Too Late

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Chapter -7: His Intentions

It was over two months since Rishi was in a comma. He has been shifted to Mehra's mansion and nurses were appointed for him with shifts. All the necessary equipment was placed in his room.

Rishika blamed herself for his condition. Unlikely, Sanjay and Kashaf made her understand that it's not her fault. No one blames her because all knew that it was an accident. Sanjay and Kashaf though wary of her could never doubt her love for Rishi.

Rishika was always in his room after school telling him about her day. She had apologized to his sleeping state for thousand times and make promises of being a good girl always.

"Please, Bhai, wake up. I promise I will love Avantika too. Fine? "

She said with a sigh before leaving his room at night. Her exams were coming but she would pick her books and route for his room. She couldn't trust any staff around him.

She, herself started taking care of Avantika, too. Sanjay and Kashaf were content to see this. They just wished for Rishi to get well soon.

Sanjay was looking after the business again. With Rishi beside him, he was easily able to manage the work. But now he has to look after India's as well as foreign branches too. With so much workload his health was compromised. He was badly missing his son.

It was then later decided by Kashaf and Sanjay that they will take their friends' help. They decided to contact Anil because they trusted him the most. When Anil reached Mehra's house he was shocked to see Rishi like this. He genuinely loved Rishi.

It was decided that Anil will take care of India's matters whereas Sanjay will go and look after the matters in Russian branches. After a long discussion, they all come to conclusions that Sanjay and Kashaf will shift to Russia along with Avantika.

Rishika will stay behind with Rishi because of her boards' exam. They couldn't take Rishi as they did not want to take chances. Kashaf wanted to stay behind but because of Sanjay's health, she reluctantly agreed to go.

Anil told them that he is going back to his place along with Rishi and Rishika. As he can not manage such a big mansion. They all agreed on this.


Rishika was informed about this. She understands and packed her bag and Rishi's bag. She went to Rishi's room and sat beside him, "Tomorrow we are going to shift into Anil's uncle house. Please get well soon. I don't want to go there. Please Bhai, get well soon."

Sanjay who was listening to this came to console Rishika and said, "Why? What happened? If you still don't want to go there you can come with us. You can give your board exams next year. "

Listening to this Rishika immediately replied, "No, no, I want to stay here with Bhai. I'll take care of him. I promise I'll behave. I won't bother anyone from now on." She vigorously shook her head making her father even more proud but then she looked at Rishi and requested her dad, "He is your good son. Why don't you ask him to get up? Please, dad."

Listening to this Sanjay hugged Rishika and both of them cried. After composing himself, he gently pecked Rishika's forehead and gave her a new cellphone and gently explained to her to call him whenever she needs anything. Or if it is something about Rishi. She nodded in agreement.

The next day, Sanjay along with Avantika and Kashaf went to Russia whereas Rishika along with unconscious Rishi went to Anil's house. Anil house was big but not as spacious as they have.

Rishika noticed that his house is in a secluded area. There were hardly any houses around. And the internet connection was so poor.

As they reached to house, Anil provided the big room to Rishi. He has not allocated any room to Rishika yet. As they both were busy setting the around. The nurse told them that everyday Rishi has to be given a few injections, and TPN as they are very important for his nutrition

"It's like his food. You get it?" The nurse asked. And Rishika nodded. Anil was taking care of washing Rishi himself so he let the male nurse go. And now as he also knew how to inject injections he was letting that nurse leave too.

Rishika who had trust issues and was always wary of the staff that they might do something with her brother, relaxed. She was kind of more relax thinking Anil is family and he will do it better.

She was revising her last chapter for board exams in Rishi's room. When Anil knocked on the door and asked her to have lunch. She was wearing a yellow crop top with shorts.

She went downstairs and was having pasta when she felt that someone was staring at her. She looked towards Anil and felt uncomfortable.

"You look a lot like Kashaf." Said Anil. Rishika didn't understand how to react because she never wants to be compared with Kashaf. So, she just nodded.

She was about to fill her plate with pasta. But Anil stopped her saying,

" you should not eat that much. You'll ruin your figure. If you'll eat that much, how will you look like Kashaf."

When Rishika heard this she was annoyed because no one at her home stopped her having food. So, she curtly replied, "I'm hungry, if you don't mind can I fill my plate?"

Listening to this Anil offered to fill her plate. "You know Kashaf was also foody like you. But she knew how to manage her figure. You are getting a little fat."

It was becoming unbearable for Rishika so she gritted her reply, "I'm not kashaf, and trust me I don't want to be." She didn't stay there and left.

Anil was holding her plate very tightly the way she spoke about his Kashaf, he murmured, "I can make you Kashaf, my very own Kashaf."


Anil was observing Rishika's every movement. He started seeing his Kashaf in Rishika.

Everything she does make him recall his old Kashaf.

Anil genuinely loved Rishi and cares about him. When he came to know that how Rishi fell from stairs, he hated Rishika. But that thing was changing now.

Anil went towards Rishi's room to give him his injection. There he saw Rishika lying on the couch and making cute snores. Her lips a little parted was a sight for him. After injecting Rishi, he went towards Rishika.

Kneeling down, he started staring at her perfect face. His fingers came forward to touch her soft lips. He knew Rishika was a heavy sleeper, just like her mother.

He knew she won't wake up with this little touch. He was about to get up when he noticed that Rishika's skirt was misplaced, showing her beautiful legs. He ran his fingers on her inner thighs making Rishika stirred in her sleep. So, Anil quickly gets up. And putting the comforter on her left the room.

Getting to his room he rushed to his bathroom and started jerking himself imagining Rishika's mouth on his length. He always imagined Kashaf. But this time he was imagining Rishika. He imagined how her little fingers will give pleasure to him.

