bhaiya is supporting her it means he has reasons."

Sanjay Mehra reluctantly agreed to her daughter's demand as he cannot see her tears. So, he said "Fine! Rishi you can explain but let me tell you that doesn't mean that she is coming back or we have forgiven her."

Avantika looked at his dad with a disappointing look.

Whereas when Rishi heard this he gave an apologetic look to his family and continued...

"Dad, you remembered when Rishika told us that she was raped" Rishi closed his eyes and said sorry in his heart to her for not being there. And then continued "but... But we thought that she was lying and she was trying to cover up her mistake... well, she was not lying at that time... She was really raped. She was raped by that bastard Anil Agrawal"

Rishi told them about what happened at the office and how he saw the evidence...

"Stop it..... Please stop it! ...Bhai?.... how could you believe this. My father can never do such things. You,... You know him very well. He loves this family."

But when no one moved an inch she screamed.

"I don't know. I don't believe you and you also don't believe that detective... I never hated Rishika..... Sorry, bhai this time she crossed all her limits... I don't know what she gets by hurting me or you..."

Before she can continue Kashaf started laughing hysterically.....tears were flowing from her eyes...

All family members were looking at her like she has grown two horns on her head...

Trying to control her laughter... She said, "Oh my God, Rishi. This was not at all funny. If this is a prank then it was a bad one. Don't you know her.. how she manipulated us all?.... Avantika is right she has crossed all her limits this time... Fine, I get it, she wants to come back. She's a bloody gold digger.. she wants money... Give as much as she wants... But please ask her to stay away from Avantika and our family..... Avantika is our real honor... She is just jealous of her. Please, I am begging you to keep that girl away from all of us" cried Kashaf as she kneels at the floor.

Rishi first time realized how it feels to be not trusted by your own family members... He remembered how much she cried in front of him....and he instead of believing her he called her slut....he remembered the look on her face when he said, "you know what Rishika, even prostitutes are better than you. At least they are loyal... They pleasured man for money... But you? you are ready to spread your legs for attention..... I wish you were never born..... You're not capable of being called a daughter, sister or even a human being. People like you don't deserve to be happy. I curse you to get pain, and humiliation wherever you go. So, you could get what we are feeling right now..... I curse you... That your nightmares become your ask for death....but death will be a fantasy to you...."

Rishi went to her sister Avantika and held her hands to give her the same pen drive and said,

"No matter what, you will always be my sister. But from now on, we can't live under the same roof."

Saying this he turned to his parents and said,

"I am going to look for her. You people better get Avantika married. So, she won't be here when Rishika returns."


Rishi was waiting for his flight and staring at the wall blankly. He had his eyes hidden under his sunglasses.

His thoughts were interrupted by two children who were fighting with each other...

He saw that the girl is fighting with her brother because he is not playing with her...

He looked at them and regret everything.... every moment where he declines Rishika... every word where he humiliated her.....

But then he recalled a name. Dialing to his right-hand man, named, Rishab he said, "Find me the whereabouts for Jay Verma."

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