Too Late

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Chapter -3: His Birthday

28 years ago

Sanjay was pacing to and fro in hospital as his wife was in labor giving birth to twins.

He saw Rishi sleeping on his grandmother's lap. Rishi insisted his parents to allow him to be here. As he also wanted to see his brother or sister.

After an hour doctor informed Sanjay that his wife is conscious and he can meet her, and asked him to be careful as she is very weak right now.

Sanjay went into the room to find his wife with closed eyes. But she sensed his presence and opened her eyes slowly. A weak smile adorned her lips when she asked him, "hey Jaan, where are the babies. Are they fine?"

"Yes, the baby is perfectly alright." He said with a sad smile and graze her cheeks lovingly. She gave him a beautiful smile and he added, "You know, you are the strongest person I have ever met. You did great. Our Baby is very beautiful. No need to worry."

This made Kashaf sigh in relief but soon she noticed his worried expression. And then his words hit her.

"What do you mean by the baby is fine? It's babies, hon, we had babies." She said but got no response from him. "Please tell me what happened? Sanjay says something," She warned.

Sanjay informed her that she gave birth to a boy and a girl but the only girl survived boy, didn't survive.

As soon as Kashaf perceived this, she didn't cry... She became numb...

"Kashaf, our boy didn't survive. But,.... but our girl survived. I am so,.... so sorry."

Sanjay saw how she got paled. This is when the nurse came holding their baby girl. She needed to be fed. The moment she looks at her daughter she felt nothing. She fed the baby and soon Rishi entered the room saying, " Maa, papa is not letting me hold the baby. Please ask him to let me hold the baby just for once. He is saying that I may hurt the baby."

Kashaf didn't reply. Sanjay who was noticing this asked Rishi to go to a home as his mother is exhausted and he can play with his baby sister at home.

Days passed but Kashaf and Sanjay were still trying to cope up with the death of their son.

Whenever kashaf saw her daughter she felt guilty. She recalled what she lost that day.

Though she tried her best to hold the baby, she couldn't find any connection with her daughter.

Sanjay who didn't want his wife to fell into depression decided to keep her in front of his eyes all the time. And giving her a managerial post at his company was the best shot he could come up with.

This worked partly. Because now she starts ignoring her daughter as well as Rishi. All their needs were fulfilled but they didn't get the attention of their parents...

Rishi who never once was neglected by his parents ends up blaming Rishika.

Years passed and a lot changed. Rishi who was 13 yrs old and Rishika was 9 yrs old. Their parents were still ignorant of them.

But Rishi and Rishika bond strengthened. Rishi learned this a long time ago that it was never Rishika's fault that their brother didn't survive. Ever since Rishika could recall anything it was always her brother who was home to her.

Rishika believes that her mother hates her and Rishi but never could find a reason behind this. But all of this made her quite possessive of her brother. She never liked her mother. Although Rishi tried to explain her. Rishi often tried to explain to her that she is a very loving mother but she thinks of him that her brother is so innocent to see the things.

It was easy for her to live without them, without their love and attention. Because she doesn't know what parents love is. But it was hard for Rishi, but whenever she saw Rishika he felt that his whole world is complete. He cannot imagine his life without her.

It was Rishi's birthday and he was waiting for the gift his parents had planned for him. He was not expecting much. Rishika gave him a handmade card. In which she boost herself how lucky he is to have a sister like her. Rishika also gave him a t-shirt in which both their pictures were printed and in the end, it was written. World's best sister.

When Rishi saw this he started laughing. "Looks like it's not my birthday, it's yours." but he found Rishika stuffing her mouth with cake and licking her fingers. Rishi went to join and helped her clean the mess after she finished. They ordered Rishika's favorite cake and lunch. And end up watching Beauty and the Beast for the third time in a row. "Don't Bhai, I have already seen that scene." She yelled irritated when he put his hand on her eyes at the kissing scene.

Rishika knew Rishi was a bit sad as their parents have not wished him... But then she said, "Oh! I forgot, papa asks me to give you this watch, he said he has a very important meeting so he was not able to give it to you." She earlier bought this gift when she was coming from a school with her driver alone because Rishi had some late school project.

