Negative Royals

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Once there was angels. Then were Vampires created. There's two. Original, Blood C-. To each their own was a certain war between the two. A war before the Negatives came to light. Being twins of the very first Negative known to mankind, Isabella and Ashton fight to take the throne to be the next ruler of the entire Negative nation. And with that choice, only one of them has to capture the hybrid Princess. What happens when that plan backfires?

Horror / Fantasy
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Negative Royals

SHE WAS SO SCARED, SO AFRAID. THE RACING of her own heart was carrying its own rhythm. Hard. Higher. Hunger. Faster it was, the faster my craving grew. I’d never thought or knew the day of how I would finally have the Princess in my own hands, or when I’d be the one to do it. As she cried there was a rawness to it, like the pain was still an open wound. Tears feel warm yet salty upon my fingertips. Squinting my eyes holding her in such a grasp of my own hand against her fragile little neck. I stood while she begged for mercy. Smile grew wide as day. Hunger rose as night.

Mercy. Beg for more, she doesn’t realize that crying only makes me hear her heart rise against my ears. Fangs that grew underneath. Blood. Rich red thick liquid that flowed scarlet in her veins in her neck. Rushing to the surface veins of their own swarm through my face like worms crawling beneath your skin. The craving... It hurts. I want her. I want her so bad; my own sense of control is letting loose as the sound of a beating heart heads on to a small chest.

Sweat built. Red. Mind can only think of the color red flushes through her rosy cheeks. Cheeks so soft. So plump. So.. natural. Thinking about the delicious taste of fresh iron and sugar pumping in a big heart. Mind irritated. Annoyed. Hungry. Standing here with my victim in front of me, waiting started to hurt. Hurts to not be able to get what you want. What you need. What your body and mouth craves for what’s underneath.

Soft glowing red and yellow eyes. Long curly golden blonde hair. Fangs long enough to match my own. Terrified in pure fear to my demise. That’s exactly how I like them. Scared and helpless. Makes me want her more. Blood in my own body sang in harmony and felt warm against bones in this quiet gym. Long wavy red hair fell on my shoulders as I pushed her into a white brick wall. Tiny screams escaped from her round lips.

Mine watering and tongue begging to get a taste. Just one taste. Veins grew bigger, heart raced faster, head hurting harder. Teeth grew longer. Smile wider. White. Red and white came over like a blanket in my eyes looking at the hybrid as she was in complete and utter terror. I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t listen to my brother while standing here waiting to do his orders. I needed to do something, to get rid of this.

This time, it’s my turn to give orders. Heart had beat a thousand miles per second, blood rushing and boiling through my figure. Tears from Luna’s eyes kept falling one by one. Mind kept swirling like a spell. Mouth felt dry and tasteless. Fangs so long that I was forced to open my mouth. I couldn’t wait. I truly couldn’t wait.

I bit her...

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