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Tilted away

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This is about a boy who did the Bloody Mary challenge what happened at the end will shock you!

Horror / Action
Seth Marten
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The Bloody Mary challenge

It was a dark night the house was empty only 1 person was there his name was Zach!He woke up at 3:00am to do a Bloody Mary challenge. And that wasn’t smart while his family was on vacation he did the Bloody Mary challenge he grabbed a candle turned of the light and said in a drama ding voice Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary after that he turned back on the light and heard a noice from his room he looked in his closet to find his hangers dangling and a letter on the ground he picked it up and it said Dear Zach,
You must be informed that your soul and your house are now mine. If you want to escape you have 3 ways and more challenges 1 is burning lava who can melt somebody in 1 second 2 is cold air that can make somebody freeze in 2 second and 3 a deadley has that can make somebody die in 3 seconds.
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