Rishi knew the truth and hugged her sister and thought she is the best thing ever happened in my life...

He started crying while hugging her when Rishika realized this she informed him "I hate to see you cry and I hate tears... please don't cry...." Before she can continue Rishi heard her mother laugh.

They both went to the living room and saw his parents holding a 2-year-old girl's hand and playing with them.

Rishi was filled with joy and excitement as he saw his old mother back. He remembered how his mother used to adore him. And now she is again giving him the same look.

Rishika first time saw her mother smiled. She was awed by her mother's beauty.

Kashaf calls Rishi and Rishika and said, "Rishi and Rishika see what I have brought for you. I have brought a younger sister for both of you. Her name is Avantika. From now on she will stay with us. You have to take care of her too Rishi. She is the daughter of your Uncle Anil."

Rishi went near Avantika and picked her up. Rishika listened carefully but watching Rishi's affection to someone else instantly put her mood off. "Stay away from my brother. He is only my brother, not yours." She told Avantika who didn't listen to her and just looked at Rishi. Rishika glared at her mother "If you want a daughter, you can have her. But we don't want her. I am enough for Rishi."

Soon she felt a sting on her cheek and saw her father slapped her. She was shocked and Rishi was scared. He never saw his father this angry.

Sanjay's voice roared "How dare you to raise your voice at your mother? Who are you to decide who is going to stay here? Say sorry to your mother. Now!"

Rishika curtly replied "Which mother? Who still hasn't wished her son on his birthday because she forgets? And you too Dad!" She scoffed.

Sanjay looked at Rishika. He doesn't know where she was learning such things. But he knew he needed to teach her a lesson.

All he cared right now was his wife because the last thing he wanted for Kashaf to went back to from where they started. He started dragging Rishika and locked her in the storeroom. It was not the first time that Sanjay locked her in a storeroom. Rishi ran towards Sanjay "Dad! Please leave her, I will say sorry to mother but please, You Know she is scared of darkness. Please, Dad... please..I'll make her understand... She listens to me and I'll make sure she will accept Avantika"

Sanjay reluctantly freed Rishika and asked her to behave. Sanjay knew whatever she said was true but he was helpless. Kashaf went into depression whenever she saw Rishika. It was like a reminder that she lost a son.

Sanjay believed that he had lost her. Until kashaf's friend, Anil asked them to meet him. Anil was in love with Kashaf in their college time. But kashaf declined the proposal as she was in love with Sanjay. But they promised to be friends.

Anil informed them that his wife passed away and they went for the funeral. Kashaf noticed a Lil girl, Avantika who was crying like hell.

She can feel her pain. She requested Anil to give her his baby as she needs to move on... Anil was not ready for this but then he agreed as he thought that his daughter is better off without him...

Sanjay first time felt hope that maybe Avantika is the key to get back her lost wife... And they adopted her legally.

Sanjay went to Rishi's room and saw that Rishika was crying like hell and Rishi was comforting her..."promise me that you will not accept Avantika, you will not give her my place. I cannot lose you. I don't care about our parents. But you will not accept her... Please Bhai, say something."

"Awww, my baby sister is jealous of Avantika. Don't worry no one can take your place." He said busy in his school project. But the moment he saw her pouted mouth he added, "You are part of me. How can I replace you?" This made her smile instantly and she chimed.

"Jealous...ha ...who is jealous? Why would I be jealous of that girl? She is no one to us. She means nothing to us." She said giving him an evil smile. She knew she was getting there. All he needs to do is to press him a little more.

Sanjay outside the door was smiling listening to their talk that he found sweet at this time, and went into their room.

"I hope it's not too late to wish you Rishi, Happy birthday, my son." Before Rishi could reply Rishika said," Actually it's too late. But still, thank you"

Rishi looked at Rishika and huffed "Dad, please don't mind her. On my birthday she always lost her mind. She thinks it's her birthday. But still, thank you, dad."

