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Chapter Two

So they decided to try out a random route, which they hadn’t already planned and hope for the best. They had sorted jobs for each other though. Ares would keep track of miles. The Minotaur and Ace would fight off the creatures and the Kraken(who had a photographic memory) would remember the route and all the turns in case they had to go back to the start. One mile down. Two miles down. Three miles down. And then... Ugh a dead end. Back to the start. Five miles down, all was going well. They were doing better than last time at least. Then the sound of the dragon’s beating wings and whipping tail struck them. The Minotaur and Ace charged at Inferno ( which was the ancient dragons name ). Inferno swooped down and was centimetres away from knocking out Ace, the Minotaur then made a run for the dragon but the beast then got hold of the Minotaur and swung him around. Ares was watching with his heart in his mouth. He had to do something. He leaped and grabbed Minotaur. Now the three of them were going to attack Inferno. But the big beast still easily overpowered the three of them.

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