Suddenly he came out of his trance,

" what the hell? How can I think about her like this? I love kashaf, only she can give me pleasure. But the satisfaction he felt while imagining her, he never felt with Kashaf.


The next day, Rishika wake up and was going to have a bath. When Anil informed her that the shower is broken there.

He asks her to use Rishi's or his bathroom. On this Rishika decided to use Rishi's bathroom.

Anil was staring at the laptop and sweating. He was watching Rishika taking bath. He has installed a camera in every room. Just forget to install the camera in her bathroom. So, he asked her to use other bathrooms. He was hard looking at her.

He realized that Rishika is right. She can't be compared to Kashaf. She is more beautiful than Kashaf. He knew what he is doing. He was lusting after a 15-year-old girl.

Soon, he and Rishika were in the dining room having breakfast. He asked her, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Rishika was stunned by his question. But then she recalled Paul and simply replied, "yes! Paul".

Listening to this Anil make a poker face, but deep down he was furious. "Does Kashaf know?"

"No, plus she hardly cares. And who needs her opinion," replied Rishika.

But the next question made her furious, when Anil asked her, "Ok, so did you guys kissed? Are you virgin?"

Rishika noticed how desperate he was to know and was waiting for her answer. Standing up from her place she threw her bag over her shoulders and said, "I am getting late. Plus, whether I have kissed or not, that's none of your business. Go and ask Avantika such questions. I am sure she has a lot of boyfriends and have done a lot than kissing." With this, she left for school.

Whereas Anil was amused to look at her wild side. He noticed that she doesn't hold back. She was feisty. He so much wanted to tame her wild side. He was eager to know how she would act on his bed.

He thought he is only going to look her from far. But he didn't realize that he was becoming obsessed with her.

When Rishika left home he installed the camera in her room and everywhere else too. He was missing her presence. He was frustrated without her. "Only 1 day she has spent here, and I'm behaving like a sick bastard. She has unknowingly released some demon in me."

When Rishika came back, she directly went towards Rishi's room and kissed his forehead. She was doing her homework when Anil asked her to have dinner. After dinner, Anil gave her a glass of milk stating that it will help her in learning.

Without throwing tantrum she drank the milk. When she again went to Rishi's room, she felt her eyes heavy. She went to sit on the couch when Anil grabbed her and asked her if she is fine. She tried to say but words were not coming out of her mouth. He said he will take her to her room. But he took her to his room and laid her down on his bed gently.

Looking at her, he opened his shirt buttons and hovered over her and started giving pecks on her face. He stared at her lips for a while before he lowered to taste them. They were soft as silk and sweet as honey.

He was trying to control himself, but it was hard for him. He gently put her head on his naked chest and started playing with her hair. "You know, you are beautiful. I should give credit to myself for self-control, as I want to do more than kissing. I thought to wait until you turns 18. But I don't think I can wait for you for such length. You don't belong in Mehra's house. You belong here in my bed, under me. To make you mine, I have to get your family away from you. And believe me, your temper has already done enough. It won't be a hard task."

Looking at Rishika with lust he spoke under his breath, "I love you. I never thought I can love someone else besides Kashaf. When Kashaf chooses your father over me I was broken. But now I understand why? God has listened to my every wish. He has sent you. I'll make you mine. As well as this way I can take revenge from your parents."

He finally pecked her forehead and went to sleep. Before Rishika wakes up, he always gets up before her and put her on her bed.

This was going on for 2 months. Anil always drugged her and took her to his bedroom. Rishika also didn't realize that something wrong was going on.

Rishika's board exams were finished. Now she has 20 days off before the new session starts. She was eating in Rishi's room and telling him about her day. When she noticed the milk. She was about to grab it, but it got spilled.

Anil again came to her room and took her in his room. When he started pecking her lips, Rishika opened her eyes. She pushed him and screamed. "How dare you touch me? Are you drunk or what?" Before she can carry on, Anil cuts her, " finally, finally. You know talking to your unconscious self was boring. But now if everything is clear to you, so come here and we can continue."

Rishika was perplexed listening that she was drugged and he was sleeping with her from God knows how many days. She was scared, but immediately composed herself, and tried to run. She was shouting at the top of her voice. But Anil grabbed her from her waist and throw her on his bed.

"If my parents came to know about this, they will skin you alive, you monster! Let me go." Cried Rishika.

"For what... Do you even think they care? They only care about Rishi and Avantika" Anil yelled. Soon looking at Rishika, he gently holds her wrist as she was so scared to do anything at all "Rishika... I love you. I never thought I can love anyone besides Kashaf. But when I looked at you, you became my everything. I can not leave you. You have to be mine. I can not go through with another heartbreak. So... Listen, princess... Whether you like it or not, you are mine. '

"Are you out of your mind? Have you seen yourself? Just look at your age? Take off your filthy hands off me. I'll tell Papa... When Rishi will come to know, he will kill you." yelled Rishika.

"By tomorrow you, yourself will submit to me. I am giving you my word. I never wanted to hurt you, but to get you, I am ready to rip you off from self-dignity."

With this he made Rishika stand and dragged her to Rishi's room. He took her Mobile and locked both Rishi and her.

Rishika was terrified with such a turn of events. She hugged Rishi and cried, "Bhai don't worry, we'll both get you out of here."

Rishika, you cannot freakout now, you have your whole life for that. Think, how to get out of here and find help. She was talking to herself. Tears were sliding down from her eyes, with that she tried to sleep beside Rishi hugging him. But couldn't even close her eyes for a second. Every minute she senses him coming to get the door.

Hours later she saw the little light outside the window. And soon the sun came out with all its glory. But she couldn't think of anyway. But then she heard the door being unlocked making her startle as she got up from the bed.

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