The Semblance

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Sometimes an illusion becomes the big truth of our life. A real-life spine chilling experience.

Horror / Mystery
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Some important advice & request:

1. Don’t copy my creation.......

Plagiarism will be strictly handled. Be inspired not an imitator. If you like any particular thought you may add it in your story by mentioning my name.

2. No bashing......

Every writer should have his/her freedom to imagine or fantasize. If you don’t like the plot, characters or dialogues simply quit reading. No bashing or bad words will be entertained.

3. Keep voting & commenting........

If you genuinely like my work please do vote and comment. I will genuinely appreciate my readers’ advice. It will keep me motivated.

4. Original fiction........

It is entirely my imagination and doesn’t have any connection to any living or dead or any other stories. If it does, it’s completely unintentional.

Happy reading ...........

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