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Two mythical beasts and two supernatural creatures who don’t get along are suddenly thrown in a labyrinth together and have to work together to get out but each night they have to face a creature they’ve never seen before. Written by Jayden Hewitt and Ella Parkinson.

Horror / Thriller
Jayden Hewity
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Smash! crack! “ Roarrrr” boomed the Minotaur.

“orrrrr” screeched the Kraken. “What is going on here?” asked Ace, the Nephil whilst Ares the Fledgling was only just awake and already attacking the Kraken. A moment of silence passed whilst everyone stared at each other then ... ATTACK!!! Everyone was chasing each other and yelling as loud as they could. They did this until 3am but little did they know a dark red dragon with a white underbelly, black horns and eyes glowing like embers in the dark was perching on a dilapidated castle which was on the erge of falling to the ground. Moments later the dragon started to circle above them and it was Ace that saw it first. “Ahhhhhh” screeched Ace. Everyone else seemed to echo that sound before running straight into a crystal wall. An hour of blaming each other later, they came to a conclusion they were going to have to do some sort of teamwork. “What’s that piece of paper behind you Ares” said the Minotaur cautiously. Ares slowly and hesitantly took the paper, cleared his throat and read aloud:The Minotaur,The Kraken, Ares and Ace you are in a ninety eight million mile Labyrinth and have to work together to get out but on the way you will face some creatures you have never seen before. “Mmm, that explains the dragon” muttered Ares, and from that day on the four creatures were friends.

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