Sanjay smiled and said, "I want to talk to you alone Rishi, can I?" Before Sanjay could continue...

Rishika replied, "We are alone. No one is listening to us anyway. And pretend that I'm not here. As you always have". Rishika sarcastically replied and gave a look to her dad.

Rishi elbowed her sister and asked her to be quiet. Rishika left the room to let them talk.

Sanjay makes Rishi understand that why Avantika is important to them. And how can she brings her old motherly feelings back for Kashaf... He asked Rishi to make Rishika understand...and gave them a chance once again...

"Dad don't worry I'll talk to Rishika. She listens to me..."

"I know son, and I'm proud of you... " Then he said, "Rishika come inside, I know you were listening to everything from outside..."

Rishika rolled her eyes and gave them their puppy look. She knew this look always work on them.

She also promised that she will try to behave with Avantika... For her mother.because deep down she was also craving for her mother's love....and blame herself for her brother's death and for Rishi vulnerable state. She wants Rishi to have he longed for. Their old mother.

After two years

For Rishi things were positive. His mother started loving him. He was very thankful to Avantika. He actually considers her as his sister and was very possessive about her. But he knew he was losing Rishika. She started behaving like a brat lately, would do anything to get his attention. Even, she started lying a lot. No matter how many times he taught her to never lie for anything. And not even this she often found to bully Avantika and her classmates.

For Rishika, everything changed. She has to share her brother's love with someone else. She hated Avantika.

Rishika was eagerly waiting for the Rakhi festival. As she promised herself to ask Rishi to not love Avantika and ignore her.

Avantika made rakhi for Rishi. She loved Rishi very much as he was always very kind to her. She considers Kashaf and Sanjay as her own parents. But she always found Rishika a little intimidating.

Rishika has started looking for best the Rakhi from the last one week. She wanted to give Rishi the best one. As she was not creative like Avantika who was making a Rakhi by simple but colorful threads.

When she couldn't find the best Rakhi she ordered it to be made. They informed her that she will get that Rakhi on the festival. Everyone was busy celebrating Rakhi but Rishika was getting to that shop with her driver.

Rishi was waiting for Rishika to tie the Rakhi but she called him to inform about the traffic jam.

When Rishika reached home she made Rishi sit in front of her. Asked him to put his hand in front of her but when saw that one Rakhi is already tied on his hand. Her eyes were filled with tears.

"What's wrong Rishika? Why are you crying?" asked Rishi. She looked at Avantika and shouted on her as she pushed her, "How dare you? You know it was my right but you always try to snatch things from me. Why don't you just go and die?".

Taken aback by her behavior he slapped Rishika. "What the hell is wrong with you Rishika? Say sorry to her. Enough! I always ignore your mistakes. But I was wrong. You are becoming a spoilt brat. Say sorry to her otherwise from now on I will never let you tie a Rakhi."

Rishika didn't even comprehend what happened exactly. She can not believe that Rishi slapped her she couldn't move from her place.

Then Rishi dragged her and locked her in the storeroom.

Avantika was crying like hell. Rishi was trying to console her and then he decides to take her for a long drive.

He bought Avantika her favorite sweets and when she finally felt better, they reached home and saw the ambulance was there and then he saw they are carrying Rishika. Her head was bleeding. Servants informed him that she jumped from the storeroom's window. His parents were out of the station.

He felt guilty for hitting Rishika and tried to call his parents.

When they reached the hospital, the doctor informed them that she has a rare blood group AB-. It was not a piece of news for him. He always knew that she has a rare blood type.

Rishi was cursing himself. He knew how much she was scared of darkness.

Then he remembered a name who also has the same blood group and didn't waste any time to try his number and said, "Hello, Anil Uncle? I need your help".

Author note:

Hey, guys I know you were not expecting the flashback from this update and you want the story to be progressive...

Trust me... These flashbacks are very important for every character...

So that you can understand why these characters have reacted in such a way in the future.

Like you can see that Rishika is very fiesty here whereas Rishi is very sincere and adoring brother

But how their relationship changes will be revealed in further updates... Please have patience.

And leave your opinions...

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